Foggy New Age (#7 New World Order)

Foggy New Age (#7 New World Order)

Foggy New Age (#7 New World Order)

Incidentally, if you consider that hypnosis allows someone to control another without asking his opinion, « self-hypnosis » to which Icke invites us is much higher: you become the slave of yourself, which is another form of schizophrenia…! Ha! Like our two Neales! If you were tempted, understand that whatever the immediate apparent advantages of the process, self-hypnosis is a factory to manufacture schizophrenics! This is the path to happiness by proxy.

But that’s not all: compare the title of his book “The infinite Love, Truth only – everything else is illusion”, a result which came from his infinite Perception:

“The people around you who live in the cyber reality will take you for a fool, a strange, even dangerous individual, but who cares! ME FIRST. ME, IT’S ME, I AM FREE, if you do not like the others, too bad for them”!

This is of course my emphasis! Only Icke does not see it as a contradiction, but in our case, it is reminiscent of the Crowley already cited as summarizing the philosophy of our Neale by his Credo pal:


As Icke is not talking about Aleister Crowley either (he has every reason to hide what is behind his “intuition”), we finally have the proof that ICKE IS HIMSELF A REPTILIAN (to use his terminology)! Remains to know from which bloodline… but in the meantime, stay away from him like the plague and still beware of his “revelations” supposed to enlighten you on manipulation technologies, and especially his suggestions to get out of them. If he keeps his knacks “from the horse’s mouth”, they are still filtered through Icke´s  “prodigious intuition”!

But his “Point 28” is even worse than all this: it is a monument to stupidity and of infantilism. What does he want to convince us of, “without imposing it”? “My philosophy on this point wants to be very simple: act to your agreement to the extent that you do nothing to impose anything on others”! Indeed, it is very simple, we can even say simplistic!

I skip over the fear/love opposition by which the Neales begin their speeches to dwell briefly on the hysterical phobia against religious schools which he contrasts the “benefits” of secular schools! As if it was not there to IMPOSE the religion of Secularism and Science (the deliberate aim of Jules Ferry!) and if the genius of Icke is the result of this type of education, we can say that it is a galactic (or interdimensional) flop!

Another silliness (or naivety?) about parenting: “Of course, nothing prevents us to give them our advice, but it is up to them to choose their actions and their movements from that when they are old enough to decide”! And who decides that this age is reached? Icke, of course, in his infinite wisdom of Perception! When he speaks of political and other shenanigans, doesn’t he gives an illusion of intelligence! In fact, he is completely myopic. As shown by his studies on September 11: oh, he can read, but he does not know how to see, he is stuck in the literal word level of which he clearly understands nothing. And when he thinks it is sufficient that the military refuse to obey to break the conspiracy, I can easily imagine that he will not take the place of those going to a martial court! Where has he seen revolutionary changes were made by people? The French revolution was triggered by a small group in the pay of England who knew they would kill half the population to reach their target, which is what happened between 1789 and the end of the Terror! The taking of the Bastille was to seize a disused prison and populated by vagrants, not a citadel, and kill the guard who came out to greet the 30 assholes who had attacked his hotel! The people do not act, it reacts! Icke´s reptilians know much better how to make it react than Icke himself.

None of the myriad of Icke’s assumptions in his Point 28 does make sense. Others sang before him: “If all the guys in the world were willing to join hands”…

When he tells us that, “Any parent who is trying to impose a religion, a belief system or a way of life to his offspring is a fascist at heart”. What is he trying to impose on us? Obviously nothing except that, “Young people have a duty to rebel against such forcing and they must refuse to abdicate their uniqueness to the authority”. Because Icke would love to be the authority himself! The proof, it is HE who defines the DUTY of young people… He’s a big frustration, our Icke! As for his “Infinite Love”, it gives us another glimpse into the following sentence: “Your parents will come out broken? Their problem”. Indeed, in terms of fascism, Icke knows a lot! But I’ll stop foraging in this Point 28: everything is entirely in the same pitiful vein!

One last pearl anyway, “Peace which came from the ‘outside’ cannot come but from peace “inside”! Other than that, he is not completely confused!

Nobody is perfect, and even Icke is not perfect-ly silly… but the few times he says something right, we really feel it is not on purpose.

