False Flags seen by Paul Ponssot at Stopmensonges (French for StopLies)

False Flags seen by Paul Ponssot at Stopmensonges (French for StopLies)

False Flags seen by Paul Ponssot at Stopmensonges (French for StopLies)

I generally agree with the review of Paul Ponssot about Charlie or 9/11, but I am not writing to discuss this or that point of detail which, basically, we will probably never know.

Soulless entities


I would rather draw attention to curiosities of personal language, like when he talks of Lucifer and his troops calling them “soulless entities”. When one substitute his own vocabulary to talk about a concept already known, he at once indicates that he did not understand the concept in question in the first place, since he does not know to speak of it “normally”. And in this case, the formula that focuses on the “souls”, skids to emotional and sentimental areas which are precisely THOSE WHERE OUR MANIPULATORS WANT TO DRIVE US!

Why not simply say that Lucifer and his troops are angels? Because of some Christian connotation? If this is the case, it’s a shame for the cultural level of the author, because the angels are known to all civilizations, not just the Hebrews. Hindus call them the “devas” of which we made the word “divine” affording the luxury of a nonsense, as God is meant to be unique while angels are innumerable!

Whatever the revealed text to which you refer, it will explain that the Source of all that exists has first produced two types of spiritual beings, the angels and the human spirits. We will not deal yet with angelic hierarchies, except to note that Lucifer, etymologically the “Light Bearer”, is the first of these angels. The rules of the game imposed by the Source were that the angels were to be the servants of men, which has very much displeased our Lucifer. Who would have succeeded in rallying a third of the heavenly host to his revolt. Which the Source has accepted leaving them playing in their corner, and by so “disconnecting” them more or less from his own making of the universe. In fact the Book of Job shows us Satan obeying Jehovah’s orders simply to frame him by limiting his claims.

The Latin word for “angel” is the same as that for angle and this identity is handy to illustrate what are the angels. Imagine a point from which half-lines are reaching to the entire space. Some of the directions can be more important than others, which will define a form of hierarchy. In particular, let’s consider a banal geometric coordinate system and your three axes and their six half-lines will play the role of the archangels of the Hebrew angelology. Add to them their common origin to get the seventh archangel!

Metaphorically angels are the structural elements on which everything else is built.

Of course the angels have neither body nor soul, but it is not the most important.

And what about human spirits there?

We’ve also been originally manufactured without a soul or a body, but we were made in the image of the Source. Which too, has neither body nor soul, but which can manifest everything and know what it makes. It is known as omnipotent and omniscient. What proceeds to manufacture everything, is its “thought”, its “words”, or its “Word”. And as the Source itself explained to us, EVERYTHING was “made” by Him and nothing has been “made” without him. His Word clearly obeys the Source since it is the Source who “made” the Word Itself.

So what about our fellow men, now. They, too, were made by the Word that can then be experienced as the Lord of human beings. Yet it is always Him who does it all! This has earned us an episode of the Gospel as misunderstood as most others, the one where Jesus washes the feet of his disciples. Peter denies his Lord descends so low. But Jesus berates him specifically noting that as He is the Lord of Peter, He is in his service. It might make our presidents think if they were able…

But He also explains: “Would your trust be as big as a mustard seed, you would tell the mountain to run away and it would do so!” For, as an image of the Source, we can also “speak” to the Word, and as He is to our service, He can hear us! Provided we remember that we are spirits and we stop relying on our bodies and souls to act materially.

Except since our original production, our spirits were indeed fitted with a soul and a body which we thus believe are necessary for us to act and be the Gardeners of the Source to handle the Universe that It has manufactured. We are rediscovering today, thanks to truly quantum therapies, that these two utensils are not really necessary for such work. And even falsely quantum stuff like Reiki are sometimes able to act remotely…

But what happened to the “fallen” angels. They of course were replaced because the Source did not bother to be driven by rebellious guys, even angelic ones. In particular Saint Michel has more or less taken the place of Lucifer at the Head of divine armies. But if they were deprived of playing a structural role in the actual universe, i.e. the one made by the Source, they had to pursue their vocation in a competitor universe which Ponssot calls the matrix, probably in reference to the movie of the same name…

But they too no longer have neither body nor soul to act and as they were not made in the image of the Source therefore the Word is not in their service. Their position in relation to human minds has obviously not changed, except that being no longer purely spiritual beings, they no longer have access to our spirits.

But they have access to our souls, and it is only through our souls that they can play with us to let us build their matrix, and make us their useful idiots. That’s why I indicated that emphasizing the absence of souls among the fallen angels (or not fallen, for that matter) was playing in their camp.

The soul of a human being is called his “mental” or his “mind” (two words with the root “man”) but this term “mind” is ambiguous in English. The spirit primarily uses his mental to protect his body against threats of all kinds, to the point that after a few failures during the first years of his life, it seeks to protect both his mental and even himself, which he calls “his” spirit!

This mental is characterized by its ability to record things it does not understand (because it lacks consciousness) and establish every possible links between what it did not understand: it is known as the rationalist ratiocination. It is also as silly as a computer, especially since it is nicely “bugged”!

That’s why one of the main drivers by which the spirit feeds his mind is FEAR! But this is far from the only one. As the Light Bearer, Lucifer has the “beauty of the Devil” and the aesthetics is another fundamental driver used by the fallen angels. Think about the brilliantly lit stadiums and shows mentioned in Ponssot’s text. But let spend three minutes with one of the most important minions of Lucifer, Satan!

