French School Year 2015: Valls founds the secular church!

French School Year 2015: Valls founds the secular church!

French School Year 2015: Valls founds the secular church!

French Prime Minister Valls and Education and Research minister Vallaud-Belkacem attend a news conference in Pari

It’s done in many other countries but here it comes in France: to begin with teachers have now to learn the catechism of the secular church of which they must indoctrinate their sheep. Why did I have a micro-hope in the two minutes of a TF1’s report on teachers and students who were wondering whether we should teach the basics of the various religions in school? How could I believe that fundamentalist secularism can engage in a kind of pluralism as their vocation is clearly totalitarian?

Upon being back to school, bullshit will not be an option…

This secular religion is the only one based on the most pitiful philosophies ever invented by mankind and will now be the only one to be taught, which will guarantee the feeding of correct bullshit to our coming and future generations. Moron Hollande will no longer risk that someone could be smarter than him, who is, unfortunately “normal” (his leitmotiv when he was elected President of France).

Jules Ferry dreamed of it, but Valls did it!

The secular religion had its martyrs even before being founded…

The trio (at Charlie Hebdo), who campaigned for the triumph of irresponsible idiocy, paid with his life for his devotion to the secular cause, allegedly the Freedom of Expression. But their sacrifice was not so elegant, as they led some twenty other martyrs in their cart, some of which had little to do with the noble cause of the trio, and had done nothing to prove that they were voluntary either.

Secular religion has its sharia!

It was even being put in place before the announcement of its birth! It is not as elementary as that developed at the time of the Prophet, because it is now managed through the Internet and related technologies. And it seeks to detect crimes of opinion even before they are disseminated to the public!

Anyway, if the kids only hear about this secular religion, we can let the expression be free since nobody will have nothing else to express: tolerance is being taken to the root!

So secular religion is the only one that is tolerant!

For Americans, a religion is defined by Dogmas, Rites and Ministers of Worship in uniform, which allowed them to attribute to Scientology the privilege of being a recognized church and tax exempt!

But secular religion has a characteristic of which no one else had thought, it is centered on the notion of Freedom!

So that it can really prove it, all it has to do is put to the stake all the books of competing religions, which remains consistent with the concept of secularism: one is free to practice the religion of his choice AS LONG AS ITS RITES ARE NOT A PAIN IN THE ASS!

Be warned however, it is the Western secular who said that Hinduism, Taoism, Manichaeism, and a bunch of others were Religions, a term coined by the Romans… precursors of the secular religion as defined above! Yet all these Doctrines have in common the understanding of the Infinite, to which they give various names. While a Religion teaches nothing since it only requires to believe, to LEARN its dogmas, it is not a doctrine about UNDERSTANDING. This understanding of the Infinite in particular, and the resulting knowledge was originally called a Tradition (a word which means the transmission of this knowledge), which Westerners cannot understand, since its origin can only be Infinity itself, and since they now call « traditional » any event which has the good taste to have repeated at least twice about the same dates.

The Bible, the Gospels and the Koran are other teachings of the Doctrine of the Infinite that Jews and Christians and some Muslims relegated to a mere religion, because they are no longer a path to the infinity but an armchair in a theater that broadcasts propaganda films that drive to nowhere.

The notion that the laity have of the Infinite was provided to them by Georg Cantor with his « Theory of sets », the purveyor of an infinite number of « infinites. » Amschel Bauer who invented the secular motto (see my page on people who do not believe they can be manipulated), was already right to believe that Western geniuses of his time were completely stupid, since Cantor arrived well after Bauer, but that no mathematician (the logical elite of humanity!) has noted that a plurality of different infinities clearly shows that none of their « infinite » is without limit, since they lack all what is in the others…

So the lack of evidence of the understanding of the one true Infinity by the secular, condemns them to only offer a Religion, which we therefore do not need to understand, but just to believe, including its fundamental dogma of Freedom.

Clearly, the difference with the competition is tenuous: One is free to think what he wants and to express it, provided he does not broadcast it.

Except that this « secular inquisition » should avoid being titled by this cursed name, but one should not neglect the linguistic inventions which their marketing is able to lay! Everything is in the speech, nothing in the semantics!

But let’s see, then these dogmas and rites, since the uniforms of ministers of that religion are already there: mostly judges, cops and soldiers!

The dogmas of the secular church

Basically you have to believe in the Lay Trinity inaugurated by the Jew Amschel Bauer at the time of the preparation of the European Revolutions, although we’ll have a hard time to find its source in the Jewish tradition. I sketched out its review in my page on manipulation, but I will have the opportunity to return to its coarse subtleties… And anyway, it is detailed in my book « Let’s be logical! … in God’s name”.

But even before the philosophical aspects we need historical dogmas.

To play the role of John the Baptist, the “Precursor”, I propose Jules Ferry whose Religion of Science has had some success before it fatally lead to that of secularism.

