Hollande the Hitler of Morocco

Hollande the Hitler of Morocco

Hollande the Hitler of Morocco

The January 29 edition of Al Watan Al Ane unveiled the true face of Francois Hollande on its cover. It is true that without his mustache he is hard to recognize. Since the last war he is no longer National (he leaves that to Marine LePen!) he is only Socialist. Like at his debut! The circulation of this paper is the same as Charlie, we’ll see if this portrait will be as beneficial as for our French bestseller.

The Quai d’Orsay (the French Foreign Affairs): shocking!

Faithful to the image that the phenomenal film from Tavernier gave to it (adapted from the comic of the same title), the Foreign Ministry was outraged and dismayed at the insult to his God, because the caricature of the Prophet was of course just jubilant.

“Will the French revive Hitler’s concentration camps to exterminate the Muslims…”? Abderrahim Ariri, the editor says he “assumes” his words, even at the risk of prosecution. This is unfamiliar with Hollande who has already found the solution to anti-Islam by enlisting the Imams of France in his secular church. A reminder: a “church”, “ekklesia” is the “assembly of the elect” and not “of the faithful” (think of the word eclectic), and therefore a republic IS A church with its characteristic open-mindedness as we have seen during the week of Charlie which is said changed France!

Valls, the well known Moroccan lover, to help his dictator…

At the Arab World Institute in Paris, so Valls attended the decoration of a mosque rector, of a rabbi, and of a bishop, decorated by Morocco which they are native of. Serendipity!

When will these hypocrisies stop? It looks like a fail start as everyone does it.

Is the caricature of Moroccan a follower to the passage of the “Macron law” by the 49.3 (bypassing the vote of the assembly) or had they already seen the delightfully extreme right side of our clown duo Hollande/Valls?

Plato wrote that “democracy is the last step before tyranny”… What an optimistic! He should come back to our time to enjoy his mistake: this is not the last step, or so we are ahead!

Apparently the revival of « freedom of expression » gives a new life to small newspapers that cannot profit the serious media! It should not be an incentive to the murderers to give them the opportunity to make a bail, especially as the King of Morocco is not Hollande and will not ridicule himself by offering one shabby million Euros while the people or France gave three with spontaneity and enthusiasm…

But as none of the victims of January is resurrected, perhaps is it better not to make more victims since the posthumous tributes did not help them much… The puppets and clowns do not make miracles!

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