According to Agnes Verdier-Molinié: “We’re going into the wall”

According to Agnes Verdier-Molinié: “We’re going into the wall”

According to Agnes Verdier-Molinié: “We’re going into the wall”

In her new book released in February, Agnes Verdier-Molinié reviews some parameters that one might find disturbing, if one did not know how many good-willed people will protect us!

360 taxes: we’re going into the wall

Okay, I’m lazy: I took all my subtitles from the list she gives on the cover! It is a kind of introduction to her table of contents giving even more exciting details…

Agnes Verdier-Molinié is the director of iFRAP, the Foundation for Research on Administration and Public Policy.

400.000 standards and 10.500 laws: we’re going into the wall

To search for solutions, Agnes turns to countries that are deemed to have “good practices” in any case better than ours at least in the short term.

2 million strike days per year: we’re going into the wall

But I think she forgets an important factor, even the most important: the psychological factor! How can she expect any change from a government that does not realize that we are crashing on the wall, and that he is the one who takes us there? This is also the only one not noticing it!

103 different social benefits: we’re going into the wall

The persistent unconsciousness is called paranoia! And it is incurable since the individual you are trying to heal does not even know that you are talking to him and even that you exist…

3500 labor code pages: we’re going into the wall

Since the precautionary principle is the order of the day, I return to my hobby: we apply it to our elected officials, and fire all those which we have any doubts about their honesty or show by their kids in odds with the justice they have not even managed their family, which is enough to not trust them our country.

1851 bonus: we’re going into the wall

Mind you, that does not leave many!

36769 villages: we’re going into the wall

And we have to replace them. I do not know what sketch the Le Pen family plays, probably just an attempt to monopolize the media, but the wild hope that the FN could make a difference, to me, seems very far away given Marine’s behavior that seems to be coming from the same mold as the “others”!

37 pensions: we’re going into the wall

So we can only rely on ourselves to choose a real change, and so we have a REAL problem!

618384 elected: we ARE in the wall

Eh yes! It’s a bit like the real problem: 70 million people elected one person in 1000 to represent them! It clearly shows the quality and relevance of the choice! Agnes can dream of half-baked solutions that would fit within the framework of current practices, but obviously these are practices that must be changed. And I did not say SHOULD be changed… unless it is much worse and that we should change our criteria of choice, which looks a little desperate…


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