Hugues Duffau: “The brain repairs itself!” Cerebral localizations is hype!

Hugues Duffau: “The brain repairs itself!” Cerebral localizations is hype!

Hugues Duffau: “The brain repairs itself!” Cerebral localizations is hype! (Article in the Express of 10/02/14 and 8pm TF1’s journal on Easter Sunday)

Hugues Duffau, a discreet neurosurgeon from the Montpellier’s CHU, yet very famous in his profession because he removes brain tumors with his patients awake, also tries to wake up the audience with sensational statements like: “The speech area in the brain does not exist!”. We have been quite a few for some time to expose the scam of cerebral localizations broadcasted by the hysterical right brain/left brain fans, and Hugues Duffau finally brings a particularly authoritative opinion to debunk this hoax.

« What is the use of the lobe you want to remove? none! »

Dialogue heard during the TF1 report on April 5 at 8pm.

Yes! The patient came to see him for a serious brain tumor, Hugues Duffau explored with his conscious patient who could provide information on the consequences of his investigations, and the surgeon discovered that the brain had already managed to repair itself by “relocating” the sick part.

For Duffau the “zones” of the brain depend on individuals and there is no particular dedication for a given function. As the famous Broca zone which should locate speech. For more information get the latest October issue of Brain.

You can throw in the trash everything you read on the brain since 50 years!

Since 17 years Dr. Duffau operates patients without anesthesia, and we can credit him quite a unique experience: 500 operations with less than ½% of operated who suffered after-effects!

Why did we suspect that the area theory was bogus?

The views of critics of the localizations theory obviously do not come from their surgical experience for most. For me, the reality of the importance of the brain escaped me since I experimented on myself and many other “out of the body” in which we see while the eyes of our bodies are closed.

That does not mean that the brain is useless. It relays the information it receives from the eyes and other communication channels, but WHAT is aware has nothing to do with the brain in question and this consciousness or spirit, can “seek” from WHERE HE WANTS, not just by being in front of the electronic scoreboard that the brain gives him. Neither by staying next to his body.

When someone does not answer your phone call, do you conclude that he is dead? All we know is that something is stuck on the transmission network. When someone cannot speak, it does not mean that his “speech center” is screwed up, but that “somewhere” something does not forward the communication! In addition to the brain and the spirit, the soul that “animates” the body may also have a role to play.

The soul of a human being is called the mind and there is very little information on its operation.

For example, is it the programming of the brain or the mind’s faculties that make the spirit sees in 3D from the two slightly different images sent by the two eyes? Because in the OBE the spirit has a single point of view and yet is aware of relief…

To locate a sound, the body has two ears with pavilions of a quirky shape that can filter out differently sounds coming from the front and those coming from behind. The spirit has no such ears, but when he is aware of a noise, he locates it perfectly. It is as if the combination of body and mind’s mission was to provide information to the spirit that are consistent with those that the spirit would get directly!

You never know … but if this stuff (the scams of science) interests you, I discuss them in my books, including “Let’s be logical! … By God!”.

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