Foggy New Age – #1 Walsch

Foggy New Age – #1 Walsch

Foggy New Age

WalschAbout “Conversations with God”
by Neale Donald Walsch,
the “David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy”
and the bloodlines of Springmeier

#1 Walsch

La Fontaine, to drink as an aperitif

« My good sir,
Learn that every flatterer
Lives at the expense of the listener,
This lesson is well worth a cheese, no doubt. »
The Crow, ashamed and confused,
Swore, a bit late, not be fooled again.

The fox of the fable therefore addresses “exaggerated praise and interested” (definition from wikipedia) to the crow from the good La Fontaine, and so that the crow listens, he is forced to hide his lies. But the recipe is, it appears, as follows: it takes ten truths to conceal a lie.

But it can be improved by using 990 truths to conceal 10 lies, and even better so that 9 of the lies are hidden (i.e. not expressed or implied), which may jeopardize the 990 truths but without it showing.

That’s the impression I got reading the “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsh: obviously everything can be true, and this is why they have been translated into 24 languages and have reached millions of people.

On the other hand, Coca Cola sells millions of gallons of a beverage that does not promote the health of millions of customers who simply love the taste: is popularity really a criteria?

These conversations stage a dialogue between Neale-God and Neale-Man who insists that they are ONE. But is it not the same as the fable of La Fontaine with his Neale-God- Fox and his Neale-Man-Crow?

If you have no doubt about the authenticity of the protagonists, you can avoid reading what follows. Otherwise, perhaps you will find a way out of your lethargy!

It is undeniable that our two Neale are very clever and bright, which is why the examination of their chatter must be very careful: is not the devil in the details and is not hell paved with good intentions? But for Neale, the devil is just true to his reputation by ensuring that he does not exist, which ensures in turn that hell does not exist! All this being said the most insistent way by Neale-God…

It’s worth a closer look, right?

Because if I read well what Neale-God repeats, I am Him too, and He cannot blame me for doubting His too extraordinary revelations that I do not think they surprise me, since He forgives everyone… With such a blessing, I would be wrong not to enjoy!

Confusion # 1: the psychic and the spiritual

The least we can say is that the peremptory statements about everything and its opposite are likely to induce and spread some confusion. The first statement that stands out is not good news, and Neale-Man should be aware of it, as he explained that he was a Catholic and even stayed so after Vatican II, of which he did only note the change in diet for Fridays: he should no longer eat fish! Superficiality of Catholics has something confusing sometimes!

This confusion of the psychic and spiritual was opened by one of the first councils when it announced that man was only composed of a body and a soul. Have they lost the Spirit? Well yes! So it starts badly!

Until then, as indicated by Neale who restores it, we had three parts in man: body, soul and spirit. But in his first two Volumes, soul and spirit are interchangeable, and when the situation stabilizes in Volume 3 they are reversed from what had been told for millennia, and by whatever religion (which is not likely to undermine Neale-God): the term “soul of the soul”, has even been used to talk about the spirit in differentiating them. The soul (anima) is “what drives”, while it is itself animated, as we know our thoughts can change. The spirit is etymologically the lightest part of a compound that is found in alcoholic spirits, i.e. the esters that give them their smell and are the lighter component of the liquors in question. Since the confusion we are talking, at our death, we give either our soul or our spirit to God. Anyway since the first centuries after Jesus, if we know what the body is, since it is seen, the rest, which is not seen, may be either the soul or spirit. In any case, for God-Neale, we are souls and the state of our spirit is not very clear in spite of his course on the location of the one and the other relative to the body, which tends to contradict Hindu scriptures, which Neale-Man obviously does not know. Besides, he only knows (though…) some Christians and New Age texts, and particularly selectively, the selection being limited to his “questions”, the staff of which does not go as far as he believes. Both Neale would do well to re-consult Genesis, of which Neale-God will probably tell us that it is not His (this is convenient, it reminds the playground in elementary school), to find that the spirit of man is the breath of God that animates the clay of the “living soul” that He calls man, and therefore the divine part of man is his spirit and his soul is what animates (this is the meaning of the word itself as we have just seen) his body.

