Progress in fairground dietetics: news at Mangerbouger!

Progress in fairground dietetics: news at Mangerbouger!

Progress in fairground dietetics: news at Mangerbouger!

When I was young, the fairground medicine had a simple and precise definition: a prescription had to be justified by a diagnosis. It seems that today it concerns the practice outside a medical office, like a boozer, a school room, etc. Anyway, what I call fairground diet is based on the old definition: giving advice in the wings, without worrying if everyone can receive or apply them. It covers most of popular articles in various newspapers and Mangerbouger activities. I’m not passionate about the activity of these guys but I just want to talk about the last counseling coming from them to have landed on my computer, which does not mean it is new, actually I found track of it since 27 February 2007, which tells you how much I am anxious to know about them… It gave something like:

« In addition to milk, water is the only essential drink »

Any grammarian will deduce that this suggests that milk is an essential drink! Would Mangerbouger be sponsored by manufacturers of dairy products?

The milk poses two problems: its protein allergy and its lactose intolerance. Allergy alone affects 1-3% of infants depending on countries and ten percent of food allergies in infants, the most common allergy before the age of six months. Note the consistency of this information caught in!

How something that causes 10% of allergy can be essential! To help survive the milk sellers or the doctors and pharmacists?

Lactose intolerance also makes milk necessary. It seems that it is the solution for the yellow peril since almost 100% of Asians suffer from it. At home, we speak only of 2 to 15%!

Long ago I learned that, in fact, around 3 years old, there was no longer enough to digest milk that made the morning coffee-with-milk the smartest breakfast. Coffee is an astringent that blocks your stomach and milk which comes in there is not digestible. No wonder we can feel stalled until noon!

So we could switch from milk to dairy products of which we are also encouraged to take « three a day, » and if we are still in pain, we can go for Activia as you should know …

You’ll notice that I also just made fun of you, delivering dietetic generalities, but it’s only to stress that nothing is universal in that area…

Like when you are told that:

« You have to drink a liter and a half of water a day »

Even in the ads of « medical devices », as we say now, manufacturers tell you when you can use their dirt without too much danger, indicating a miminum age, eg 3 days or 57 years, or weight, 300g or more of 178kgs. But Mangerbouger is dictatotial: a liter and a half!

The first example of Doctor Toulet in « Donkeys of Batsurgères » (1951), a doctor that hit the side of Tarbes and who claims that the donkeys of his country have taught him more than his teachers of his schools, concerns a vegetarian who drank two liters of water a day. A volume that was on top of the vegetables and that water had caused him a lot of health problems. Toulet suggested to this man, who believed following a healthy lifestyle, to reduce his water consumption and the symptoms disappeared within days. So water may be necessary, but not too much of it. Then what do the 1-liter and a half relate to?

But I do not want to forget Mangerbouger’s trademark:

« For your health, eat five fruits and vegetables a day »

Grunts who five puff peas or five cherries must stay on their hunger, and those who clap 5 pumpkins or five pineapples spoil the goods… Swallow it all just to feed the toilets?

All vegetables and fruits are all the same and obviously they do not even indicate that they should be different for a balanced diet. Yet the labs themselves advocate a balanced and varied diet to enjoy their products. We can also wonder why we would still need their bagpipes if we feed properly?

But this story of five fruits reminds me a sort of maxim: « The wise man eats a nut, sometimes two, never three. » And this time, diet is not fairground because it specifies that it applies to « wise » people! But it suggests that five nuts a day, that’s two too many. And yet the story does not say if it is cashew or coconut…

In other words, if you want to know more you can go to Mangerbouger but their fairground slogans encourage me very little.

This is not the first time that the government takes care of fairground health: Remember the compulsory vaccinations if you’re sick of being two years old! With that killing argument: if everyone is not vaccinated, unvaccinated pose a risk to vaccinated! So those are very badly protected if even healthy individuals put them at risk…

Ah! What worth are our protecting government geniuses!

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