Charlie’s Side Effects: Back to Nazism!

Charlie’s Side Effects: Back to Nazism!

All Nathalie Saint Criq understood is: to go hunting and process those who are not Charlie. You should have a look at this video!

Yet another target error. When are they going to suggest to identify and treat morons? It really is a mess! And what if France 2 fires the « responsible » (sic) of their political service? Along with all the other “responsible” we’ve seen on our TVs for over a week?

But one can apparently say anything, freedom of expression is released! Example Valls: before the National Assembly, he called Dieudonné a « preacher of hate »! But Valls does not preach the hatred of Dieudonné, does he? How low are we going?

Since Valls’ beloved president said that Islam was not incompatible with democracy, I guess all the Holland brothers understood about Islam, is the Sharia and the benefit of applying it to prevent upset fools killing others that are making fun with vexatious pranks, thanks to government lax.

An idea! Why not replace « I’m Charlie » with « I am Sharia »? We would lose a little hypocrisy there, but can it hurt?

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