Call on the people to help to celebrate 25 centuries of the Iron Age through a unique experiment!

Call on the people to help to celebrate 25 centuries of the Iron Age through a unique experiment!

Call on the people to help to celebrate 25 centuries of the Iron Age through a unique experiment!

As I explain in “The agnostic Heresy” (to be published in June), 25 centuries ago the planet passed from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, the passage of the Dvapara yuga to the Kali yuga for Hindus.

For the Hindus, this passage is what they call the revolt of Kshatryias, i.e. the revolt of the rulers!

And it happened all over the earth, not only in India!

What was this revolt? The rulers decided to abandon wisdom for power: the rulers no longer wanted the advice of the wise (Brahmins) and have not really “taken up the power” since they had it already, they simply fired (or killed) their advisors…

I do not know where wikipedia dug out that the length of the Kali Yuga is 4320 centuries, and I leave them the responsibility. My reference of the duration is that given by Rene Guénon in his varied works.

And it’s much more convincing! If only because we have no recordings of what happened thousands of centuries ago!

At that time, in the West, Aristotle (a name that smells of some aristocratic nobility!) did not understand the teaching of Socrates and Plato, the first having been appointed “the wisest man of his time” by the Pythia, the second being his scribe.

In India, Gautama Buddha (a prince) did not understand the doctrine of the Vedas. Hindus wiped his seeds out to China and Tibet before the English repatriated his disciples a few centuries ago.

In China, Lao Tzu said that Confucius was not “born to knowledge”! But he’s the one who is at the basis of the doctrine of Confucianism which has more or less replaced Lao Tzu’s Taoism.

Aristotle has since inspired the Christian church almost since its origin, which prevented her from understanding the message of Jesus. The relay was taken by Descartes with his fabulous method (if something sounds complicated, break it down –i.e. it is destroyed– and study the pieces instead of the original item)! The basis of the “scientific method” still in use today!

sPut in perspective, since 25 centuries the governments of the world have decided to be stupid!!!

And it is a roaring success, as we can see.

Except that if the rulers have decided to fire their advisors who prevented them from being idiots, they cannot risk that the common people be less idiots than themselves.

They had to find a trick to make and ensure that the people also be morons.

Very early, when the technology was in infancy: it was just understood that it was through the education of toddlers. And it’s only much later they had to keep control of their education and not leave it to the mothers, whom Jules Ferry was so afraid of.

Efforts of conditioning the youth had to wait for Wundt and Pavlov to be fully developed. Wundt is the pioneer of experimental psychology, though his disciple Freud is best known, and Pavlov is the one who knew how to turn doggies into acrobats. Mix the two and you’ll know how to turn your kids into obedient doggies. As it has been done to you!

To get an idea of what they had to swallow (as well as you…), take a look at “Let’s be logical! … in God’s name” from this writer.

The triumphs of the Wundt/Pavlov’s method are called in France the ENA (National School of Administration – or Arrogance?), the X (Polytechnic) and Normale Sup (School for Teachers), as evidenced by generations of geniuses down to our present rulers! Or Stanford, Princeton, MIT, Oxford, somewhere else!

Anyway, since the Kali yuga is supposed to be coming to its end (it is expected to be catastrophic, and everything suggests now that it is most likely…) before it’s too late, I propose to celebrate these 25 centuries of imbecility with an experiment that will show how all of our current conceptions are dismal.

But to do that, I need experimenters, because I cannot do it myself anymore! I need some pretty special people, but not so rare since I have known quite a few of such, a (too) long time ago…

Hence the call on the people on my page “Experimental Protocol for the experiment of the last 25 centuries”

If you are not a potential candidate, perhaps you know some and can notify them of my call?


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