What a jump, but no enough to fly!

What a jump, but no enough to fly!

What a jump, but no enough to fly!

But besides the « historic 22-point » leap, some other recent passed unnoticed about his discernment and the completion of his training as a normal President…

22 points for 17 dead: the historic leap offered by a hysterical France!

Could Hollande not be as bewildered as he looks? Did he not fall down in the polls only to be able to go back up more than any other president did, the day on he could make believe that he managed the aftermath of a massacre?

Because the primary reason he could make such a leap is to be starting from a very low! Relying on the stupor of his disappointed not to remember that they were so.

The proof is that Valls was not as low and only jumped 17 points!

Thence to deduce that for each new death his rating will go up a point and a half is a bit quick. The victims of the floods during fall have produced no gain and neither the 120 extra victims on the roads compared to last year.

You know that it is not easy to find an opportunity where a situation can be managed by competent people in our republic. Groups from the RAID and the GIGN can do nothing against climate change or against carelessness of drivers, and since our President was able to verify that the work of these professionals brought him points, he will have to identify the conspirators who organized the recent massacres and ask them to do it again … Oh yes because there are hysterics who refuse the possibility of a conspiracy, but they should check the definition in a dictionary. Conspiracy is just a « Assembly secretly formed between two or more persons against the security of the state or against someone! » But it seems clear that the organizers, who were not necessarily very numerous, secretly acted against the direction of Charlie, so that it is a conspiracy, which, being secret does not give the right to rave unless imagining I do not know which twisted assembly based on surprising elements that we do not know the reason of, because we have no explanations from the guilty… as those who died had no reason to be the organizers. So unless he himself was part of this plot, Hollande will have to find the secret brains behind to improve his score again. However, I notice that there have not been many new polls since the 22%!

One can find me sly, but it’s a little of Charlie’s inheritance. The resurrection of Hollande is so unexpected and improbable because he objectively fucked by playing busybodies while his soldiers and cops were doing their job, risking their lives, which led 22% of French people to change their mind? Or did some thought that with OUR million Euros « offered » by our president, as the socialists know how, the #1178 issue of Charlie was going to be distributed free of charge? In which case we got ripped twice because the businessmen of Charlie decided to print an avalanche has brought well beyond what our poor tramp had mowed us (that’s because he has never been responsible for a business), but it has not prevented Charlie to be sold at the usual rate, even if only to show how Hollande, even being the president was ridiculous, and how we did not need him…

Still, it would not bother me if that million is selectively taken from the pockets of the bewildered 22%. But then what happens to the equality guaranteed by our republic?

In fact there is another explanation for the outbreak: the number of gullible who bought the new Charlie and have plastered their « support to the dead » by their posters that made the fortune of merchants of toner and ink for printers. By being a little less hectic they could have found the issue of their heart in PDF on the Internet and discover for free (less the removal of the million by the state) that the paper they did not know (I recall that its circulation was very far from 7 million copies before the massacre), well, they were right not to know it. What do you call people who claim an identity of which they know nothing in defense of something they ignore as well? I will not give you the answer as my vocabulary is not rich enough.

In practice, for the next election and imagining that the rebounding people are those who bought Charlie, we’re sure that 22% of voters will be morons, which promises a rather pink future, unless one of the candidates corresponds precisely to the discernment of our 22%!

An ecological and financial leap…

Less noticed, the advances of Hollande in finance. Remember that at his election he wanted to fight with Finance, responsible for all ills. And as time passes he realized that without finance he could not do anything, poor « teethless »!

But now finance is his God. In any case it is his overall approach to the ecological problem of climates going crazy. Just put money! Financial gentlemen, find solutions! Anyway, since he understood what it was, it’s all about money. And it is! With the Mistral ships not delivered, he will find people’s euros to pay for forfeited delivery which may also offset the loss of the commercial image of his beloved country vis-à-vis foreign powers, who will now ask whether Obama authorizes France to deliver his armaments… This president is far from normal, no one before had abdicated our national sovereignty… Has this anything to do with high treason?

And the jump in his head of state training: did he complete his apprenticeship?

After trying without much success to solve most of the problems, he discovered that in the area of security, he could impress the kids of his kindergarten (government). And that is why he did not manage anything successfully before! Unemployment did not shrink because of the security, the purchasing power too. In fact his achievements are to be put in the « Do as I say not as I do! ». As I have written elsewhere, the single fucker advising others to marry, or the cosmic irresponsible that offers entrepreneurs to come to terms with being responsible for what they are already responsible for, knowing that the state only knows but putting sticks in their wheels! But it is them to which he offers a deal! And nobody sent him fuck… It seems that when he speaks to someone, the interlocutor becomes stupid! It is a true gift, that one! Remember when he was talking to France!

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