Amazing: it seems that “Good Kill” is asking the hard questions about the war (L’Express)!

Amazing: it seems that “Good Kill” is asking the hard questions about the war (L’Express)!

Amazing: it seems that “Good Kill” is asking the hard questions about the war (L’Express)!

Yes! Because there are still more questions that do not get anyone angry, given the number of wars and their continuity… So, enough is enough? Daddy who comes home to play with his kids after spending 8 hours in his office annihilating guys with the interface of drones, would be inappropriate? The invention of cannons or tanks was clearly more acceptable than what we watch in “Good Kill”!

“Killing is good!” And you find that’s worth dying of laughing?

I dreamt of it, Niccol did it… It’s true that one rarely offers tanks as a Christmas gift. While tablets to kill “cleanly” prevent no one to sleep.

I have often said that it was probably more difficult to kill someone with a dagger than with a machine gun. Question of contact, or proximity … But the virtual murder, is the hit, it is the “war for all” needing no courage nor responsibility. Not even training, all darlings will do it out of kindergarten…

What could be the impact of “Good Kill”?

Do not dream. Apart from film critics whose job it is to give an epidermal response to anything out, no one does care: no one noticed that video games resulted in precisely this kind of thing. Keeping children occupied gives parents peace. And if you can kill all the hecklers, peace will really be with us. So it goes! Who would not love the planet (or what is going to stay of it) live in peace?

What I find amazing is that the “good killings” have not yet been the standard of jihadists. Yet they experienced it for some time. The number of guys who had forgotten to turn off their mobile and who made themselves targets of bombs dropped by scale models!

Note that there is still some room for the old methods: France did make “good” sales of Rafales to Egypt and India!

According to Ethan Hawke, the actor-hero of the film, “Good Kill” will raise polemics and that’s good!

On, Romain Le Vern finds that Hawke is far from the idealistic student of “The Dead Poets Society”, but I do not see how! Certainly his idealism has become a bit more trash, but we continue to dream, especially that this film will be able to change some minds as the average earthling has not yet hit that the average earthling is in a critical state of hypnosis. Do not dream any more: what interests the makers of the film, is their loot: they have not done it by a burst of tenderness!

Hawke has also a great sense of humility: “You cannot imagine the number of films that are mounted with the name of the protagonist; this is what can save a fragile film in its manufacture or even a director face the pressure of a studio.” But missing one letter, his name is that of a “hawk” and that of the US drone swung into the Pentagon on September 11 (a Global Hawk).

In other words, a predestined actor?

“The Good Kill” at the Venice Film Festival was an American film too much according to Le Monde (a French Paper)…

Well there we recognize the moralizing of the leftists! They had not seen that happen before they were shown in plain sight, and suddenly, they do not like it at all! Make no mistake: what they do not like has nothing to do with the subject of the film, but with the fact that everyone now knows that they had seen nothing happen…

It is perhaps Le Monde which is a one paper to much…

Except that, as they say, “The film is so bad that one can hardly believe it.” So that’s what I said, the guys of Le Monde have seen nothing happen and they do not want you to go there. Perhaps this is the best teasing, and maybe they did it on purpose?

It is true that it is really ugly to be able to kill people without risking one´s own life! In other words, the world would prefer a movie to the glory of suicide bombers who choose carefully the crowd in the middle of which they break out, because it’s still ugly to kill civilians.

In the end it seems that the heart of the problem is that you can kill without adrenaline! Where are we going if it is no more exciting to be God?


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