Irish Frustrated gays are finally out of the woods!

Irish Frustrated gays are finally out of the woods!

Irish Frustrated gays are finally out of the woods!

We would not have believed it, according to their branding of manly guys with endless families, though we did not believe it, as showed the TF1 broadcast where they covered the event made a notable flop … it must be said that thanks Holland, the subject does not interest us any more…

Jean d’Ormesson: « I like gays so much, I wanted them to avoid marriage! »

But not everyone has the humor of a scholar!

It’s fun to see people fight for what they do not understand or not any more. We were excited about that Charlie nobody knew, because nobody was reading it, and now we take part to the stories of marriage and gender…

Today even the 10 years old kids know it is not necessary to be married to fuck like rabbits and one wonders why we still offend against pedophilia … Would sexuality be like driving license?

Something went unnoticed about marriage: it’s not for sports in the bedroom that we get married, well, not only. This is because it gives an opportunity to declare someone we will be faithful to him/her.

What everyone does not care about at all, and gay males in particular.

If you want to stop the hypocrisy, it’s instead the « divorce for all » with which we should be concerned.

The funny thing is that two couples, one of guys and one of chicks, which were the first to divorce less than six months after the « marriage for all » in France!

Like it or not, marriage is a fundamental indication for the environment. If we want to avoid it, that means we cannot engage, and no to trust a single person, unless he has excuses (too ugly, too shy, too silly…) and if one agrees to betray the man or woman who one loved more than anything in the world and with whom one is committed, is that he/she is perfectly unworthy of the slightest confidence. You must flee divorced, especially if they have kids they clearly do not care about!

Marriage engages only « until death do us part », so it is not for eternity, and if we cannot get together anymore, murder is less embarrassing than divorce!

« Marriage is the leading cause of divorce » – Oscar Wilde

Of course, as birth is the leading cause of death!

A detail forgotten by supporters of “divorce for all” lying around on the web and who wonder why the divorce would be reserved for married people!

Which shows sexuality as a topic which discussion reveals the idiocy…

Parity does not concern the weddings!

Or is this parity which makes people stupid? Or a mixture of both?

If he really wanted to ensure parity in the Pantheon, why not directly send 70 resistance ladies, Hollande must know where to find them. His shyness honors him, he will only pair the 4 who will return to the building on May 27!

And not even! The two « panthéonisées » will stay close to their loved ones and will not go to the Pantheon. It is true that the nominees are not required to be buried under the dome on the Sainte Genevieve’s hill, especially when their body is gone, but is would have been elegant for the prestige of Holland that the families of two resistant, including to whom he did, and will do again, praise, refuse this « supreme » dignity? The descendants also resist, or so they show, and it is to their credit: we have no more Nazis, only Holland and Valls and their team…

The advantage is that the deceased resistant will not be forced to marry together unless we also deal with posthumous marriages but where sexuality will not find its account…

Nevertheless, if sexuality is concerned, no one thought of « bi-« ! Because for now the pariage is limited to two creatures. And it is quite unequal !!! In addition, two bi- who marry should do a wedding at 4! This opens the door to the orgy! But the engaged orgy, not simply hop between friends to relax…

Certainly our politicians are shy or not very inventive, contrary to what one might think given their recent ideas all coolest one than the other…

Finally, if the frustrated Irish want to get laid with creatures of the same sex, they will have to insist on the divorce for all, because adultery is still a problem… well maybe for a practitioner or Catholicism

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