Earth: 3rd planet and madhouse of the solar system!

Earth: 3rd planet and madhouse of the solar system!

Charlie’s humor system is emulated! The Jewish victims of the HyperCacher grocery are buried in the Garden of Olives!

All TF1 (a French station) had to say is that it is « the largest Jewish cemetery in the world. »

But TV presenters either from TF1 or BFM are beginning to tire me with their look, so serious and grotesque, looking like teachers for Mongolian… I know it‘s not nice for Mongolians, teachers or TV presenters, but none of these categories represents a race or a religious group. And there is no hate, just tiredness…

If TF1 is the standard representative of the French people’s culture, I do not remind you, since it’s obviously forgotten, I explain!: This Garden was (or maybe still is) known to the Christians to be the place where a young Jew had been intercepted by his coreligionists and his co-Semites to be delivered to the Roman secular authorities requiring them to put the little Jew to death after some playful torture.

Forgetting how unpleasant if may be to make « homage » to the collateral victims of Charlie burying them in a place full of the best memory that Jesus had lived through, is well worth, in my opinion, the caricatures of the other prophet by the magazine. I wondered how Christians would be able to fit into stories that were only gathering Jews and Muslims. Well, it’s done. And it’s not worth making hay because Dieudonné (a French humorist targeted by the cops) claimed to be « Charlie Coulibaly » by conflating victims and perpetrators, the evocation of the Garden of Olives does exactly the same amalgam while involving only a single race.

Obviously Christianity is a cursed religion, because nobody will react against this insult, as we have already too much to do to associate the killers to anti-Semitism, and we were too busy (but it’s already over!) about the anti-Muslim scribblers of scandals.

Unless their new pope notices the delicacy of the attempt at humor in choosing the burial place of the Jewish victims, but he is much more concerned not to make waves in his interreligious business to keep in mind that « Truth alone will make him free. »

Finally it is clear! We knew that in the list of victims of the week of the 5th, there were Jews, Arabs, cops, and « nothing else« , which makes it obvious that France is indeed theeldest daughter of the Church”, but there was such a long time ago.

After all!

Could someone tell me where we are? In a madhouse?

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