Holland against global warming: is he frosty enough?

Holland against global warming: is he frosty enough?

Holland against global warming: is he frosty enough?

I think I understand why Holland cannot handle unemployment! This is because his real expertise is about global warming! And since he cannot reassure the French (even promising not to run for re-election if unemployment is not set), he went to reassuring Filipinos in Manila!

Unstoppable bullshit!

After rescuing Cuban from the hostility of Obama, Ukrainian from the threat of Putin, he is going to save the planet! And he may succeed! If he continues to help the French industry to collapse, it can reduce greenhouse gas!!!

This guy is not even able to keep any of his promises made in a state of unconsciousness and irresponsibility which is truly remarkable, but now he is the one who will be able to force the planet to cool its climate. As chilling as it may be, it will certainly not be enough!

And the media continue to take him seriously! Or pretend to?

His state of grace due to the suicides at Charlie Hebdo have even protected him from the vengeance of pig farmers at the Paris agricultural show, yet almost bankrupt due, apparently, to Europe.

But if it is so hefty to save the world, why does he not start by saving himself, i.e. by getting out… Get out!

Is it thanks to Macron that he finally understood what money is! For every speech he makes, he gives one million of OUR euros. His million did not save Charlie’s victims and his million and a half probably will not save anything in the Philippines either…

But who will believe that it is because of global warming that our dear François was walking the sidewalks of Manila? Has he used his fabulous “wedding for all” to change his sex life? It’s true, after all, with him everything is possible, as long as it does not solve anything…

But he made big progress as a movie director, not necessarily because he took Nicolas Hulot in his luggage, but because Marion Cotillard gave a sumptuous speech on ecology, although it seems that she does not master her work properly, or that her new writer rubs off…


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