François Hollande: the Globe Trotter ambassador of the French ineptocracy to the world…

François Hollande: the Globe Trotter ambassador of the French ineptocracy to the world…

François Hollande: the Globe Trotter ambassador of the French ineptocracy to the world…

I have already spoken of ineptocracy (or inaptocracy) (“inapte” means “unfit” in English) dear to Jean d’Ormesson, showing the old spelling style already allowed nuances … The inept, that’s what he thinks, and unfit is what he does!

And why has he made so much fuss about the nuclear?

For a guy who fails constantly in his predictions, he would have loved to be in the slipping team when the word feared a nuclear war and imagined we would deter potential enemies, preparing for it, but not knowing the consequences of tests that the US made for years at home in their own deserts…

Ah! Hollande, the warmonger-who-came-too-late and who must be satisfied to launch a police operation in Mali and play Obama’s good doggies in Syria, how he would have loved at that time to manifest his power by deciding to blow his big bangers in the Pacific (because he forgot to apologize to irradiated lizards or Algerians around Reggane!)

Do not ask how he does not realize that he passes for a clown wherever he walks (as in India with the Rafale squeaks)! It is the prerogative of pathetic idiots not to realize that they are so and to hope no-one would see it!

And if our compatriots overseas are so fond of our Holland, since they applaud him, why do not they secede? We would leave him to them along with Taubira and Belkacem!

Strange: it looks like he cannot stand when unemployment is falling, the moment it is announced he takes a leave…

He must swallow this idea: he will probably not have the opportunity to be recorded in history for being the one who will bombard a new Hiroshima but, will there still be any history books when we´ll have been offered a Korean missile in our beautiful blue sky? Nuclear non-proliferation is well worth the Schengen area and the succession of COPs!

And what if he took advantage of his visit to Argentina to inform them that we stop importing their soy?

On Thursday, February 18, 2016, the program “Special Envoy” on “France 2” TV told everything about interesting practices of Argentina and their allegiance to Monsanto. Their soy is full of GMOs, fertilized with junk and “protected” with pesticides banned in most other countries.

So what ?

Well then, Rungis (the French national grocery marketplace) daily gets tons of their soybeans to feed our cattle, that will nourish our human population, and soak up residues which pass into the food chain.

If I understood, Madame Royale, who declined to be named Segolene Hollande, returned to be our (S)Minister for Ecology! Could her “former cock” suggest her to stop the Argentine imports since during the same time French farmers are facing a competition from murderers whose practices would be banned in France, giving her a reason to intervene, because the health of the French interests no one: we have the social security who cares for it, while supporting the most expensive therapies on the planet!

Because they are indeed serial killers! The review of the issue indicated that there were no family in Argentina left without a kid with serious health problems. A phrase that sounded oddly! Another commentator said EXACTLY the same thing about the “epidemic” of Zika in Brazil. Where serious symptoms are the same: microcephaly in particular. Brazil is not far from this Argentina, then: does that mean that the Zika is a scapegoat to mask the damage of Monsanto’s activities in these distant countries?

The hypothesis is not absurd. I was in the US a few years ago when it was revealed that the FDA report on soy had been groped by the soy trust that had wiped everything about the presence of nervous poisons in raw soy (the Eastern consume it fermented most of the time (tamari, tempeh, miso) which eliminates the poisons in question attacking hormonal, sexual and immunity (info taken over by!

In other words: if soy professionals do not want to talk about it, it is that they know it and their damage is premeditated! And the history of the FDA shows how powerful they are.

But read the post from that I told you: it’s worse than anything I tell you!

And consider that they do not even speak of genetic modifications and pesticides poisons used by Monsanto’s satellites and slaves!

Then, may our broken presidential family protect us against these criminals?

And why would you think they can or even will?

French politicians: not so Frank Masons…

And the rightists could probably not do better, because while you quibble to know which way to vote, these good people laugh at your gullibility and a bit silly anyway! Am I alone in hoping that it is not irreparable?

