« I cannot be manipulated »

« I cannot be manipulated »

« I cannot be manipulated »

I cannot be manipulated

Helen Merry, administrator of an independent school ensures on NDF (« Nouvelle de France« , a french conservative newspaper) that she cannot be « manipulated » by stating: “I support the families of the victims of Charlie Hebdo but still EMOTION DOES NOT AFFECT MY ABILITY TO THINK!”

If you believe you are in the same situation, let me enjoy that your thinking skills are intact.

Okay, as it is well known, one manipulates people through their emotions. In particular through fear! But not only! Optimists identify fifty different emotions, of which, aesthetic is not the least used to brainwash the masses. But all inclusive, it would only provide fifty levers.

But there are much more effective manipulation practices, because completely unnoticed, if not even unimaginable, and with considerably larger pallets.

A little scary all the same, and yet not manipulated “by definition”…

Let me tell you a story … In some « previous life » I had the opportunity to take care of a graduated philosopher to have him follow some course. After he completed his course, he tore his diplomas and mailed them to his college in Bordeaux with a note: « You have ruined my youth! »

What had happened? Well this graduated guy, reasonably intelligent, had the opportunity to discover that his vast philosophical culture was based on a complete misunderstanding, as he was remaining at the level of words! He had just put his finger on the difference between « learning » and « understanding« !

Intellectual = manipulable by definition!

Intelligence has been redefined by psychologists of the last century, though originally and etymologically it indicated the ability to « read in depth », « inter-legere » in latin, while despite appearances, the so-called “culture” is a very superficial reading, which computers mimic very well, and practice better than us because of their much more reliable memories. Speaking of artificial intelligence, is referring to the new definition of the word, i.e. an ability to combine data from more or less clever arguments, because a computer does NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING: it records and plays back according to a procedure in software which itself is developed by some human consciousness, in more or less good condition, but capable of understanding. The apparent genius of the Internet does not stem from what it is fed, but the way we organized its food since itself, it does not know what is said to it or what he tells us back. But most of our contemporaries are in the same situation, which does not preclude having articulated discourse straight out of their readings, or reprocessed if he has studied beyond the third grade (in France) where he was specifically taught « discussing » about what he had no idea of. All references to Hollande and Valls (our present French government) are perfectly appropriate…

Here it is necessary to know a little more about our human nature. And it’s not your teachers that could have told you! Basically we are a CONSCIOUSNESS, a SPIRIT, and unfortunately for us, we are equipped with a mental, a mind (forget the brain so dear to neuropsys) where we cram memories, images, and all sorts of things, including what we do not understand, labeling these misunderstandings as « something to be elucidated later. » We’ve just hit a problem in English as the word mind means indifferently the consciousness which is basically us and the unconscious mental, a part of our soul, a tool (although not the “unconscious of the psy) which are two things dramatically different Whenever we hear or read something about something we did not understand, the mental mind is re-triggered because the consciousness hopes the new data will clarify the previous confusion. But that mental mind is only a computer, it will store the new data without understanding the basic stuff, which will increase mental mind’s culture and expand its confusion (his stupidity) all at once and those of his consciousness as well, instead of providing any clarification at all. Because of the abdication by the consciousness of its duty of understanding words, the consciousness packs them in its mental mind, where it will be used to automatically reactivate this misunderstanding, which consciousness interprets as something it just understood now, because it may answer by being able to « think » because of the assembly of the original words equally misunderstood, which it associates in its mental mind.

Where is the logic in that?

We are in a civilization which claims to be rational or rationalist, and we believe that rationalism uses logic, which reassures us.

But which logic? It is quite conceivable that logic allows to jump from a principle or an hypothesis to a conclusion, the trouble is that most often, we do just the opposite: we use an observation (a result) to « deduct » the “reason » which would “explain” the observation. “Hey! The neighbor must have returned because their place is lit… ». Unless, either his wife returned or, these days, its home automation woke up. The worst example is given by the scientists themselves who spend their time « deriving principles » from their findings. My favorite example is the deduction that the moon draws the tides, forgetting that there are two tides a day, and apparently only one moon. But this remark drives people crazy, even to such an anger that I avoid talking about it… as you’ve just seen!

The inability or the difficulty to trace the causes from the effects can be illustrated easily. Assume that 2 is greater than 3, which is not true, and also that 3 is greater than 1, which is true. 2 We can conclude 2>3>1 2>1 and this conclusion is correct, while the hypothesis was false. In other words it is perfectly possible to arrive at a right conclusion, checked by our experience, while assigning wrong causes.

We are so proud of our culture that we have not seen anything happen. It’s been said that “Pride is the entrance of Hell” !!! But this « culture » manipulates us through words with which it overwhelms us, without us having taken the time to properly understand them, or without someone taking the time to clearly explain, unless those who teach us did not have understood themselves what they teach in the first place!

You don’t believe it? So let’s see what is the Freedom much talked about these days, as you might have noticed!

The general idea of Freedom stems from the result of the deprivation of opportunities to move, and therefore means “not having constraints”, at least in movement or displacement. For instance the villains will be invited to experience the deprivation of liberty in small cells. But for now, our notion of freedom only concerns its physical or material aspect. We will have to extend it to anything that might enforce us, up to come to identify freedom with the absence of limits, which also identifies it with something infinite, a notion monopolized by mathematicians who invented galaxies of infinites, starting with their « countable infinity », which only « contains » numbers, which prevents us to put mopeds or condoms in it, or any other of their “infinite” and is therefore not really un-limited. For example none of the objects around you is a number and « belongs  » to their « infinite ». Something Infinite cannot be limited in any way, and it is the same for true Freedom.

