The illumination with the enlightment of Christine Lagarde

The illumination with the enlightment of Christine Lagarde

The illumination with the enlightment of Christine Lagarde

And what if you go for a walk on the speech of Christine Lagarde on (in French) posted January 17, 2015?

The revelations of Madame Lagarde make me furiously think of déjà vu. It is so old that I cannot remember the names of the players and I do not really want to start looking anyway.

It’s an old trick since it officially took place in 1921. It takes mny associations to build the New World Order. One of the first to deal with the internationalization was the English RICA (Royal Institute of International Affairs), founded in 1920 by the members of the Round Table and the Fabian Society, both of which were more or less offspring of Weishaupt’s Illuminati. The RIIA, nicknamed the Chatham House was therefore founded in 1920, and it was the following year that his American alter ego was born, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), whose offices were in New York. This foundation in 1921 remained very discreet for a number of years and investigators who tried to denounce its existence were ridiculed by the people they have involved. Until a member of the CFR has published a book in which he declared: « Yes we exist, and now we can say it that because YOU LOST!”

It is quite unlikely that the IMF managing director Christine Lagarde does not belong to this club, which would explain the phenomenal accuracy of her revelations. In other words, if to the man of the street she can pass as the one who denounced the shenanigans Illuminists and obviously Satanists who orchestrated false flags since before September 11 until the massacre of brothers at Charlie Hebdo, the reality seems less optimistic to us as we regard Christine, like his colleague from the CFR long ago, is now explaining that we are not rid of the Illuminati and Satanists, even that we have lost again!

We might want to smile about Jean-Marie Le Pen to hom retirement does not seem to bnefit much when it reports on January 16 that « The attack against Charlie Hebdo is signed by Secret Service » which is so obvious that it is surprising that it is the only French politician to ad it for us. When he says that we don’t have the evidence of it, we could also predict that we will never have it while for September 11, simply go on the web and type Flight 175, ask for “more images” and watch the installation of the 4 pictures of the crash (from CNN / Carmen Taylor / Evan Fairbanks / Pavel Hlava) and tell me if you see a dark royal blue shade on the belly of the plane, then compare with all the pretty pictures of AU planes in flight or on the tarmac, and tell me if you still think it’s a plane from United that was filmed by our four cameramen.

The two oddities known about the massacre of Charlie concern the « forgotten » ID and the video of the execution of a police officer without a trace of a bullet impact on the head or tany race of blood as his body was finally found lying in a pool of blood. One may think that the Kouachi brothers were not the only ones there … and that the staging came from elsewhere.

Anyway if Christine details are not sufficient to predict the next operation, they are enough for the history she covers with a cherry on the cake. If the dates are predictable and issues of a newspaper, too, how did our Satanists coincide massacre demo on January 7 and 11 « improvised » with the number 1177 of the issue that came out last week? Maybe they too do not have full control of operations, and as indicated in the Qur’an, Satan might be a fallen angel it is no less a slave of Allah, and that it should bend to his omnipotence.

But a friend as said, the photo of Christine alone tends to validate what I say. Except that I learned to wary of my interpretations and those of my contemporaries on crimes of dirty faces or meltdowns on cool ones.

Christine Lagarde

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