Hollande has found his calling: security!

Hollande has found his calling: security!

Hollande has found his calling: security!

I would not attribute to him any responsibility in Charlie’s case, as in everything he has been busy, but as he is the winner of this mess, I would like to warn my compatriots against excessive optimism. In good gadfly, he reaps the laurels that should have gone back to GIGN and RAID as they, at least, know how to do their job, without the need of a commanding puppet. As if with Hollande and his servility to the United States, we would be safe…

Hollande: the lighning war …

So Holland did not suddenly become smarter on the occasion of handling of the « Charlie crisis » and he pitifully remained equal to himself. Except that in the context of security, he can be backed on real professionals who have been trained before him, so by others, while all other areas escape him because he is surrounded that multiple bands of idiots he has the secret of recruitment. So drink much of your ridiculous « I’m Charlie », as that simply shows that you might awake from a deep apathy if a crisis makes you scared enough, and that, like all those who are afraid, you see nothing (assuming that before you saw anything…). As usual promises of Hollande are not worth a fart of your favorite pet. He will not touch our freedoms except strengthening all the « precautions » which we have seen the efficiency of. But he goes to install French version of a « Patriot Act », like when he promised an absence of new taxes a few months ago before the price of parking meters was multiplied by 5! But it’s true, it’s not really taxes, it’s just a way for municipalities to make ends meet after the reforms of school time and before the cost of geographical redistribution.

Increasing security can help unemployment, except that it is the people who will pay the salaries of additional staff… If to maintain his popularity he needs a second Charlie, he should immediately contact those made the first one, and of which it is not impossible that Valls knows where to find them, in view of his startling statements about the Jews of France. He can also lead to opportunities by continuing to tickle the terrorists (gangsters) of the Middle East remaining the Obama’s chihuahua, and « helping » him with our tiny army and its single nuclear aircraft carrier. So he will not have to organize the next massacre which he is in fact incapable of, he will only have to wait.

This is conflicts that make his dreams, unless it is an matter of erection… The « best day of his life » was the launch of his war in Mali. He imagined that he was at war against the entrepreneurs since he offered them a Covenant (the Pact of responsibility). He was sad when Obama did not want to give him a chance to send his French kids to war. He really looks like he has wanted to be president just to be a Legal serial killer.

He finally took off after he screwed three years, but only in the polls!

He has a unbelievable luck. A massacre developed by Satanists propelled him like a rocket. The slump in oil prices came to the aid of his repeated financial blunders, and the fall of the euro, although not really sufficient, support for exports. All things for which he did not intervene but which he is credited for, as if French voters need to believe that they have not elected him by mistake: the people in a democracy cannot be wrong!

I heard today that he had won 23 points in the polls and also heard a lot of radio talks on security issues that give the impression that the subject is suddenly full of hysterical experts, two news I find as little reassuring as possible. No wonder any more whether Hollande will finish his term, an issue that everyone has been looking for the answer of for three years… Now Sarko is really in trouble. Seen from home, the big loser is Marine (Le Pen) who should have followed her father to stand away from idiots who ostracized her because assuming the Charlies of one day wake up, they will remember that she was the same bitch than them. And as fear brought the people back to the hard and fast « values » of the Republic and the democracy, this is not the time to go on an adventure with racist rightists…

Newly reconverted to Hollande have not seen that the « magnificent security management of the crisis » owed nothing to their puppet, and they pleaded to be jailed to be protected. When unemployment and purchasing power have increased for the first and decreased for the second, it will be time to review your copy. You only have to study numerology toknow whether other massacres will take place before 2017, so that your hero can take get back in shape.

Charlie’s dramatic bewildered were contagious explosively. The question is whether we will find an ELEMENTARY SUPPLEMENT (to keep at their level…) that can multiply the two neurons (deer to Sarko), they have left with along their stem cells, unless they did themselves become stems… as it is likely!

But Charlie’s episode has unfortunately shown that the problem is not limited to our Francis. All representatives are as silly as he, and from one end to the other of the hemicycle, remember their standing applause before Valls, with his look so penetrated as to forget his imitations by Canteloup. Go back to vote because it’s more comfortable than going down the street, where you have never been 3,000,000 on January 11, because I checked in Paris, the width of the boulevards has not expanded.

The outbreak of collateral inconveniences!

The media are frightening: they imagine us to believe completely implausible things like the number of protesters in France and show similar events abroad seeming to say that all countries were mobilized. And they only calmed down when the reactions to the new sacred issue of the magazine could not be hidden any longer.

Finally the Muslims of France astonish me. If their foreign co-religionists find faults with this new proof of the genius of Charlie’s scribblers, Islam must be very specific in our country. I wrote that if the imams should be willing to go on TV to explain the true meaning of jihad, so that the « jihadists » could be renamed « gangsters » and religion would have nothing to do with these cracked troops any more. Instead we had a TV journal on TF1 again to exlain if we could caricature the prophet, to which an imam replied seriously that it was not recommended but nothing forbade it in the Koran. So I imagine that the prophet is not a man, and he is like for Christians, he is God himself who became incarnate. Except that the prophet of the Christians, even though Muslims recognize him as such, they leave him to them… So Mohammed is a just a man whose representations as a man are very much discouraged if not prohibited, which is why we owe mosques decorated with arabesques and not of icons… The forgotten basis of this iconoclasm comes from the fact that by imitating the « living creations » of God, we become impersonators, « monkeys of God », that is to say fiends (Allah curse the Stoned one!). So imams of France, continue to be so shy, do not show your embarrassment when someone disfigures Allah or Mohammed, even though disfigurement of the Godhead is what you call a blasphemy. You have become real little Hollandes, you get lost in the details and forget your principles. You sound like the guy who lost his keys and seeks them 20 meters away under a lamppost because he sees clearer there…

Or become frankly secular. My attendance at Asnieres (a suburb of Paris, and a Arabic province) suggests that many of your brethren are willing to convert to red wine and beer…

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