Organisms, Servos, Therapies! (04/Terrain)

Organisms, Servos, Therapies! (04/Terrain)

Organisms, Servos, Therapies! (04/Terrain)

I seemed to accuse the West of all evil, but the rest of the world also made its revolution to move from a humanity concerned by knowledge and intelligence (literally being able to “read into things”), to a humanity obsessed with “power” which would not be so bad if it was not at the expense of wisdom.

The “solution” is provided by a prophecy of the Vedas: at the end of times, the Kshatryias will revolt … What does that mean? Until 2500 years ago, Hindu society knew, and was organized according to four “colors”: The color of “knowledge and wisdom”, the color of “power”, the color of “trade” and the color of “the link with Nature and food”. The word “varna”, which means color, is also the one used for castes. The caste of the Brahmins sages would advise the powerful Kshatryias who were keeping the order in which the Vaishas moved by interest and protected the Shudras that fed this little world. We had the same organization in the Middle Ages: clergy, nobility, third estate, serfs. It was natural enough to last for some time, i.e. thousands of years in India.

As predicted by prophecy, the Kshatryias have had enough of being dictated their behavior by Brahmins, and in fact, refused any sharing of their power, especially with the Godhead that Brahmins were supposed to represent.

They were the first atheists.

Aristotle is a good candidate for being the first Kshatryia to revolt in the West: with such a name, he was a noble (an aristocrat!)! In China the candidate was Confucius and in India there were Buddha and Kaneda. The first, a prince who thought to be a Brahmin and developed a wobbly metaphysics which earned the Buddhists of India to get kicked out after the Buddha’s death, the second, of whom we stole the strange idea of the atom, an unbreakable stuff that keeps trashing (more easily than a prejudice as Einstein said!). The slippage of Kaneda’s metaphysics is much less visible than that of the Buddha, but they share their obsession with nonviolence: a necessary consequence of the refusal to share power and the subsequent need to have the last two castes believe that their doctrine does not present risks. Which was taken over by the British when they colonized India and China, by bringing back Buddhists in India and leading the orthodox Hindus to believe that their doctrine also advocated nonviolence! And Hindus did fold before the English guns. Mission Accomplished!

So Western excesses had their counterparts in the East, but the Western version is still the one that prevailed everywhere, if only because of the weapons, first, (using the powder which the Chinese used to fire their fireworks…), and then, with industry.

But back to the proposed view of universal life as a servo, at least planetary, and the ancient wisdom of American Indians: “Everything is connected!” . Either way you’ll have full details on the race for moronization in my books published in Bergame…

Life feeds on life: the dream of socialist-Buddhists!

Since we have seen that life is ONE, under many forms, and it spends its time destroying the forms in question to produce others, I propose another subtitle:

Life feeds on life after killing (sacrifices): the nightmare of duality!

It is very sad (!), but as we mentioned, we humans, are at the end of the “food chain” because our bodies do not feed it any more. Nevertheless, the pounds of meat of our bodies came from massacres that we were complicit of… in the best case.

So assume what you can of this!

The relationship with the duality? Life is movement or change. And change, the signing of our universe is Life, reciprocally. Not just biological. As Lavoisier said: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed!”. To go from situation A to situation B, the situation A must disappear for the situation B to appear. We need the rabbit disappears so the fox survives… We could have remained in Heaven where things can occur without destroying others. We insisted to come in duality for curiosity. All we have to do is eat all of it…

The first industrial servos were trying to find processes that can be used for feedback, such as balls regulators of steam locomotives. But for some time now the servos are entrusted to electronics or computers.

Well, biology has done that for a long time! Chemical reactions do not (usually) put in play the nuclei of atoms, only their electrons! A notable exception was discovered by Louis Kervran, a Breton who eventually went into exile in New York at Rockefeller´s to continue his work. He had noticed that the hens in his Breton farmyard pecked all they could of quartz, and these munchies of silicon intrigued him. He then managed to deprive his peckers of their drugs, and two days later the chickens were laying eggs without shell! He therefore added calcium for them to redo their shell, but nothing worked! He had to face the facts: the hens transmute 2 grams of silicon into calcium every day, and one cannot find any radioactivity!

E = mc2 was having trouble!

I’m not telling you this to show the extent of my culture as an avid reader of France Soir and Le Chasseur Français, but because it gives me the opportunity to tell you a useful thing! If you, or someone you know breaks an arm or something, sprinkle his steaks with horsetail powder! It is a silicon-rich fern with unforgettable taste…, that’s why it goes better unnoticed with meat… Normally, less than two weeks later, the bones are repaired and WITHOUT CAL! I have other tricks to get the same result, but they go through stuff like EMDR, and it is not much the subject for now. Chickens are not the only creatures to transmute silicon into calcium and Kervran found many other “biological transmutations”, as he called them before discovering others in other areas. And it is because of his discoveries that he lost his job in France! And he is considered an idiot on the Web!

Back to our electrons, the players in chemistry.

The three dimensions of biology: the Bio-Electronics!

Afficher l'image d'origineNormally the mention of new dimensions should make you drool, but calm down: they are not adding to the 4th dimension of father Einstein nor to the twelve of string theories… it’s just because we represent them in a three-dimensional map which axes are the pH and the rH2, and the rho (ρ)!

Because, since I speak of the importance of the environment for the proper functioning of vital servos, perhaps I should have given you the means to evaluate, if not to “measure” them!

And it gives me the opportunity to tell you about Louis Claude Vincent, the founder of bio-electronics, a guy who also had another personal method to care for his fractures, which I’ll let you find out in case his life interests you…

I will not make you a flood, his fans have founded the ABE, the Bio-Electronics Association and you will find all the details on their website!

Do not confuse with the other ABE “Alternative Bien-Être” ( for the host, otherwise just as interesting since I will soon talk about it…

As part of this presentation, I will simply state that these three measures characterize (in particular) ALL biological fields, from soils to animals, and especially justify speaking of “terrain” in medicine, as we did not know precisely what  it meant before Vincent.

To start with the end, you will find on the ABE website graphics that will show you in which area of the pH/rH2 plane your body should be for good health! If the rH2 is not easy to measure, it needs gadgets, see the ABE, the pH requires only sensitive paper sold by pharmacists in ribbon form. Drool or urinate on it and the color taken by the paper gives you the value of your pH. The Rho, resistivity, the third coordinate is obviously not plotted on this map which has only two dimensions, but can be specified by its value at the point considered, as altitudes are indicated on a map.

This resistivity does not define the illness you may suffer, but the speed at which it spreads. Imagine being injured: at the location of the injury, bio-electronic values become those of the environment. It is unlikely they could be those of a healthy human terrain. And should therefore diffuse faster or slower in your body. The more resistivity of the body, the more difficult the diffusion will be, and it may even be that it stays very localized, just a little sore. If it is very low, you might get sepsis or tetanus! In other words, the less “resistant” your body , the more fragile it is! It’s not a free joke with words, it is a discovery of Vincent !!!

ABE’s graphics show you the different environments required for the proliferation of microthings. If you have any “infectious” disease that is your terrain is set to the survival of your invaders. The products that you are advised to get rid of them will most of the time make the situation worse, and will not solve anything at the electronic level, instead you’ll make sure your disease becomes chronic. Always with these graphs, you can appreciate the different areas of different microbes, including your intestinal bacteria!

Forget your samples and your research as a little chemist, this is not the way to study a servo!

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