Freedom of thought! Yes, but do you know what thought is, and WHAT is thinking?

Freedom of thought! Yes, but do you know what thought is, and WHAT is thinking?

Freedom of thought! Yes, but do you know what thought is, and WHAT is thinking?

An experience for your paradigm which allows you to understand that you ARE this WHAT…

This is not psycho, it is experimental metaphysics!

I invite you to an experience of a rare complexity. But first check the following: can you close and open your eyes? I am obliged to take your silence as a yes.

It means that you have a body that you can command, and, which, if necessary, can provide information on what surrounds it. When your eyes are closed, they send you the picture of your eyelids, which is more or less dark according to your head being turned towards a light or not.

One can thus start the experiment. Imagine a green mouse. If it’s easier, close your eyes. Stick to find that the image of your green mouse is not just an information that your eyes transmit, which is much easier if you have closed them. Besides the green mice are rare in nature. Then make your mouse go away, and if necessary re-open your eyes.

Imagine preferably something that you know does NOT exist in nature, like a green mouse or smart politician…

What you just saw is obviously not from the physical domain. This is from the psychological or the psychic realm that is: it comes from the psyche (Greek) or the soul (in Latin). The Latin word (anima) comes from the fact that the animation the body is attributed to it, which you have done playing with your eyelids but no one can decide for now whether your soul is concerned, and if it is the only one in this game.

In any case, as with your body, you can play with it by showing an image and perceiving something, in this case the image of your mouse. Regarding human beings, that soul can also be called « mental » or “mind” words that, this time, come from the Sanskrit manas (man-as, which is specific to humans except that manas does not cover the all of the soul, but only its recording capabilities of data and reasoning (kind of hard drive, we would say today). Comared to the soul, it lacks emotions, feelings, its faculties of action like your making the mouse, or of perception such as the perception of the said mouse.

But the soul is such a vague notion that I prefer to refer to it as the « mind » (another much vague word in English) taking into consideration what I have just mentioned. There remains a third element in our experience, but you will not see it.

Because it is It who sees! Close your eyes and view again a blue (or green) mouse by trying to locate the point where you see it from. This is where your consciousness is located. Which does not belong to the physical realm, despite its apparent location, nor in the psychic field that is not aware of anything regarding it. But this consciousness differentiates from the body and the mind as they both do not have any consciousness, but only perceptions, i.e. information handling capabilities without the need to understand them.

When two computers exchange information, one of them duplicates the electronic information of the other, which does not involve any « understanding. » And if a computer makes you feel it « understands », it is because he has shown its information using a device such as a monitor, printer or a speaker to turn it so that HUMAN BEINGS CAN BE AWARE OF IT, and it is only at this point that understanding begins.

A computer will only express but what was intended by the program, so by a software conceived by human beings. In this whole universe, the only « points of consciousness » are human beings.

Even animals only perceive and react to their perceptions based on their automation, and your body and your soul are only automatic and programmable tools as well as those of animals. For example, your body breathes, digests and sweats automatically. But if you cannot have much control on your digestion and your sweating, you can control your breathing somehow!

When talking to a dog and deducing that it « understands » you, in fact the appearance of its « interest » comes just from that it waits for you to make one of the 20 or 30 sounds to which he can react. Critters work much better with « non-verbal communication », in fact.

Your mind has automatic reactions to many things: words (like Freedom-of-thought, in God we trust, America…) that make you react, or emotions such as anger. But you can mostly control these reactions. Unless of course if you want to stop smoking, without being able to get there, but that’s another story! And in this case you will experience the power you have foisted your mind! Because tobacco is not to blame, poor little thing!

The consciousness we mentioned earlier has different names. As the soul (anima) is itself animated, since the mouse appeared there and disappeared, consciousness has sometimes been called « the soul of the soul. »

But if the soul itself can be considered « lighter » than your body, since the appearance of the mouse has not made you any heavier, your consciousness has even a less weighing character than the soul except perhaps the difficulty to erase its habits. The lightest part of a compound is called a spirit, hence the name of spirits liqueurs whose characteristic is their smelling component lighter than the alcohol in it.

So your consciousness is not in the psychic field, but in the spiritual realm.

Only the consciousness/spirit can generate thoughts. The mind and body can give the impression replaying the effects of thoughts they have registered, you can even hear your two accomplices saying « I do not talk to communists! », if you have already responded to this kind of « threat »!

In the Middle Ages, they also spoke of this domain as « pneumatic », in reference to the fact that the air we have in the lungs is incomparably lighter than our blood and our body fluids and more than our flesh and bones.

Don’t we say also that when dying we exhale our « last breath », which corresponds to « giving up the spirit »?

Casually, and forgetting my skidding about animals, you just discovered the reality of what a human being is, and you know the associated vocabulary.

The body is not necessarily a discovery for you, but now at least, you have a glimpse of the soul/mind, and consciousness/spirit. And I have only given you the corresponding vocabulary, since it is YOU who have had the experience that allowed you to locate them. Notice the ambivalence of the word mind in English that explains much of the confusion between the two! But even in languages that have clearly different names for these entities, the confusion is rampant, thanks to Christian agnostics who made it 20 centuries ago!

So you have a remarkable advance ahead materialists for whom the soul and spirit are only nonsense, but they are still struggling to regard them as illusions produced from the material body through an completely hypothetical « evolution » accompanying their progress along with their famous blind paradigm.

A scoop by the way: the famous missing link is still missing, due respect to Darwin, and it is genetics itself that proves it on millions of fossils! This does not prevent the manipulators to try to make us believe that they can act on our mind with physical means such as EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulses), which is nothing impossible given the many servos loops between our three constituent parts, but unlikely; despite testimonies of some journalists who would have been invited to an experience that made them think they were somewhere in Tibet while they were in a building in London, this experience taking place without EMPs generators being connected to their « brain ».

The downside is that scientists are so used to disinformation, that it is difficult to be sure whether or not these experiences have actually occurred. For now the evidence is limited to the use of EMPs to control riots in the US and England, causing physical disorders such as colic, but not (yet) particularly by influencing thoughts.

In any case, the bravest of the materialists are more or less obliged to accept the effectiveness of « fire cutters » increasingly used in hospitals to care for burned victims, but also for some time, to relieve patients undergoing radiotherapy for the treatment of their cancer. Undesirable side effects are burns caused by the radiation.

And they are also forced to acknowledge that they have no explanation, which authorized them for years to treat these healers « quacks ». In practice these so called charlatans need only the identity of their patients and their date of birth to operate and do not need to be close to them. To the point they can handle burned tens of thousands of miles away without even knowing their geographical coordinates. This leaves our materialist dreaming, as they forgot to see that even when they are next to their burned, healers do not touch him or her, so they act « remote » indeed.

But enough with people whose paradigm is so fragmentary, and note that you are now thousands of miles ahead even from Christians who have been confusing the mind and the spirit for at least 17 centuries, in defiance of indications of Saint Paul who does speaks of the three parts of the human being.

No wonder that, since then, the paradigm can no longer stand as the knowledge of the WHAT which sees the world was lost.

Freedom of thought is not just about the freedom to think bullshit…


Know thyself. The invitation of Socrates did not have much echo, whether among philosophers or medics. Yet it is hard not to say crap if we do not know what our being is… And it is easier to do than you think: Read on!

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