Let me give you the list published by the National Observatory of Freemasonry (ONFM) that will tell you for which party you really vote when you do not stay in your warm bed as Georges Brassens did on mornings of July 14, or on polling days:

François Hollande (President of the Republic), the Grand Orient of France (GODF), French American Foundation (FAF)

Manuel Valls (Interior Minister), (GODF)

Christiane Taubira (Minister of Justice), Women’s Grand Lodge of France (GLFF)

Pierre Moscovici (Minister of Economy, Finance), (FAF)

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (Minister of Women’s Rights), (FAF)

Arnaud Montebourg (Minister of Productive Recovery) (GODF) (FAF)

Michel Sapin (Minister of Labour), (GODF)

Vincent Peillon (Minister of Education), (GODF)

Jerome Cahuzac (former Minister of Budget) (GODF)

Jean-Yves Le Drian (Defense Minister), (GODF)

Stéphane Le Foll (Minister of Agriculture) (GODF)

Anne-Marie Escoffier (Delegate Minister for Decentralization) (GLFF)

Fleur Pellerin (Delegate Minister for SMEs, Innovation, Digital Economy), (FAF)

Frédéric Cuvillier (Minister for Transport), (GODF)

Marc Mancel (Advisor to Minister George Pau-Langevin) (GODF)

Christophe Chantepy (chief of staff Jean-Marc Ayrault) (GODF)

Alain Simon (Comptroller General at the Ministry of Economy), (GODF)

Alain Vidal (Minister in charge of Relations with the Parliament), (GODF)

Aquilino Morelle (adviser to François Hollande) (GODF) (FAF)

Cédric Lewandowski (chief of staff of Jerome Cahuzac) (GODF)

Victorin Lurel (Minister Delegate in charge of Overseas) (GODF)

Renault Vedel (office of deputy director Manuel Valls) (GODF)

Alain Bauer (unofficial adviser of Manuel Valls), former Grand Master GODF

Yves Colmou (adviser of Manuel Valls) (GODF)

And about the members of the (FAF) in government:

In Hollande’s Government the Young Leaders members of the FAF are: François Hollande, Pierre Moscovici, Marisol Touraine, Aquilino Morelle, Arnaud Montebourg and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. In the Sarkozy government it was Alain Juppé, Valérie Pécresse, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Laurent Wauquiez, Jeannette Bougrab…

Go and see on (read “-who-does-not-want-not-see” but type it as is!)

And take the opportunity to surf on their website: the reality is worse than all your fictions (as Shakespeare was telling Horatio, finally almost…)

Incidentally I have nothing in particular against the Freemasons who built cathedrals, but since they only build the card castles of political ideologies following the protestant shift of the Anderson’s Constitutions, and which means they speculate instead of operate, I cordially vomit them even twice for losing a knowledge that was so useful to them and that could still be, and thus betrayed the mission of their founders (or of Their Great Architect Founder?)…

And in the meantime, PSA (Peugeot) plays with its employees…

What a pity, Holland is not there to pull the blanket to him concerning the € 2,000 bonuses available to all PSA employees… who were not ejected by the social plans…

PSA avoided bankruptcy two years ago thanks to a French-Chinese boost. And for once this action from the – in part– government has managed to rise the company obviously not boasting of having over 5500 employees in the Poissy factory surprised on the eve of the summer holiday in 2015, told they could indefinitely prolong this holiday…

But was he touching that Carlos Tavares (the CEO) announcing distributing his 1.2 billion Euros to his employees! Divided by 200,000 employees, it should leave € 6,000 each! So the pelican mom did not gutted to feed its young! And it’s still quite trivial managing…

Perhaps PSA anticipates the threat of referenda cuddling his staff in the direction of hair to discredit unions who see in this unexpected bonus an “announcement effect”, without specifying what this ad will benefit to.

Poissy’s night shift soon to be fired will probably understand…

Amnesty finds the State of Emergency inefficient and drafty…

It’s the least we can say! The rantings of Hollande and his stooges raise an anemic smile. They did find a few dozen weapons, but they did not find many guys who could use them. As if to entrust an action to a legal administration was sufficient to ensure its ineffectiveness…

Lots of people against whom there is no evidence are assigned to residence (translation: imprisoned in their homes), except that they must present themselves daily to a police station, which is easily located much further than the visiting room of the prison… so we have to expect a handful of lawyers specialize in defending wacky assigned. The extra work generated will not create jobs and if Holland counted on these new squeaks to reduce unemployment he must leave especially the prefects in place since it is they who apparently do not know what to do, but do not deprive to act, in the image of their president…

And I will spare you the murderous remarks from mother Aubry against François and Manuel, in case it would be the charity that mocks the hospital for once… If there is a good one that would do better to close her snout with her 35 awesome hours… Especially since the duo’s relations are quite tense, Manuel is accused by the other of being a hysterical of 49.3. In fact he is jealous of not having thought of it first!

Finally at the moment Hollande glides into the air over his extended sheeple: landing might be rough…


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