Its founder could be Charb (the chief editor of Charlie Hebdo) if the murder was the mark of this function in other traditions, but it only concerns Christianity. Instead I propose the divine Francois Hollande who has clearly established as one of the major and new rites his “marriage for all”.

For the 12 apostles, we’ll be spoiled for choice given the huge governments France enjoys. But it would be indecent not to name Valls, Taubira or Macron in it and obviously Vallaud-Belkacem, who will have to define the founding texts of the catechism. Regarding the role of Judas, there is either no lack of candidates, starting with Cahuzac (Since the election of Hollande, France has been gifted with a collection of crooks in the succession of governements.)

The rites of the secular church

The first observance, as we have seen, is the “marriage for all”, established by a fucking single so that cannot be the equal to the people who should obviously marry, whatever the gender of the spouses.

As this five-year presidency strongly looks marked by massacres, since outside that of Charlie, we celebrate those of the Great WW I, whose French victims must be delighted in their graves to have been killed for their descendants to elect this wonderful Hollande, who has nevertheless the indecency to honor them… We will have to precisely establish the ritual celebrations of all past wars, since we are also celebrating some episodes of WW II. But is it elegant not to celebrate the wars in Algeria and Vietnam, or going up a bit in the past as the descendants of the victims are even more numerous, such as the war of 1870 of which Albert Pike pretended it was his(!), the battle of Austerlitz, going back to the French revolution since before not anyone had dared imagine modern secularism.

We will obviously have to set special rituals concerning the Holocaust whose official story must be one of the key tenets, i.e. dogmas of the Church.

About various other rituals, let’s note that we do not need to change the incentive to secular jihad. “La Marseillaise” the French anthem is well suited to withstand the gangsters of the Islamic State who will stab “our sons and our companions” (as the lyrics go), although the AK-47 are not adapted to stabbing… but some secular poet will be happy to adapt the lyrics…

I’ll stop here my suggestions because I have to leave them with a little food for thought and I will end on a disturbing question:

How will the secular religion process heretics?

A heretic is someone who chooses instead of believing blissfully. As such he is an image of Freedom. Except that, to be a true religion, secularism has to protect its dogmas, showing for example that we are much freer when accepting the concerning manipulation.

There are two basic reasons to remove the word and the concept of « logic » rom our dictionnaries.

The first is related to etymology. Logic is the Greek logos, the name of the Divine Verb itself, which cannot have a place where the Infinite does not exist or is not understood.

The second is because this logic of divine nature had already disappeared at the edge of Modern Science which Ferry made his religion. Rationalism is hysterically trying to find relations everywhere! And it comes to pretend to « prove » its Principles, like gravity, light corpuscles, inertia, plus the hilarious “precautionary” principle. Until then, for lost logic, the principles are the basis on which to build the reasoning, and not the reverse. Depending on which, principles are rationally unprovable, and that’s why we must UNDERSTAND them. This is what the ancient Greeks called axioms, « unprovable truths that one must SEE IN GOD! ». And mathematicians which I praised somewhere else did not fail to follow the other scientists morons and to define their axioms dogmatically, with all the finesse of grotesque rationalism. Thus, to state the axioms underlying the integer numbers, Peano began by announcing that « Zero is a number »! On one hand, a number represents a quantity, which is not the case of zero, and on the other hand, the word figure, « chiffre » in French, comes from the Arabic which means zero. This last cultural remark could have lead Peano and his admirers to think, but the semantics of the concept of number absolutely implies that zero is just a figure and not a number without any need of asking the Arabs, even if it is to them that we stole algebra.

But back to our dilemma about the treatment of heretics.

The disappearance of the notion of logic is fundamental to not allow them to challenge the foundations of the secular Trinity based on the absurdities which Amschel Bauer wanted to use to trap us, which has been very successful indeed.

The trouble is that the differential treatment for heretics would make them lose their precious equality in punishment for « abusing » Freedom, they were obviously not very much « free » to abuse of. Their exclusion would also make them lose their status of « brothers » warranted by the Dogma’s motto.

Basically, secular dogmas guarantee nothing but obedience to those who shout the loudest. Plato said that democracy is the last step before tyranny. What an optimist! Their freedom is a scam because it depends on constraints decided by their own dogmas (or laws). Equality is another scam as two different things cannot be equal, and restricting equality to “equality before the law” is untenable since if, two individuals have done the same goof, the one who has managed to not get caught is no longer equal to the other… And how does the Fraternity prevent brothers to be enemies? Already, with the disappearance of the Infinite we are not likely to have the same father anyway…

French, you have shown again at the latest massacre, that belonging to the land of Descartes does not prevent you to be manipulated like teenagers to whom one is trying to sell sodas. The output of the crisis will not come from finance or politics or science and its medicine, but from your ability to erase everything that made you stupid, because stupidity is not the native state of humans: a newborn understands very well what the infinite is, and you cannot believe it because you are not using telepathy and he does not know how to explain it with words, and also because you hurry to stop his understanding by submerging him under your vast culture, so vast that it can only be contained in any of the infinite of mathematicians, that is nothing, finally, but absurdities!

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