Organisms, Servos, Therapies! (03/Life)

Organisms, Servos, Therapies! (03/Life)

Organisms, Servos, Therapies! (03/Life)

Let us therefore see life from a little higher than our belly button (so to speak?)!

I’ll use just generalities, but as in all classifications, there are “miscellaneous” headings, like in the case of fat-soluble vitamins just mentioned.

So most animals have a tube to digest their environment within their body, which allow them to move while digesting! But for the digestive tract of most plants, it is outside: it is the walls of the root and the leaf surfaces. The roots feed on soil humus and various minerals. The leaves feed on sunlight and CO2. And this little world is nourished by rainwater. In animals, the accomplices of digestion are intestinal bacteria. In plants they are those of humus.

And the ground, then?

We have just seen that it nourishes the roots, but it is itself fed by debris from rotting plant which haven´t been bloated, by the droppings of cattle that have not been assimilated through digestion and other critters by the bodies of all that has not been boxed after its death. We see that we are the only species tending to cheat the cycle of life…

But our scientists even cheat with something else through their intellectual myopia. We have seen that life needs bacteria in the gut, and in the soil to feed the roots, but also, and still in the soil, bacteria to supply the latter with the droppings delivered by those intestines… That usual scheme which sees only visible aspects of minerals, plants and animals, that is to say “macroscopic”, forgets the intermediate micro life that let you move from one aspect to the other. And it is a paranoid mania! Half of Life does not exist for them!

They mess up the flora and the soil fauna with their fertilizer and our intestinal flora with antibiotics! Besides we add substances that are not necessarily what soils, plants and animals would tend to use for their food: pesticides, insecticides, for example. Now consider this cycle of life from the perspective of a controlled system: we have seen, we cannot touch any of its elements without it affecting THE WHOLE LOOP, because of its servo! If we pollute soils, we pollute plants that grow in it, and animals (including us), which feed on them!

Furthermore, feces from organisms are rarely part of their nutrient environment. Again there is the category “other”! Rabbits eat their droppings (but not exclusively), tomatoes like to grow on the corpses of their tomatoes predecessors. But chemical fertilizers are precisely the excrement of bacteria that feed the roots, so it kills them, and the plants are no longer fed by all these bacteria which were bringing them trace elements in particular. Soil deficiencies produce deficient plants, and these shortcomings are found in creatures, like above!

In fact it is much more general than being drowned in one’s shit. If what produces is a servo, by providing what it produces, we make the servo useless! Whether it is toxic to it or not! It becomes unnecessary: it’s being annihilated!

In other words, let people laugh and mock the “organic” stuff as they are themselves a bit deficient in neurons, provided that it is the neurons that are the source of intelligence and discernment. And in any case do not try to be friendly to ‘standard’ food producers and distributors, they are all murderers! But if it does not bother you and you prefer to eat the junk food of cheeseburgers and sodas, you’re right: you will suffer less time! But avoid making kids. To you this is just a suicide, for your descendants … it’s a murder! By the way,  cheeseburgers, meat and cheese = a mixture not very kosher!

Cartesian mindset + Elementarist analysis = environmental disasters

Where does this avalanche of disasters come from?

Basically the mentality instilled by the Theory of Sets of mathematicians, a theory devised by Georg Cantor, in the late nineteenth. But as often, Cantor only expressed something that had been creeping for one century or two. In the case of Cantor we should even talk about four centuries, since the true initiator of the individualistic point of view (everything is separate, if not separable) was René Descartes, author of the famous method of which we are paying the toll today. Although basically, the germ was sown by Aristotle with his hysteria of classifications and categories.

This need for some human beings to gather items to make universes to the size of their understanding, and compensate for their inability to understand and know the universe itself and its source, i.e. the so-called Infinity in English, which has no such names like Brahma revealed for the Hindus, El for the Hebrews and Allah for the Muslims.

Yet should we notice that the word “Infinite” is linked, and even opposed to the word “finite” while Brahma, El or Allah, do not associate nor oppose anything, which makes them incomprehensible on the basis of any Western paradigm, would it be Christian! That’s why I’m trying to help you to “give birth” to a paradigm that can help you avoid enact new stupidities… and help you drop the old!

If one is unable to grasp the Infinite, he will fall back into a chaos of details that he will imagine to understand, imagining (for there cannot be any knowledge here…) that what we’re looking at is not defined by its “difference” with the “rest” of the Infinite. That we study is no different from what we decided not to study for the moment. Exeunt discernment and intelligence! Since we no longer need to discern between what interests us, and the rest that we just decided that it no longer exists!

At the level of Aristotle, there is another attempt to consider gatherings of things of a certain size, more or less related objects, without having noticed that if they were completely related, they would be the same and that we would not be more advanced.

With Descartes, we did the opposite, since the categories had malfunctioned enough. So we explode what we are studying upon the pretext that its study is too complicated, and we need to find simpler elements. By the way, the word “element” has just changed its meaning. Traditionally, that is to say, for metaphysics, elements numbered 5 namely: ether, fire, air, water, and earth, and none of these words meant what they mean today. But all that is visible was a combination of these elements, not an assembly or a stack of other arisen things. An element has become: what one decides! We went from metaphysics to psychology (pathological) believing to achieve physics!

So a clock will exist without one considering its relationship with time, as we believe it is sufficient to understand it from its more “simple” “elements” put apart. And obviously, a gear has no more concerns with having to have another gear so that it can justify its name, and the fact that the clock is no longer linked with the regular rotation of the earth … Too bad everything except human beings, seems to take the environment into account!

Except that the environment is there, and he knows to remember us of our unconsciousness…

And there are no mechanical things that can exist by themselves: take a logical AND gate of semiconductors, an element-ary electronics component and its applications in computer science. It needs two electrical signals as inputs and something connected to the outlet to receive the combination of input signals. Since Descartes had formalized the independence of material elements, it was necessary that the mathematicians formalize and justify this approach.

Cantor has imagined the axiom that kills: “An element belongs to a set!” . A sentence that gives the impression to define the element, the set, and the set/membership relation. While it defines nothing at all! An item can be anything we consider as an element, a set may be all we will build up for bringing elements “together”, for example, two guys and a camel to make a set that we can call a family… since the Theory of Sets does not even care of the nature of their “elements”.

Thus we will be led to consider a segment as composed of points which number will be higher than any number however large! And the Infinite (Unique for metaphysics) no longer exists! Since you can have as many “infinites” as you want! Except that “in” the true Infinity there are authentic cafés and mopeds, while in the infinite of mathematicians, there are only numbers and geometric entities… not a single Big Mac or Nespresso! What else?

The “method” of Descartes has another drawback, as it only takes into account observable things, which eventually causes problems in its physical application with the discovery of quantum and fainting particles replaced by equations (the wave functions).

But in biology, this has led first to the neglect of micro-life first, then to the paranoid polarization on this micro-life. But these two diseases coexist peacefully. Neglect opened the door to allopathic drugs, and paranoia led to vaccines.

Two fragmented visions with little (no) overall vision. Even when Pasteur said (according to rumors) on his deathbed: “Béchamp is right, the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.” He’s just gone from one bullshit to another. I also hope that Béchamp never said that, because the terrain is not nothing without microbes and vice versa.

As I hope to have shown, our whole Western thinking is the source of our present woes and turf battles between the mistakes based on same ideologies will not lead to much else that a few more mess and blunders…

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