EU against Greece: which asshole will win?

EU against Greece: which asshole will win?

EU against Greece: which asshole will win?

The real problem with the idiots games, it’s not so much that it is the most stupid that wins, it is that all players lose! The love story between the EU and Greece is screwed up from the beginning: how is it that the accountants of the Union did not notice the colossal Greek shenanigans and they have accepted the application of this beautiful country that should never have been part of the EU in the first place? At this point, the failure of the Union would have been much less noticeable than now after years of continual cheating. Since today it is clear that the Greeks continue to cheat and that EU institutions are dramatically silly …

Tsipras, trapped in his own trap…

Clever, the Greek Valls! He wants a referendum to show that the people is following him. The following week, he fucks his 2/3 of voters. The brave Hollande, as a good socialist, flies to the rescue of the poor victim of the German Nazi villains, to better screw him of course later, and believes he fucked Merkel by forcing her to accept Tsipras’ plan that everyone is suspicious about. The Greek, just arrived back in Athens already announces that he has signed the cloth but he does not trust in the promises of the Union!!! At least someone, but not the least, that Hollande has not convinced! We do not know who traps whom! Obama also said he did not trust the Iranians but that he had the means to monitor them, at least…

As for the Union, they made the Greeks believe that their local Valls had their confidence while that is obviously wrong …

How long will this game of international and mutual bluffers last?
Hollande, imperturbably, on his side continues to sell the skin of the bear, as if he had already “saved Greece” while a slew of countries still have to agree with that. Including Greece already booming. Nobody in Europe therefore seems to know how long ago he pledged to reduce unemployment in France?

Sing along with Brassens and me: “The day of July 14, I stay in my warm bed…”

Not only the beloved president of 20% of the French, as a good warmonger made a show about his victory over Germany, but he took the opportunity to cheer for his new special services who paraded on the Champs Élysées to demonstrate our antiterrorist power. That way he is now sure that the French like to be greedily spied by cops, anyway those regarding the “Brave French People” who travel to see republican shows…, “those who do not like those who follow a different path!” (again from the Brassens’ song). By chance, he would have left some around the Etang de Berre where 3 bombs were laid the same day… but now it is to protect us from teens who want to behead a few generals for Christmas.
Another fun skid: bowing the hat for Mexico that opened the French parade. Three days earlier, Mexico had opened the door to “El Chapo” (the “hat”in French) the most “secured” drug lord in the world. The humor of Charlie has finally arrived at the Élysée! He had 1500 meters long high-tech tunnel for his escape! A little more and he would have offered a complete Metro system to his country!

The banking system: the plant to produce the poor…

Basically, banks sell time. Without a price list because the prices of the year depends on how much you borrow. Another way to say that time is worth nothing (specific)… Their victims are just feeling they are in a hurry. If you borrow at 4% over 4 years, you pay almost 20% more without the trader earning more than the fact he had sold immediately. If it’s over 15 or 20 years, you pay the double, i.e. you pay your shack and a rent. Besides, if you can help it, do not become a tenant: your money will generally serve to the owner to pay his bank, and for what concerns you, you throw it out the window!

There must be a reason for all traditions prohibiting loans with interest? For example, to prevent bankers being thieves… They lend to the poor in a hurry , to make them poorer. When he was “Me, a normal citizen” (before his election), Hollande accused finance of all evils. Since he is “Me, a normal President” he understood that there was another rule of the game!
When the average citizen wants to borrow, the bank verifies its ability to repay.
When a president of a country wants to borrow, the bank does not verifies anything since it is not he who will repay anyway. Also in a few years there will be another election, and since banks own the media, they will know if they have to change their puppet, and they make the people to vote accordingly.

Because, whether you like it or not, for decades, your votes have been manipulated. Remember how easily everyone became “Charlie”, a paper that nobody even read! If you do not believe even to be manipulable, to the point you are sure of it, this proves that you are! Otherwise, you would at least doubt…
So in 2017, French will vote again freely for the puppet as designated by finance.
What is curious, however, is that according to the Internet, the debt of France now turns around one trillion Euros!

How can we lend 40 billion Euros to Greece when we owe one thousand of them to other banks???

I have a hypothesis: if Hollande wants to save Greece, it is as a training to save France when his great discernment will put our country in the same state of bankruptcy. So he is not that bad… On the other hand, Germany is not bad either… But organizers of the mess seem to stick to their useless and boring toy. I recall that Maastricht is much like the foundation of the US Fed, which is neither a reserve of money, nor a federal entity, but a PRIVATE one.
The wacky designs that drive international finance since the end of the Middle Ages seem to pack a bit and make it as if they had won. But it looks like with Greece, they played a shot too much! Everyone seems to agree that the solution of the Greek problem will not simply go through the finance and all that was hitherto imagined solves nothing. Besides, no one believes in it nor even makes any effort to pretend it!

The humanity is sick from rationalism

Regular readers of my books will find themselves on familiar ground.
Since the 25 centuries that we have just gone, spent through the pursuit of power and contempt of wisdom (that is detailed in my “Agnostic Heresy”), there are a few basic words that should be revised, but here I will not tell you again about our dear (expensive?) “republican values”, but of things touching our activities as thinkers, because there are here some deadly wrong things.

Just four words: intelligence, discernment, examination and analysis.

The intelligence now “measured” by IQ, has little relation to the original idea which was to know how to “read into things”, not to make some hysterical rationalist combinatorial logic, trying to find relations between everything and anything else. This idea that there may be “lights” to be found “inside” of things which is what is expressed by the word “ex-amine”: bringing forth the light (understanding) behind appearances. But since Descartes (at least) examination is replaced by analysis! An ingenious process of dismantling what we are to “study”, so that it deprives us instantly of the object of our study. You can thank the many teachers that did noticed that for your “enlightenment”…
As for discernment, which is the ability to evaluate the differences, it has given way to rationalism, that never noticed that to prepare a report (ratio), it requires two things of a similar nature and a method for the comparison: three items that are initially not of rational nature. Thus logicians were able (but only lately) to determine that: the cause and effect relationship was not rational! Surprise?
And yet! While the effect cannot exist without its cause, but the cause can exist without its effect, and it is even the most common starting point, and then, we have only one term to establish our relationship with, which is very little! And this is more than enough to show that the very founding relationship of logic is not “rational” (that’s covered in my “Let’s Be Logical, in God’s name!”).
Before knowing how to return from the analysis to the examination and from rationalism to logic and discernment, we should first be aware of the problem, otherwise the Greeks are screwed, and so are we probably along with them…

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