Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 7 Principle)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 7 Principle)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 7 Principle)

Your mission, should you accept it, is to find a comprehensive link that connects the principle to everyday reality! In practice, we will look at what obvious functions it must perform for a convincing account of how the world is made (i.e. the universe… and the rest). And we’ll see through what is lacking in our Robert Anthony… who is our excuse!

« Charity begins even by itself »

As I have warned, I will first take care of our place in the game.

We saw that as a con-science, we could gather what seemed separate from us, understand it, assimilate it. And we see that this knowledge evolves over time.

It is a sign of the possibility of a teaching function at The Principle level. And even more, since we can also know that, therefore the principle itself can be an object that we can know! I remind that this principle is the possibility that EVERYTHING that can be possible is indeed possible! So if Anthony ignores his, he denies something he will miss greatly!

Now we are reassured about us, we may take care of the rest.

The immediately visible feature is the possibility that something be manifested, but we need to stop being trapped by the vocabulary. And instead of talking about opportunities and manifestation, two words very tiring to type on my keyboard, I’ll use the vocabulary of some philosophers, the transition from potency to act. It’s not that « potency » is much shorter, but it is the case of « act ». Except it remains to find the word for “what” passes from power to act and because the word « thing » is a misnomer since a thing is manifested and thus exclusively in act, like the Latin word « res » which is found in Res-ult or re-ality.

To the point that if an English speaking Muslim says that Allah is the « True Real », he comes without noticing to blaspheme Allah by describing Allah as a « thing ». Same problem for the philosopher who wants to explain that a cause is more « real » than its effects, because that cause is necessary for them and must be prior to them, and “survive” them.

The spin will be to give no name for that which passes from potency to act, because it is this passage itself that can be seen, and not the « thing » that can be only potential…

The function that puts the power to act, is the Logic!

In terms of power, we are at the cause, the possibility, the « promise » as I said, of something. In terms of the act, we are at the effect of the cause. And this passage from potency to act is nothing but the passage from cause to effect. Logic itself!

We saw that in order to move, i.e. to move from potency to act to a place where we are not yet, we also have to send the place where we are now back to its potency. So this function of passage should also concern the reverse flow, the return from the act to power. This is what makes our freedom of movement, but at the level of The Principle, it is a sign of the possibility of Liberty.

Anthony emphasizes our freedom of choice, forgetting another detail: once the choice is made, we are no more free because the choice forces us to a particular possibility, that we will have to give up if we want to get our freedom back. If one chooses to be in good health he is no longer free to be ill, which is not a much nasty-deprivation concern, but if it is freedom that fascinates us, we must take to the streets for the right to be sick, what all smokers are demonstrating for already…

So our transition from cause to effect is nothing less or more than the Logic including the reverse flow. This is what has allowed us to go back to the Principle.

There was another illustration of this Logic, as we’ve seen, it is Life itself that sacrifices its forms back to potency (death) so that other forms may live on, like we sacrificed our location to go to another (much less spectacular).

In fact, Logic and Life seem well to be the same, or two varieties of the same possibility.

We saw that the possibilities that are not expressed are far more numerous than the others which are, thus if each of us were at all the places that we possibly be at the same time, it is also possible that our solar system may be pretty crowded. So we must consider a third universal function in Our Principle, this is the choice that we just talked about. In other words, we must be able to put order in all that mess.

Let’s review, and speaking of order, let’s put it in our three functions. Remember that we are talking about considerations, so that we are free to do as we please, and it does not necessarily imply any reality like with our number of mm2 of our floor? We will consider the order of our team chronologically, since this is one way in which the Logic manifests itself to us, but it is clear that time is part of what The Principle itself does produce, and applying this notion of time before it is is just another outcome of our freedom of our perspective of consideration as consciences subject to succession in time.

We must therefore begin with the function of order or choice, to decide what opportunities we want to manifest to start with. Then, having determined our « list » we can move to the manifestation function, which handles the transition from potency to act. And finally take care of us, that is to say to have us informed so that we can know all that!

Okay, well, we get it all! Don’t we?

Do not look too bewildered, you’ve heard of these three functions… Under slightly different names.

In his first verse, St. John begins with the second function which is the most obvious for people inside the manifestation: Logic, this is also the Greek word logos! Stating that It is in The Principle, which is a fancy way to apply It from the outset.

So, « In the Principle was the Word! « . Then John goes to the scheduling function: « and the Word was God, » but he also says « And the Word was with God. » To stress the difference.

And what about the third function that teaches us all? John will speak of it much later because he already uses It to pass to us what It tells him and wants us to know…

You are surprised? So you did not follow what I say.

All that we see or consider just comes from the “Universal Possibility” which we call “The Principle” to use John’s vocabulary. But The Principle has not JUST produced the universe, He made EVERYTHING! The languages too so that we can interact and that he can speak to us. And this transmission of His teaching is properly what he calls His Tradition (same word). There are many languages, and so there are many expressions of This Tradition. Because I know that The Principle is the basis of everything, I let myself be guided by Him, and if I have chosen the Christian form, it is because, writing in English, I imagine speaking mostly to Westerners.

Now I could redo my speech based on the Hindu Vedas, the Chinese Tao, Islam, even limiting myself to the Old Testament, or by reviving the Celtic Tradition. I don’t care to choose this or that Traditional Form, since they are all from The same Principle and expressed by the same Word.

And remember, the ability to consider does not mean that what you see is a real factual existence, just that you can consider it! And then we must consider where it can take us. It is also The Principle that has the ability to charge selected consciences to be His spokesman: Prophets or Avatars…

This famous Word that manufactures ALL and since ALWAYS is known by the following names: Vishnu and Shiva because Hindus differentiate both directions of the passage, the Log in China (almost the same sound as the Greeks), Ruah Allah for Muslims, Ogmios for the Celts.

Next time we will try to review the consequences of not having understood anything in this whole story … To see you again!


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