Organisms, Servos, Therapies! (02/Bowels)

Organisms, Servos, Therapies! (02/Bowels)

Organisms, Servos, Therapies! (02/Bowels)


On the occasion of my conference in Lodeve, one of the assistants told me of a book that seemed to concern the subject which was “Cybernetics Within Us” by Yelena Saparina, still for sale, after 45 years at Amazon!

The thing that had called our Russian journalist, was the disparity in time constants of biological organisms! In the myriad of servos that we see in animals as in humans, some are worth a fraction of a second, like the servo that allows us to have super fast automatic autofocus by the coordinated deformation of the globe and its lens, or its adaptations of the brightness by adjusting the aperture of the iris. And some servos that may span several generations as shown in this experiment on cats where they are fed with minced meat and sweetened condensed milk! Their health declines obviously, but they manage to make babies. Which are put to the same regime. They too will make babies. But at the next generation, they will not live long enough to make kids. The experimenters then tried to feed the individuals of this lost generation with a more typical feline diet, which allowed them to reproduce a bit before dying. It took four generations to find cats in good condition again! So 7 generations in all…

This experience has fortunately a useful teaching despite its cruelty. It demonstrates that it is not because a method succeeded for us that it will benefit our children. Our little ones, and the next generation.

Note to those who play with hash or aspartame, being proud because it does them no harm! Unconscious or just morons? And they’ll whine about muffin villains who make miseries to their darling girl in the school yard, because the damage that their little girl has inherited or will inherit, because of their parents’ hygiene habits, do not apparently show, as we are in a “society of appearance” and superficial and so what is not seen does not exist! Internet translation: “If no pics, did not happen!”. So continue to kill your offspring: our medics have left us eat sugar so as not to hurt beet and sugar cane growers, and it is we who have diabetes before our adolescence… In addition, Sugar has long been hidden in soft drinks: we no longer need to buy it in chunks or powder! And they did not warn us against aspartame becoming formic acid, its decomposition occurring when the temperature exceeds 90°F? What does not kill us … often makes us just more idiots! A formula that has not killed Goethe or Nietzsche, but not worth the fight they had to claim it! On the other hand, it became so popular among idiots (yes, Johnny sung it too!). It would have been worthwhile to file a copyright! Anyway syphilis of which Friedrich died has not taken the time to make him stronger! Indeed, he was “too human” to be really smart…

The environment within…

First, since we mentioned that servos have operating limits, let’s look at these limits. That is, the environment that allows operation of the phenomenon known as: Life.

All living creatures need a suitable environment. Including viruses and bacteria and we will return to this in some detail.

Of course, the most visible part of our environment is the air, and we are in contact with it with our skin and the alveoli of our lungs. So our usual environment is air, and water as rain, with a bit of sun to make vitamin D, but not enough to overflow the limits of its production capacity. As regards cosmetics, the skin was not designed to withstand any either. So do not overdo it…

This air of our environment is also the one our lungs contain, which find quite difficult to breathe cosmetics. However, it’s nice to breathe filth, not just from farmers pollution and diesel, but also aerosol “deodorants”.

But the most important of your environment is going on hiding inside your gut, that is to say not yet assimilated in the body, and therefore foreign products, and therefore, environmental!

This tube does not begin in the stomach to finish at the end of the small intestine. It goes from the mouth to the anus! And what is the environment in which the body knows how to get by?

Basically organic debris! Because even if you do not shred your carrots, you did pull them from their soil, so they died. And aside from the oysters that will die in your throat, you do not eat running meat, but you get it killed by your Normandy cousin or your favorite slaughterhouse. In other words, the environment expected by your digestive tract is composed of animal or plant cells, and possibly mineral water, but not necessarily stones: think about it when you drink heavily mineralized waters…

This food environment will swim in digestive juices produced by the body to transform them into elements that could become components of your body. This is digestion!

When the intestine goes, everything goes: kind of shit, right?

We said it began in the mouth with saliva and chewing. This chewing reduces food in powder or paste, which increases their contact surface with the digestive juices, so this is an important step. Saliva, meanwhile handles the conversion of starch when we do not eat it too hot (an argument in favor of raw food?).

Its antiseptic role has long been noted, which means licking one’s sores may not be so silly! The Egyptian priests were raising dogs whose saliva is more effective for licking the wounds of the injured, their saliva even allowing them to eat “pieces of shit”, as the Youki in the song of Gotainer.

The real “admission test” is still the hydrochloric acid of the stomach, which will finish up everything that saliva has not processed. It is so powerful that Fleming was playing at the end of its course, catching a test tube indicating that the culture broth that was there could kill an entire neighborhood, and swallowed it by saying “See you tomorrow!”  On the other hand, he knew that his esophagus was in good condition! For if you fill yourself up with aspirin there is a safe bet that the damn crystals have skinned your esophagus, which puts the food bowl directly in contact with blood and poisons it contains will not go to the corrected acid in the pocket at the end of this pipe!

Coming off the acid bath, the food environment takes a liver and pancreas juices shower, unless you’re a cow hybrid with three other rooms and room service to direct the residues between rooms and the entrance hall.

Then they arrive in the antechamber of the main tube, which also can process a number of products, but not just any. And what comes to it must remain compatible to the end of the colon. Perhaps you know that modern science has discovered stocks of neurons in our bellies which justifies what the Chinese have known since their beginning of time, as shown by the name of “second brain” they give the intestine!

But the environment will have to change because it puts microorganisms into circulation!

To date, the biological cells that normally make up our “bolus” were slaughtered, first mechanically by the teeth and then chemically by the “soft” action of saliva and gastric acid, until residues take a bath in the bile and pancreatic juice, but the residual culture medium of cells and exploded thrashing will be in contact with these “germs” which, like all living things, need a much stricter environment than the cells lining the walls of the intestine and will supply assimilated waste (nutrients) from debris from outside becoming interior components to the body that has swallowed them.

In particular, anything that was not intended, i.e. which is not waste of biological cells or anything digestible, even being biological, as it gets here. But it can still be absorbed by the walls of the digestive tract! These walls are also made of cells, i.e. a “dirty” water body and a fat envelope. All which is fat and water soluble can pass directly into the blood and in the body, therefore, without being digested! Yet it must be understood that it will be “assimilated”, that is to say, become a part of the body while still remaining a foreign element. As all we can say in biology, it’s pretty schematic: Some vitamins are fat and water soluble and obviously raise no problem. But most of the drugs are too. It is the Swedish Overton who detected them and gave them his name. The best-known overtonians poisons are alcohol, caffeine (coffee and cokes), theaine, theobromine (cocoa, so chocolate too), but also most allopathic drugs taken orally. When that is not the case, they resort to injections.

Organisms therefore have no protection against these enemies in the digestive tract, and must get rid of it with other servo than those that allow feeding. And we’ll see that when we talk about therapeutic methods!

We will take a break to take care of the environment compatible with life in general, since it is the second time we are referring to microbes (micro-lives)!

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