The fabulous story of the republican mentality

The fabulous story of the republican mentality

The fabulous story of the republican mentality

This little work of René Sédillot is available in pdf and is a must read if you want to stop being ripped off by Republicans gooders. This page follows the previous where I mentioned the Republican jihad that followed the revolution of 1789. The bulk of this page is an anthology of the first chapter from Sédillot …

“How could the Revolution, be dissociated from the Empire?”

Sédillot begins by giving us his point of view but it is confirmed by Napoleon himself!

“The two episodes are linked, in a space of time not exceeding half or a third of a human life. They are one, and these are often the same people who animated them. Lieutenant Bonaparte, the Jacobin activist, finds his natural extension in General Bonaparte, the destroyer of the royalists on the steps of Saint-Roch, and the First Consul, who kidnapped, judged, and killed the Duc d’Enghien before finishing with Cadoudal. “I am, said Napoleon in St. Helena, but a bookmark in the book of the Revolution.””

With this consideration he provides a first indication of the cost of the revolution: Two million dead

And he comments

“This seems to be, to only France’s expense, the cost of the wars of the Revolution and the Empire. Two million: almost as much as the entire cost for France of the two deadliest conflicts in history, those of 1914 and 1940. But the sacrifice is heavier when it hits a nation of some 27 million souls, than if it relates to 40 million citizens.”

It is to help other countries to benefit from egalitarianism that Napoleon went to war!

“But it is on the battlefield that losses are the heaviest. On the battlefield, or rather because of them: for the major losses fall after the fight, in hospitals where the wounded are dying for lack of care, often carried away by gangrene or typhus.”

The genius of the Republicans: the RIGHT to decapitation !!! A WRONG RIGHT maybe?

“With the Terror, removing the unwanted assumes legal forms to become a means of government. Robespierre forgot that, at the Constituent Assembly, he had proposed to abolish the death penalty. But the assembly preferred, in October 1789, a DECREE GIVING THE EQUAL RIGHT OF CITIZENS TO DECAPITATION, PREVIOUSLY A PRIVILEGE OF NOBILITY.”

As if the republic is too smart an idea to let the Republicans play! (Such as wars are too serious to be entrusted to the military!)

A loss of effectiveness judging by the results of today! Probably what makes them nostalgic…

“The guillotine works in series, Place de Greve, and Revolution Square and the Barrier Throne overthrown by cartloads of 50 to 60 daily victims in the heyday that is 1862 in Paris, in March 1793, the date of entry into action of the Revolutionary Court in July 1794, the date of the fall of Robespierre; and finally, given subsequent executions in Thermidor, 2639 “wherever the revolutionaries tried their luck, the delegates of the Committee of Public Salvation compete in extermination. At Toulon, renamed Port-de-Ia-Mountain, Fréron boasts dropping 200 heads per day. “There has already 800 shot in Toulon, he says blithely. The Republic was avenged in a way worthy of her.” “Neither age nor sex were spared” Brutus Bonaparte, a “sans culottes” citizen only “proudly commented”. There is obviously no overall statistical of the revolutionary achievements: lacking contemporary historians, followers seek to keep this macabre accounting. Most agree on 17 000 death sentences under the Terror (after October 1793), and 35 000 people taking account of prison deaths and summary executions.”

“Vendez-les tous”, the republic will recognize their own…

“There is no more Vendée! She died under our FREE SABRE, with her wives and children. I just buried her in the swamps of Savenay. I crushed the children under the feet of my horses, massacred the women who will not give birth to brigands anymore.”

“I AM NOT GUILTY OF A SINGLE PRISONER. I destroyed everything… The roads are strewn with corpses. So many of them that at several points they make pyramids.”

“So does General Francois Westermann account his deeds, also complying with the instructions of the Convention which, by order of 2 August 1793, ordered the systematic destruction and burning across the whole country, including crops, at the same time as the killing of the rebels.”

Now we have to avoid dirty words! Like revisionism!

“Should we talk about genocide? The word dates only from 1944, and was coined to designate the Jewish tragedy. Some commentators, finding it carries a “too symbolic and emotional charge,” prefer, in the circumstances, the word “massacre.” The distinction is subtle. But if we stick to the proportion of victims compared to the people concerned, residents of the western provinces during the Revolution have paid with their lives even more than the Jews under the Nazi occupation. In both cases, there was a very deliberate extermination will.”

“At Nantes, where were piled the prisoners taken in Savenay, the Conventional Jean-Baptiste Carrier begins shooting in groups of one or two hundred. This method seems to him too little expeditious, and the crowding of corpses spread epidemics.”

Our Republicans are not ashamed to whine about today’s migrants who drown…:

“Why not charge the Loire of the care to rid the republic of those who refuse its benefits? It spilled into the river on a barge where ninety priests were crowded. This is only a first attempt. The technique of drowning is developed: every night, in prisons, are taken one or two hundred prisoners, thrown into the bilge in boats, with openings duly nailed, and drowning down the vessels.”

“Carrier calls these swimmings: “vertical deportation.” When men and women die this way tied together, he calls them “republican marriages”. After these exploits, the Loire, promoted to “national bath” carries bodies of which feed upon fish and ravens, the official representative of the Convention can claim to have drowned four or five thousand men, women and children. But he boasts, and he adds: in just six drownings, more moderate calculations involve 1,800 people, including perhaps 800 for the most successful swimming party. And it may be that the “republican marriages” fall under the anti-revolutionary propaganda.”

Was it the original idea of the “marriage for all”? But that’s okay, we’ll just have to fuck said the Emperor of the time!

““One night in Paris will repair the carnage.” This sentence, lent to the Emperor on the evening of the Battle of Eylau…” but so keep reading by loading the pdf…

In any case whatever the value of the republican idea, it inspires curious ideas. No wonder they give the impression of being lost, which is why cute Belkacem and her team want to indoctrinate our little darlings with the powerful ideas that gave birth to the Republic to prevent softening of the FN!

For supplements, read also The Franco-French Genocide: The Vendée Avenged (PUF).


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