A new medical scam denounced by “Alternative Santé”!

A new medical scam denounced by “Alternative Santé”!

A new medical scam denounced by “Alternative Santé”!

Upon receiving their issue #26 of July 2015, I realized that I had never mentioned them to you… Which I regret, not so much because I owe to one of their ads to have found my editor, but mainly because of the valuable information that they are almost the only ones to provide about the highly misinformed field of Health. In the editorial of this issue, the chief editor Paul Dupont tells us some beautiful thing about what ANSM (French national authority on Health and Medication) missed or initialized concerning a product with a barbarous name meant to be dangerous in dietary supplements and not in birth control pills. In addition, looking more closely, it is not the same product: the first one is natural and quite beneficial, while the other is synthetic and a well known carcinogen, but our agency has nothing to do with these details, they are only there to protect the health of the pharmaceutical industry, not ours!

Allopathy, an army of medical gangsters!

This is one of the conclusion of “Murder by Injection” a book by Eustace Mullins, historian of High Finance, which tells us that adherents to AMA (American Medical Association) since its founding in 1847, are committed to NEVER MARKET products that have NO SIDE EFFECTS. These drug makers are indeed gangsters, like street drug dealers, but with the blessing of the police and justice.

In everyday life, people would take drugs because it makes them see life more beautiful and they do not care about consequences for their health in the name of “We all have to die one day”, which guarantees their irresponsibility. But the patient himself, just looking to relieve pain or discomfort, does not take what he believes to be remedies to fall from bad to worse!

In addition, how could an allopathic product not have side effects? It’s not necessary to be committed to it any more, unless to ensure their premeditation! Allopathy means to take drugs that have been found to affect this or that symptom, i.e. from the start, it has nothing to do with etiology of which it royally doesn’t care.

The fact that the body is not a simple and inert test tube but has an enormous number of interlocks, in other words of “feedback loops” that make everything we ingest, if it is not digested, thus assimilated, carried around throughout the body along these loops. We know we are dealing with a servo when a parameter remains constant when the medium varies. Like the temperature of our body.

This is obviously not the only gem of this issue of Alternative Santé, but I let you discover the others on your own.

Still, I would regret not to jump on my favorite issue of vaccinations. First “Alternative Santé” indicates that Prof. Joyeux, of whom I have already spoken here, has been attacked by the Order of Physicians for his anti-vaccinalist statements which I find very temperate yet! The Order, an heir of Petain, obviously could not pass it up…

But on page 5, we also learn that “Measles mocks vaccine”, and we are fed with the inevitable whining of “authorities” on “insufficient coverage” because it seems that it would be necessary to achieve 96-99% for everybody to be protected!

For how many centuries will they try to make us believe that it is because of people who are not sick that vaccinated ones may be in danger? In other words, either the “responsible” themselves no longer believe in this scam of “vaccine protection” or they are simply morons from the very beginning!

All that crap about contagion forgets one form of the famous problem of the chicken and the egg: where does the first patient come? You only heard of Jenner and Pasteur, and never about Béchamp, Tissot, Taxis, Grigoraki, or Louis-Claude Vincent! Yet they have verified what a mere examination would have already indicated, that to survive and develop, a microbe, like all life, must have an appropriate environment, otherwise it dies! The key experiment here is to vary the pH of a solution containing human (or other) white blood cells! They are seen to decompose in a succession of bacilli or virus according to the pH. But if you go back to the pH of healthy blood, white blood cells reappear. What your science teachers have called the cytophagy (phagocytosis) is actually a cytogenesis, and here the problem of the egg and the hen is resolved: all you need is a solution with organic debris having the proper pH for critters to appear and multiply.

The three parameters of Vincent…

The one who has gone furthest in this area is the Vincent I have just mentioned and who established what he called Bio-electronics, his Association (ABE) also publishes a magazine: “Vital Sources” which I also urge you to read.

Vincent managed to make an accurate map of microbes according to the pH just cited, and rH2, the first determining the acidity and the second the redox potential (something related to the antioxidants we are encouraged to take to compensate for the oxidation caused by industrial food, among others).

But there is a third parameter identified by Vincent which gives a very good account of contagion conditions: resistivity, usually represented by the Greek letter rho (ρ). This electrical resistance also concerns the resistance to an electrical disruption being caused to a body (human, animal, plant). If ρ is low, chemical disruption (thus electronics) will spread very easily, and the individual who has become infected will get sick. If ρ is high, the upheaval will shrivel before the blood volume with normal pH and nothing will happen more than a small local impact. PH and rH2 are mainly determined by the food supply and when a population eats in a homogenous and unbalanced way, conditions are ideal for epidemics that will affect in practice those people with too low a ρ. This is also why, in a hospital, the staff does not necessarily and instantly grabs the patients’ diseases!

These findings are not interesting for ANSM nor for the Order of Physicians, because taking into account these facts would lead to bankruptcy for pharmaceutical industries, and we will not risk it to idle all these benefactors of humanity, actually of a humanity limited to pharmacists and medics, but not their patients.

The ancient Greeks also knew this: “Your food is your best medicine”, Hippocrates said whom doctors were required to observe the oath: “First, do no harm”. Guaranteeing that all medicines have side effects may not be the best way to respect that oath? But all this is the fault of the labs, the doctors have nothing to do with it, at least they are ‘respectable’ and ‘responsible’!

But the phenomenon of life: sacrificing a form of life to feed another one, the substance of the sacrificed one becoming by digestion, partly that of the consumer (assimilation) and partly various excrements, I say this phenomenon seems to have escaped our “scientific” mentors.

To give an example: the substance of a carrot when sacrificed by a rabbit will become part of the flesh and droppings of the rabbit, and the flesh of the rabbit itself, if killed by a fox, will become the flesh and droppings of that fox…

You probably do not remember it, but that’s what demonstrated a certain Jesus of Nazareth, formerly incarnation of the Divine Verb, giving a piece of bread to his disciples to eat “In memory of Him” , His Body being “Sacrificed for all” and therefore know that they are fed with the Body of the Verb regardless of their food, and giving thanks to His Father for taking care of everything for their diet, as do unknowingly all animals on the planet fed from plants or other species…

For Hindus, a subhuman lives for his pleasure, a Man worthy of the name lives for his duty, and an super-human lives for others … In which category does the guy who lives for the taste of his food fall? In the category of “the sick”, a particular form of sub-human!

Swallow industrial, pasteurized food, add meds to it and you’ll get a disease from your lifestyle, which source is commonly called bullshit… Bullshit is the main factor in the deficit of the social security system, added to the bullshit of those who instituted it in thinking that the medicine of their time had understood everything. This means that since 1830, politicians are trying to make us guinea pigs of medicine and its accomplices (primarily the industrialization of agriculture and the food production that no longer produces our “best remedy”)…

The transition from plants to animals is only a part of the life cycle and maybe I will explain to you one day how the soil nourishes the seeds from their outside and feeds itself from waste (feces and corpses) to complete the cycle, which goes beyond the Verb, and I will also speak of other characteristics of the same Verb… If you are nice!

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