So an epithet associated with one or the other is nonsense. “Digital Infinity” is garbage and Freedom Associated (limited) to ideas or expressions is another scam which does not make more sense. Then we can discuss indefinitely about a particular “freedom” since it is the threshold of our definition which is questionable, and so everything will have to deal with is how we will limit the freedom in question, a topic that can precisely be discussed « indefinitely »!

The source which those who do not believe to be possibly manipulated should know.

The genius that has polarized us on the word Freedom (or Liberty) is Amschel Bauer. A guy you probably have never heard of, but who knew that at his time (i.e. before the French Revolution) the most brilliant people were already unable to understand anything anymore and, so being unable to agree among themselves about it, that word Freedom would necessarily be a source of discord or violent conflict. A good prophet indeed!

While he was there the beautiful Amschel, also provided us the gift of Equality. Look closely: two distinct things such as any two of us, are thus different, if only by the place where they are, should be equal, so they are both different but nevertheless the same. Again math give us a bad example. A=A reads A equals A, except that there is an A to the left and an A to the right that are distinct, because you can SEE them. So this should read « The A on the left has the same value as the A on the Right », so the value of both As is the same and is UNIQUE, a precaution that mathematicians never take, convinced they are the incarnation of logic itself. Amschel took the opportunity to point out that Equality and Liberty were contradictory, which the geniuses of his time would not notice. Indeed Equality tries to force us to be the same as another, and then as all the others, while freedom claims to free us from all constraints. In the name of Equality, we have to choose whom we want to be equal to. But do not worry, whether you choose Junior Bush or Madeleine Albright, when equality is achieved, Junior and Madeleine will be the same … and we will no longer be manipulated, because we will all be manipulators.

Another cherry on the cake: Amschel invites us to the Fraternity! Wouldn’t this imply that we have the same father! Curious option for people who want to be free from the « obscurantist strain of Religion » and its God!

These three examples should be enough for you to understand how words, poorly disguising badly examined concepts, can be used to manipulate us, but if by chance you still do not believe it, and you are sure to understand all the words you are using, I suggest you explain to me what the word « ONE » means! I do not ask you for a definition, like a dictionary might do, that is, to explain to me what defines the thing, i.e. what are its limits (thus its actual definition), and how it is differs from the rest. Since dictionaries seldom have this rigor, and for good reason. You will still find that their definition of « one » uses several words, you should logically also read the definitions of, and so on, so I rather ask an “explanation” using words that we both know, or experiences that we can do or recall.

Each misunderstood word acts as a switch and branches confusions associated with it. We talked about 50 emotions, but how many words have we in a dictionary, each of which being able to serve as a button? And goes unnoticed?

We are therefore free to be equal brothers!

The irony of this story is that it has been raised by a school administrator who believes not to be manipulated through her ability of reflection, while a school is the first source of manipulating tools (not a coincidence if Jules Ferry wanted school to be « free » (but mandatory, when I told you that Amschel was a genius!) to spread the « religion of science » (although this one did nothing to make brothers out of us).

Amschel presented his motto to his buddies who conspired European revolutions (That’s how we found out!). It was the last conspiracy, since all of the following are theoretical… But if you have never heard of him, just know that he was the founder of the House of the Rothschild!

So, stop dreaming, while the political gibberish consists of unexamined words that are sure to provoke fights between supporters of different confusions attached to them. Because the fundamental purpose of a manipulator is not to convince of the benefit of a particular ideology, he leaves it to his minions but his goal is the RESULTING CONFLICTS to keep the idiots (useful if any) they have made, busy.

And the engine they use is precisely the ratiocination (reasoning, reflection) that will start automatically when you use something that is not understood but to which we have an explanation.

And politicians are not the only ones, today we can even think that manipulation is an Olympic sport, and manipulated people are so overwhelmed with manipulation that if we remove it from them, they will die from asphyxiation. And that’s why they want to take and keep it, because without it, they think they are nothing!

A recent example: I am Charlie!

The strength of « Charlie » is that nobody was reading that paper at the time of the massacre, so it was a misunderstood word for 60 million potential manipulated least the 40 readers they had kept. And whether one is Charlie or not, as long as one took sides, manipulators have won: they gave a bone to chew to 60 million robots (human computers).

With the « Freedom of Expression », and the gag « I’m Charlie » we have two examples of buttons to the manipulators, and again I speak here only of people whose vocation is about manipulation. When scientists talk you of “atoms” giving this name to something they very well know they can cut or break (a-tome, means “can’t be cut”), they manipulate you without being aware of it themselves, since they, themselves, are manipulated by choosing a misnomer to express what they want!

The famous motto “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” is not the only gift of the « Enlightenment » century to be a contradiction. A single word like « democracy », leaving hope that what is governed is also what governs, is a nonsense already identified by Plato 25 centuries ago, who saw in it the « last stage before tyranny. » But after a few decades of practice I tend to tell my little Greek that it is not the « last stage before, » it’s already thinly disguised tyranny. By examining seriously some « republican and democratic values, » you may find that they are ALL buttons to manipulate you, and if it can already help you not to gallop after those who shout out, this small text would not have been useless.

I do not intend to get into this exercise, but I just want to warn you that trying to « fix » these buttons can only lead to build more of them because your thinking is based on a mistake in the first place! If it is the logic that you want to use, you should rather go for and start from something true, which I prefer to let you discover, since it would be unacceptable to the heirs of generations of people manipulated for centuries, not just since the French Revolution, but you must rewind your tape 25 centuries at least!

And some ad?

If you want to know more, you can always browse my book « Be logical!… in God’s name! » Or its electronic version. If only to be sure that you know what « logic » means, for example… it could well be a surprise…

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