The author

The author

The pupil and the student without notes or ranking.

My parents were actors and spent their time touring. I was raised by my grandmother who ran a private school. I felt frustrated because the other kids abandoned me to continue to “play” in their classrooms, so I asked grandmother to allow me to go “play” with them. She was careful not to explain that they were going there to study, not to play! Without undergoing the usual pressure among students, since I was only there to “play”, I did not need any efforts to have the best marks and be first of the class. Granny, then, decided that I would neither be noted nor ranked, so nobody could accuse her of promoting her little son. In high school, I had difficulties taking marks and ranks seriously, and many teachers did not like to see me laughing at what they were saying. The game of coefficients has also allowed me a normal course of schooling.

The shock of distrust science and teachers in third grade.

On the occasion of a course in “Natural Sciences”, of which I will not reveal the contents because it is too sensitive, touching a universal and unquestionable hero of biology, the teacher persuaded me she did not know what she was talking about and that this hero was a crook. I learned later from my readings that I was far from the truth: he was in fact a visceral scammer! So I started to distrust truths dealt out by my teachers with their typical aplomb, and their nice way to force me to believe them. Happily, I found myself on the lookout for many lies (from scientists and others) in the years that followed. The hardest part was discovering that modern math were full of petitions of principle and abuses of language… I gained the impression to have escaped a lot of manipulation… compared to my classmates!

Whirling dervishes, Sufism, voodoo.

At a Ceremony of the Whirling Dervishes given in a mansion of the 16th district in Paris, I met with three friends, a Berber and Moroccan “Sufi” who took us under his wing having fun that we were students in “special math” (French name)! One of her friends was a voodoo priestess, which allowed us to participate in a number of ceremonies on the Island of Puteaux. You can travel a lot without leaving Paris!

First result of a new paradigm: truancy.

The “Sufi” introduced us to traditional metaphysics and occasionally, thanks to a few readings, we had the opportunity to change our paradigm of standard students for what was to become my view of the “real” world. Much wider, in fact! The first results of this change was to allow us to follow our preparation to Higher French Schools without following the courses at the school, the “lessons” of the “Sufi” were much more interesting … and nothing hindered us to pass the admission exams. The paradigm that we had from the “Sufi” explained much more completely what our teachers were painfully trying to teach us, and allowed us to detect and correct many more errors.

SUPMECA, May 68, in charge of the school computer.

Having refused to go to Polytechnique (the highest engineering school in France, a scandal!) to avoid a third year of “specialization”, I got to SUPMECA which saved me skipping school for the year spent in internships in companies. During the “events of May 68” (our “revolution”!) the school manager gave me the opportunity to create the school computer section and be in charge of it. The first computer course that I ever took part of, I was the teacher!

The Meca language and the machining of the wing panels of the SST Concorde.

When I met the head of the machining of the wing panels of the SST Concorde, he told me that his assistants have been having difficulties programming the panels for two years. Yet Aerospace had monstrous computers and could use a really universal language at this time: APT (Automatically Programmed Tools). From Bull-G.-E., I could provide only some time slices on a machine with 24k of memory (instead of 1000) to its users! Nevertheless I accepted the challenge and I met the duo of programmers on a beautiful Monday. They spent the day telling me about their problems. On Tuesday morning I asked the questions that came to my mind, and at noon I announced my solution. In the evening I had provided them their syntax. On Friday morning, I finished writing the compiler and its utilities and the two technicians had prepared two complete panels. In the afternoon, their machining proved to be correct! The paradigm continued to work…

The rescue of a factory in Laval.

A plant had converted its machining shop a little hastily to NC manufacturing. It was threatened with closure because its production dropped almost to nothing; I have not known that until years later! It took me two weeks to reorganize their production programming by designing families of parts instead of individual programming. Another offshoot of the paradigm…

The reorganization of the maintenance for the Sabena Belgian airlines.

Technical maintenance of aircrafts of an airline must take account of random malfunctions or accidents that their planning cannot predict. I hosted a few meetings during a quarter, which not only allowed me to help them solve their maintenance problem, but more importantly, according to the Technical Director, to reconcile teams who have been fighting for years. The paradigm to the rescue of HR!

The writing of an operating system in six months.

For an English minicomputer that unfortunately soon disappeared. The file management system automatically maintained their optimization by incorporating a built-in defragmentation.

A meta-compiler for real-time management.

For a medical analysis lab, I thought of avoiding the classical procedure for attempting natural language programming of the application, directly from a simplified version of the French rather than turning to a computer programming language and a prior flow chart. This “meta compiler” had merely to distinguish the names of data (nouns) and those of procedures (verbs). Years later, this was known as object programming. The names of the detected data allowed them to be implicitly and dynamically structured: we never had to restructure the database. After six months of operation to the satisfaction of the laboratory and their audience, the CEO had unfortunately big financial problems and the adventure stopped.

Writer, Choreographer, Director and Show Leader.

Conversion, or U-turn, to the audiovisual with screenwriting and implementation of advertising programs. My attendance in the showbiz then gave me the opportunity to be involved in several choreographies and of staging ballets, and even leading a cabaret show, where my signature was my long white silk scarf!

Cognitive and quantum technologies and their miracles.

My paradigm had improved and now it included the quantum and the cognitive. I worked with it for over 4 years. Overall results: some sick cared for, some addicts stably rehabilitated, redoubling students (or worse), becoming top of their class in all matters, some business saved, some victims cleared of their stalkers.

Immersion in parapsychology.