If you are afraid to read his 750 pages, you can just read the first two points and the last (28th), which according to Icke himself, are his cries really from the heart! In my case it is rather all the others that mean a bit and provide real factual information, even if it is tiring at times… like when he spreads for pages with stories of the GIEC and Gore about the carbon footprint. We get the point from his first mention! In addition would he take his readers for idiots?

New World Fraud: The Ultimate Trap

Returning to our Springmeier for a few lines to start this conclusion. Springmeier has no idea what initiation is, even satanic. He has not the slightest idea of how things can change in degrading, so he thinks today’s Satanists organizations have always been Satanists, and he even declares that the Rig Veda is Jewish! I’m surprised he did not find that Lao Tzu was a Satanist, both Jewish and Chinese … In this he joins Texe Marrs, already mentioned, who attributes the invention of numbers to Satan since they are all used by Satanists as mephistophelic symbols!

When Springmeieir suggests that he thinks that YHWH has foiled the plans of the Illuminati, we wonder what YHWH means to him: he would have considered that the Jews themselves were not necessarily Satanic, and that is why he avoids talking about Jehovah? He tells us, of course, that all current Jews, those who do not belong to the elite in any case, are not necessarily Satanists, especially since he also fails to notice that the word Jew itself is relatively new… He also suggests that he has made a specialty of deprogramming Satanists, and I must say I wonder in which state he leaves those people once “deprogrammed”! It would also be interesting to know what he means precisely when speaking of people who “found or encountered Christ”, because if it is his own case, Satanists still have good days ahead …

His study of Disney’s shenanigans with his movie Fantasia in brainwashing programs of the CIA (in another book) gives few ideas about what would make them so effective, but a lot of guidance on what would help to erase the consequences without too much difficulty.

Anyway, whether we consider Walsch (the Neales), Icke or Springmeier, they share a spiritual myopia clearly irremediable, which makes them miss out on the causes of the stories they reveal, and may add to the programming of their own fans. But the few centuries we have just lived show that we do not need the advanced technology of modern Satanics to manipulate crowds; and the brainwashing to which they participate without realizing it is worth the one that got us here: the fascination with novelty, technology and so-called “science”. Apart from Alain Fournier, nobody was surprised at the prodigious advances civilization made by simple flushing in the toilets. Thanks to them, for a few drops of pee we flush 2 gallons of water down the drain, and how surprising, a few centuries later, we lack water to drink! The social security, beholden to pharmaceutical companies will not be the sponsor of organics, while it would allow real savings; but anyhow it fakes noticing by letting through ads for organic products and supplements which it still does not refund. Bad common reflex is to be indignant against wastes while the real question is, “whom do all these waste benefit?”

And ultimately the answer is: “to Governments” to whom they give the opportunity to show their “dedication” to help us survive… Manufacturers of fertilizer, pesticides and drugs are only their intermediaries!

So: go vote and do your “duty” of complying robots!

Anyway Springmeier rakes broader and more detailed than Icke, as evidenced by his description of the real situation in which the world is: “In all, the UK/USA intelligence community (or, what is more explicit, the Intelligence agency for NWO worldwide Intelligence, of which the MI5, MI6, the CIA, NSA, FBI, NZSIS, RCMP, SIS, ASIO, GCHQ, NRO, DIA and the SASB are simply departments) have together at least 300,000 people employed full-time”. What is surprising in this list is that MI6 is not leading after all he said.

Like it took 600 pages to Icke to explicitly reveal himself, we must come to the end of the text (before the 150 page index!) of Springmeier to point to the admission of the source of his confusion.

And to do that, he must borrow from an “expert” – whom he does not name –  a quote which itself cites a real expert, this time: Aleister Crowley. Here is the passage in question: “An expert in Enochian magic quotes Crowley (33 ° Scottish Rite and other Rites) the supreme evil wizard as defining Magick as “the knowledge and practice of the Law of the cause of change and to make it happen in accordance with the will”. This magician expert further explains, “Essentially, the Magick is the ability to make a desired change. Suppose you’re hungry. When you have time, you make a sandwich and you eat it, then you did Magick, at least to some degree. If you want to chat with a friend, then you pick up the phone and call, and so you are a magician. We all go through life doing Magick. Most of the time, it is so commonplace that we do not think of any magic words, but every wanted change of our environment is Magick”.

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