René Descartes also fought with these notions and eventually decided that what was not the body was the soul, for which he had the absolution of the church he had so often the hypocrisy to look after…

The relative natures of the soul and the body are indeed fundamentally different and the confusion of the two can only lead to deduce nonsense! Particularly with regard to reincarnations which our two Neale are so fond of.

To fix the ideas, both invisible parts of man are human for the soul and divine for the spirit, the first is therefore individual and the second is universal, if we were to consider “reincarnation” that would concern rather the spirit than the soul!

This confusion goes very well with the next confusion…

Confusion # 2: metaphysics and physics

Both Neale speak from Volume 1 of “metaphysics” clearly showing that they know nothing about it, which allows them to give their conclusion from the hypothesis: it looks pretty much like St. Thomas Aquinas!

“Meta-physics”, a Greek word which clearly expresses something “beyond” the physical world; the “physical”, for the Greeks, was entirely the field of movement or change. So metaphysics is the area beyond the movement and thus, this is the area where nothing moves. But for both Neale, everything moves there, because Neale-God too is “evolving”. We will, learn at the very end of Volume 3 that “what does not change is change itself which never stops!”

Aristotle, a Greek that Neale-Man does not seem to know and that Neale-God does not mention, had at least understood something in metaphysics: For change to happen, the cause of this change must itself be immutable, and this is his story of the “unmoved mover”.

Apart from that, even Aristotle, who was not an expert in metaphysics either, despite the subtitle of his treatise “The Root Causes” that the Greeks renamed “Metaphysics”. Its original title should have been The Treaty Of Ex-aequo Causes since there were several first such causes!

Yet this mess should please our Neale! But it is surprising that Neale-God shows nowhere he knows more than Neale-Man, since he seems limited to the culture of the basic American new ager, banal and simplistic, spinning amidst confusions accumulated during his talk-shows with other equally confused partners. As if, when Neale-God ensures that he and Neale-Man are One, we had to take this statement at face value, and Neale God would only be the emanation of the questions of Neale-Man who is therefore in the process of talking to himself, which is reminiscent of the movie “a Beautiful Mind” where Russel Crowe dialogues with a gaggle of people, whom we discover have no other existence than that which Crowe gives them. Although Crowe’s ghosts really teach him new things, it is not the case of Neale God who only reviews and re-phrases the confusions of Neale -Man.

This obsession with the movement is not surprising since mathematicians have “changed the math” with their scams such as non-Euclidean geometry and curved spaces. They do not insist too much on the fact that they themselves have shown that these geometries are only special cases of spaces, and even of Euclidean subspaces (and therefore adding nothing new) which the worldly culture of the Neale has not allowed them to know, and they may think that math themselves can “evolve” to the point that one day 2+3 will no longer make 5, if there is a magician to demonstrate it. I apologize if I switch back to my Greeks, but for them, mathematics were the ideas of God and as such, they are immutable and a Pythagorean mathematician was supposed to contemplate these ideas and work them into a “de-monstration” (showing outside…) to his public!

In fact, as for the first confusion, we are facing here a total INVERSION, since, according to Neale-God time does not exist! While it is a condition of the existence of the physical universe, and it shows even in Volume 3 that it is a disguise of space! Now, it is time which allows movements, of which vibrations are only a particular case. So for Neale-God the physical universe is fixed while the spiritual realm is in motion. Inversions are typically carrying the signature of Lucifer, and we find his finger in each paragraph of the conversations. In any case, Luciferian or not, these inversions invalid all of their texts!

Anyway, this idea of a stationary engine is also found in China, but Neale-Man did not read the Tao-Te-King and therefore Neale-God does not talk of it either? But also in India, and again neither Neale did read the Vedas. It is also in Islam, but this is a “touchy” area and carefully avoided by our two friends. Once again their metaphysics is just physical, and vice versa, which confirms the consideration of the next confusion.

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