Foggy New Age (#10 Principle)

Foggy New Age (#10 Principle)

Foggy New Age (#10 Principle)

To save printing costs, when I write the word Possibility with a capital P, I’ll talk about the Universal Possibility, and with a lower case p it will be a particular possibility.

Let us examine this Possibility a little. Its first characteristic is to be immutable! In fact, if it could change, there would be several different possibilities, and each difference shows that the Possibilities that do not have this characteristic would not be universal! Obviously it reminds the formula of Neale-God: “What does not change is change!” Except that the way he presents it, the change seems an illusion, and at the same time it applies to all of his “infinite”. In our case, the change is only ONE of the possibilities, as real as any other, and it is far from being a characteristic of the Infinite itself. And there is no wonder that our Possibility is immutable since it contains the change itself: haven’t we put in it all possible positions of all objects, for example?

In other words, while the pseudo-infinite of Neale or Icke does not make ANY ACCOUNT of the physical reality, our “metaphysical” Possibility accounts to the reality of our world and its features, such as the existence of evil, the possibility to be in a lower state (Hell), and all that we experience. So let our dreamers, the Neale as well as Icke believe that all this is an illusion, and if you encounter such a dreamer, do not forget to punch him in the face on my behalf: if he grumbles, remind him that he explained evil does not exist, neither time and space… At the level of our Possibility, time and space do exist, and they are the conditions of a special type of change which is called the movement. It is only outside of our universe that they do not exist, in particular, in an area where time does not exist and which is properly called eternity.

Their confusion about Infinity is not foreign to their crazy ideas about freedom. And here too Icke could discover in his docs that the famous motto “Liberty, Equality Fraternity” which was concocted by one of his reptilians and spread to the initiative of Amschell Bauer, yet of whom he speaks much. Our authors have no doubt that a system of government can guarantee freedom of the people, without noticing that, because of human nature, if such a system existed, it would crumble under the laws to prevent the damage caused by free individuals… messing around! And this is what is happening today. The Bible foresaw only 10 laws but every modern state has more than one million!

In their time, American Indian trails were posted with bushes. Today, the same roads are framed with prohibition signs every 10 yards. If someone wants to offer me my freedom, I should first kill him, and he would be wrong to complain because he himself told me the good news! What is forgotten here is that Freedom has a price, which may be called responsibility. A driving license gives you the freedom to drive, if you have shown that you know how to use a car responsibly, that is to say, to drive, and not to use a car as a weapon to hurt or kill. But it is obviously more flattering to offer freedom instead of responsibility, especially in a time where responsibility is not far from culpability. Hey, the Icke and Neale, are you coming out of your trip? You will see also that Neale-Man and his god insist heavily (several times) on the benefits of hemp… Neale God is decidedly quite Rock’n Roll!

The other consequence of the fact that the Universal Possibility is unique is that EVERYTHING WHICH IS POSSIBLE IS THERE BY ITSELF CONNECTED, by and to this Possibility. Which should delight our two ecologists, Neale-God and Neale-Man, however, they see all that from the small end of the telescope.

Following more or less general possibilities, the Possibility will cover different areas, we just saw two of them, the physical and the eternal. But we also saw a third one, the Being, the first Essence, and its next two. The Being is obviously in the field of eternity, since time does not intervene, but it is also in the field of universal (informal), whose first feature, in our case, is its invisibility.

The possibilities of which manifestations can be seen, like the objects around us, are of an individual nature (formal), a new domain! Our thoughts, although immaterial, are from the same individual order, and the psychic world (the thought) straddles the individual and eternal fields.

While the eternal field straddles the psychic and the universal. And it is perfectly real in its own right, unlike the mystical nonsense of our neo-metaphysicians Neale and Icke.

Our spirits (for short: our consciousness) are at the junction of the universal and the individual, so in the domain of eternity, and that is why “Eternal Life is in you Now!”

Incidentally, New Agers, specialists of bio-energy or quantum therapists who see “spiritual entities” do not know either what they are talking about: if it is visible, it is only psychological (formal) and not spiritual (= universal, informal), therefore their paths towards spirituality are only dead ends!