At the same time I was in the midst of forty creatures that were capable of psychokinesis, telepathy, getting out of their bodies, to tell what was happening on the other side of the planet, or to tell the past and the future. And I have checked everything! None of them had made a trade of their gifts and were getting any money to perform their gifts at fairs. They were born that way, and avoided to talk of it to their loved ones to avoid being considered crazy or stupid. At that time my paradigm had considerably refined. This allowed me to discover some drawbacks of my practice; mostly cognitive ones which were not quantum enough.

Suspension of miracles …

Indeed, I realized that my miraculous results that so pleased my “clients” in the material world had some drawbacks of the spiritual side. As I was debugging students, that reminded me of my own studies, until I realized that I was only making “contest beasts” whose test scores masked the fact that their discernment was not improving one iota, and buried them in the paradigm of their manipulators: the school curriculum itself! Hence my decision to improve my paradigm to get new techniques with fewer side effects, although my “clients” seemed not to care of the spiritual damage which they did not see!

The journalist and chief editor.

Yet another change: contributing to magazines such as DISC, Keyboards, Music-test PC fun, Guitar and Claviers, Batteur. It meant testing new “keyboards” and music software, traveling, interviewing international stars like Chick Corea, Alan Parsons, Vangelis, Serge Gainsbourg.

The pioneer of musical micro computing in France.

But the beginnings of musical personal computing were far from inspiring and I decided to bring my contribution. Wrong choice: My product ran on an Apple II while the Macintosh was coming out…

Computers and video of the concert of Jean Michel Jarre in Houston.

But as I was the only developer in France, Jarre had no trouble finding me on his radar, and I gave him what he wanted for his concert in Houston (Rendez-vous), that has long been in the Guinness with a million and a half spectators.

The creation of the Break seminar.

Yet I continued to refine my paradigm, and rather than carrying trying therapies, I designed a seminar for executives, finely titled Break. With a friend, we made a dozen of them. But while our customers were fascinated during the 4 days of the seminar, two weeks later, their habits had taken over, and the impact was far from satisfactory, not better in any case than seminars on general semantics which I had participated to when at Bull. Maybe the choice of a customer pattern of executives was not the smartest!

The translator and friend of Rama, the son of Ananda Coomaraswamy.

Hoping of providing a kind of after sales to Break, I thought to translate one book from one of my Authors compatible with my paradigm: Ananda K. Coomaraswamy. He died in 1947, so I negotiated with his son Rama to translate “Transformation of Nature in Art” published in France by “L’Âge d’Homme”. As I became a friend of Rama, he suggested I translate more books from him and he asked me to translate and adapt (I changed the foot notes) his book “The Problems with the New Mass”, which was published by the same publisher. After a successful career as a surgeon in New York, Rama became a priest after we met, until his death a few years later.

The multilingual semantic search engine, and the betrayal of the angel.

My literary activities had convinced me of the need to dispose of a “search engine” to facilitate the detection of references to support my prose. Google had just started and was very far from my needs. My engine had to be multilingual to manage unusual alphabets such as Greek, Hebrew and Sanskrit (which Google did not handle at that time), and semantic to deal with meanings rather than simply words. I was to be financed by a “business angel”, an old computer roadie who thus defined the product specs. I realized what he wanted, and he systematically refused to sell the versions when they were ready. We (I was still with my accomplice at Break) lost precious years that allowed Google to become what we know today. Anyway, our cursed “angel” could not have provided the funding that Google got from the Mormons. After getting rid of our “hindrance”, we found another friend who “saved the day”, given the delay with Google, and the engine is now at the heart of the French Yellow Pages, Meetic and Qwant, and a bulk of major references of e-commerce in France.

The retiree and essayist.

When I retired, my paradigm was completed: it turned out that it was only enough to get back and stick to basics as they were before the pollution by awkward intellectuals. I gave up seminars: a book is much more durable than 4 days in the countryside. I think I can explain it in an understandable way, the real obstacle now is whether the public may be interested in something other than sports, politics, and ditties! Will there be a REAL desire to stop the chaos that everyone complains about, as no one wants to see its source: a vision of the “world” too wrinkled, and modulated by a whole lot of a priori even more restrictive? For example, it is not money and taxes that will solve the problems of ecology, but the real understanding of the issues. The promises of quantum therapies have no chance of being held until we have a mean to understand their true nature. Expanding our intellectual horizons should not be so complicated, as they are so pitiful. But precisely, it is much too pitiful for us to find a remedy because the required change is not part of our concerns. See what François Hollande is doing in France…

The paradigm inducer, in French, read: a paradigm, smoothly…

Changing from the current paradigm will not solve the suicide of humanity: It is the end result of more than 2000 years of a global business of making us stupid. We should go back much earlier. And not be afraid to limit our reality. But our present notion of “infinity” was instilled by mathematicians who did not understand it at all. All their “infinites” (sic) are only filled with mathematical beings, we still won’t find any taverns or bikes, as Coluche (a late French stand up humorist) would have said. My poor bilingual pun on “inducer” to get a bilingual English/French-sounding nickname, nevertheless describes the method. This change is so urgent that it cannot happen simply by kicking a humanity polarized and drowned by threatening issues such as: money, health, administrative and social hassles… It has been said that to get rid of manipulators, we should simply have to denounce them. This is the time to know what has been missed by those who have tried it, like Korzybski. Because the worst, like Mark Hamilton, is yet to come … The Internet puts us in tune with the global cultural stupidity of the world. Can we use it to reverse our dwindling towards total imbecility? What is your answer?

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