In Hebrew, as in Arabic, he is the “opponent”. But opposition is one of the most solid relationships, since opposition feeds on itself. Perhaps you’ve noticed that the Greek name of the Word is Logos, indicating that everything is made by the Source in a logical way. How will our Satan oppose this divine logic? Sometimes presented as the Monkey of God, Satan is going to have its own logic, and Eve has paid the price for it in Paradise. By listening to his arguments. Listening to the arguments of this first reptilian, the Snake. But his arguments are also so “fascinating”, “interesting” (this kind of interest is a third driver, on par with the two others) and bring so much “light”, from his boss!

Satan also tried to fake Jesus in the desert trying to drag him unsuccessfully in his arguments on muddy grounds. Jesus gives us a good demonstration of the way of operation for the control of the Monkey. He refuses to follow him in his muddy speculation and answers him with revealed and indisputable truths that are crumbling the assumptions of His opponent.

In other words, Satan’s tool (weapon) is the inversion of the divine logic by human rationalism! Ratio-nalism is about relationships, but Logic is a very definite kind of such relationship which rationalism often uses backwards. See my “Let’s be Logical! … in God’s name!”

You have never seen it like that? Because Satan is very clever! And that brings me to another of Ponssot’s jingles:

Those who say nothing consent!

This time, it’s good plain common sense from the people! Alas the people is quite a poor source of discernment. The disadvantage of this approach is that it tends to suggest that one should “oppose” instead of “accepting” quietly.

And this is the typical trap of Satan we just examined. If you are looking to oppose the illuminati you’re entering their game, and this time you do so actively! So you BUILD THEM UP!!!

We should think twice before trying to play smarter with the Evil One himself!!!

All the stories that we lug around for years about satanic bloodlines, and reptilian aliens, are only advertising our manipulators with the delusion of fighting them. Wisdom wants us to be sure to have the means to win before engaging combat, which means, starting by knowing one’s enemies. As long as we tell tall tales about them, they can rejoice because they know you betray that you do not really know them.

So whatever Springmeier has really found about satanic lines will not change the list and the state of contemporary Satanists, but all the errors of his genealogies, probably provided by Satanists themselves, can only make them laugh during their Masses more or less black…

Regarding the reptilians which David Icke suggests that some are visible “under certain conditions”, of course of an esoteric nature, I had the opportunity to do an experiment with a group of friends. It was to mock-up to have faces of celebrities and see whether others could see or guess who it was. It did not work right away, but after a short while everyone could identify the face another have imagined to be his! I do not remember who spoke of reptilians, but many have managed to show reptilian faces convincingly. And we stopped the experience there.

All these materialistic rationalists who talk about the Pleiades or their egregores of lizards would do well to learn a little more about the nature of this world and the one that Satanists are the Princes of… Especially if you can cross any forest without meeting dwarves, wyverns or fairies, well, go practice before speaking of which is beyond your paranoid paradigm…

Stop lies … (the name of the hosting site)

Stop Mensonges

But the site that hosts Ponssot falls into the same trap. Both start from the best of intentions and lead to the result envisaged by the manual!

First lies are in indefinite quantity, so before we can stop them, the universe has time to finish several times.

On the other hand we are still in a position of opposition, just as manipulators expect it…

How to get out of the trap? Yet it is simple: so do not get in!

No! This is neither simpler said than done nor a lousy idea. I just pointed out that lies can grow indefinitely. But I notice that almost everyone has forgotten that “Truth alone will set us free!” And Truth is UNIQUE!

Which certain cognitive therapies have been checking for over half a century.

For a well-designed rationalist, “to each his truth” as said Saint Pirandello!

A mixture again! Each one of us has its own “point of view”. Four guys around a table see a different table. Except that if there is no table, they all see that there is none. This table has its own reality independently of the idea we have of it, or what is perceived. In this universe, there are things to be seen and points from where we see them. And I’m not talking about opinions, but “points of view”, in the sense of a physical location and physical perception. TRUTH is therefore not simply to be observed, it is to be UNDERSTOOD. Or not!

And this is where you need to limit yourself to your spirit and send your rounding used dump mental to Satanists along with your body, which serves at best to perceive its own environment.

If you understand the truth of the manipulations, they will have no power over you, and you will escape the curse of ‘silence is consent’ because there are only two cases where you do not speak about something you’ve been talked about: that’s when you do not understand it or if you do not care. Except that, with a mental such as what we commonly encounter, you can believe to despise it, but as a good magnet of shit, it will harvest information to add it to its collection of nonsense.

The best recent example is the hysteria of “I’m Charlie.” Who had anything to do with Charlie (Hebdo) before January 2015? 10,000 readers? No! 7 million morons in such a hurry to prove their idiocy they did not even wait to have the new issue on the Internet without paying or getting out of their homes. The mental quagmire of the pseudo freedom of expression and Charlie posters viewed in kiosks during years, has clearly demonstrated that freedom of thought was in the hand of Satanists as spoken of by Ponssot, and this little chip of truth (the existence of Satanists) may have prevented those who knew it to pounce on bookstores.

Nothing can be a substitute for understanding, for real knowledge, the only activity with thinking that owes nothing to something other than the spirit. And if you cannot move mountains, is that you do not have enough trust in the One who revealed to you: “Without Me you can do nothing!” So keep losing your life looking for the illuminati and their organizations and believe you smarter than these morons who let themselves be manipulated by silently agreeing by not “saying anything”! That’s not how they will stop Satanists making fun of you and laugh at your moronic efforts. If you BELIEVE in the reality of the Luciferian conspiracy, remember that you are fighting against principalities and act accordingly! And as, basically, BELIEVING, it’s still mental, then EXAMINE this a little seriously to UNDERSTAND that this is so, otherwise your efforts may well only pave Hell!

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