Incidentally two specific possibilities cannot be “equal” since then they would be the SAME possibility. So any two things always differ by at least one characteristic. In the case of the material universe, the basic difference is the position (location) of two things, so that the efforts of physicists to put two particles in the same place may well be permanently unsuccessful. The impossibility of “de facto equality” is rightly denounced by Neale God. But the need for “equal rights” seems a bit naive and utopian. As for Icke, elitism made him grow boils because he only knows what he attributes to his reptilians, but if his own body (which does not exist…) is no longer functionally structured in a “pyramidal” way, I do not give him long to live, as cyber as he is!

As we have just seen, the characteristic of essences is to be different and to define what the Substance must produce in each case, which Substance obviously has no definition of its own, otherwise it would be an essence. This is true whether we speak of the Universal Substance, the prima materia of the alchemists, but each partial qualification produces somewhat of a “qualified” substance or materia secunda possibly expecting further definitions from other essences. For example, clay is not the universal substance, since it is only a special form of mineral and expects the ideas of a potter (new determinations) to become a particular vessel. This complexity makes good account of the fuzzy aspect these concepts have enjoyed for several centuries… Including a recent definition that begins with “the substance is an undifferentiated essence… »!

As you can see, our “construction” does not particularly agree with the ideas of Neale or Icke, nor those of scientific or common religions as practiced today, and yet we got there without trying to “criticize” or “oppose” any other design, which gives hope that it has none of the fuzzy characteristics of the paradigms that are not in agreement with the Possibility as we have defined it.

I wanted to show that one can build without referring to the ideas of any expert, and without seeking to correct a stupidity with another.

Since I have granted myself the luxury of evaluating the psychological status of Neale, I’ll do the same for Icke. His hostility towards hierarchies may be because after having decrypted, as he thinks, the plans of the elite, he was not recruited, which caused him a big spite towards them and a curious pride that led him to believe that he can understand everything since he has understood all these secrets, a faculty which he is fond of and often shows in his mentions of near-death experiences. There are other authors, including a French of the early 20th who gave a version of the so called “reptilian” plans far more compelling and documented than Icke, an author he clearly does not know, which however provides a real solution to stop the damage, however, preventing it very unlikely to happen given the mental and/or spiritual state of peoples, already in his time. And Neale -Man and Icke are precisely the kind of individuals falling under the “prophecy” of our French fellow. (I speak of René Guénon and the “competitor” to Icke’s book is “The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times” which will soon date three quarters of a century and is still the same news!)

However our paradigm is nothing new, as we have discussed, and it is only because of THOSE WHO DID NOT UNDERSTAND IT, whatever the many forms it could take, that Neale or Icke may consider that religions are only lamentable and perverse manipulations. WHICH IS ACTUALLY WHAT THEY HAVE BECOME.

But this is not a reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater and invent new crap trying to oppose the old: “ »What you fear, you become”! As long as you are not leaning against a wall you can move in a room, if you do not want to leave your fulcrum: you become the wall!

Martial arts provide another version of the previous remark: you can only be attacked if you are a potential opponent! If you “disappear” in front of an aggressor, the only opponent left to him in his environment is himself and he will only hurt himself… as evidenced by Judo or better by Aikido.

You can delete your antagonisms through the practice of these arts, but there are at least three states in which you can put yourself that will lead to the same result. 1: If you ARE a SERENE SPIRIT, which is a fragmentary variety of equanimity, you have removed all your emotions and there is nothing with which to catch you, 2: if you have no interest nor any opposition, that is… if you are BORED, the result is almost the same, no one should be tempted to attack you because he feels neither attracted nor repelled, finally, 3: if you can decide to “BE NOTHING”, then  you can become transparent. Obtaining these states requires much less training, time and effort, as the arts we mentioned.

Stop being fooled by people pretending to “protect” you while being themselves more severely prisoners than you, and take you into what they claim to make you avoid. THIS IS URGENT! Stick to what we have just said, you can deepen it by studying in the orthodox metaphysical doctrines and use the examples of Neale and Icke to recognize the pitfalls into which they fell and avoid them.

The mythology that Icke conveys, about the revolutionary features of the years 2011 and subsequent, are flooding the Web and the circles of followers of the “feeling”. For me, it irresistibly evokes prophecies from people who have been proven for thousands of years, namely that there will be a time when « There shall arise false Christs and false prophets (who) will perform wonders and miracles to deceive the elect, if it were possible” (Mark 13:22), what some link to this remark of St. Paul: “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times, some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons …” (1 Timothy 4:1)! Then our Neale and our Icke are evidence that we are there, and their “Infinite” belief is exactly the old promise of Satan: “You shall be AS gods!”

Anyway, you are used to schizophrenics: those you’ve been voting for since the beginning, and you noticed how they seem “reasonable” as long as you did not see their works ! A schizophrenic is consistent, and he gives the impression of being healthy. But he has several consistencies. Neale-man asking the questions, Neale-god answers. The ignorant Icke believes that the use of different jargons will give the illusion of expertise, while the « journalist » Icke does his job even better as he is powered by the good sources, but the basic Icke driven by his “intuition” is completely nuts! These five talk about their “Infinite Love” (another common hypnotic terminology) but only Icke takes the risk to mention (without realizing it… ) that this is absolute self-centeredness! Fortunately Icke gives us conclusive evidence that he is ignorant, while we are obliged to deduct it for the Neales. None of them has any convincing idea of spirituality. Icke blithely confuses intellect and reason, but how could it be otherwise given the culture he spreads?

Believe them, and you will not care anymore about others under your “Infinite Love”. But this confirms my remark about the nature of hypnosis of Neale and Icke, who both use the same words from their common hypnotic suggestion, despite their seemingly opposite options as to the action!

And do not dream: they are beyond help: their hypnosis is irreversible! So you can apply what they suggest: forget them! Only a strong exorcist could help… The name of their demon is probably: Millions!

Now consider the popularity of our authors to get an idea of the situation of decay of our planet. Because the inventory described in the “Guide” is quite real (remember he has the imprimatur of his reptilians…), even if we have to interpret a little the stories of the reptilians and their hybrids. It is not certain, far from it, that Icke has found the solution to stop the damage, but, despite his somewhat discouraging book, as it shows us the omnipotence of the conspirators, is that a reason to throw the sponge? Remember, despair and pride are two major qualifications to find yourself in this hell… that does not exist!

I offer you a much better guide (St. Paul): “Prove all things and hold to what is true” (1 Thess 5 :20-21.), generally translated by: stick to what is “good”!

Despite the genius assigned by Icke to our manipulators, more and more things fall beyond their control, and if they must eventually “win”, their victory is prophesied to be of short duration.

Saint John has not had much luck, as he did not know Descartes, Pasteur, Darwin and some others… In his day, there were still perhaps some people who understood the Principle of which he speaks in his first verse: “In the Principle was the Verb…” despite Aristotle´s appearance in the West some 350 years before. Except that since he wrote his Gospel, it seems that nobody knows what it is any more. Which he has clearly not been able to imagine… So, I do the opposite, I am ending with his Principle, having the naivety of giving you enough information to understand that elusive Principle which some others called the “Universal Possibility”, whom I thank for having shown me what it could be about. I do not really have names of individuals to give you, because when the Principle tells us about his identity, he hides it under a lot of nicknames. And he often hides behind the Infinite. Which is not very original because it is actually “hidden” behind the Infinite! Finally I wish you to know it, because it’s the ONLY one who can explain everything! If you consider that his major possibility is the Verb, as in the words of Saint John, the One Who made EVERYTHING, Who continues to make EVERYTHING, the One without Whom YOU CAN DO NOTHING! The One without Whom you would never have read this series, and Who thanks you for your loyalty in response to His. This Verb whose second name is LOGIC! Of Which it is the ONLY base!!!

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