This is it: the old « wise men » made their grin: showmen vaccines are constitutional, legal and binding…

This is it: the old « wise men » made their grin: showmen vaccines are constitutional, legal and binding…

This is it: the old « wise men » made their grin: showmen vaccines are constitutional, legal and binding…

Why are they called “wise”? They do not know the law on medical quackery or biology and its vaccine scam! How much longer are we going to let the legislators be serial killers?

For more details I refer you to my page on “Freedom, that serial killer…”

I was looking at how “the legislature”, this famous unknown guy whose verbal diarrhea one may not ignore , had knowingly let the tobacco sold over the counter when we knew it was killing non-smoking people. It is fatal and logical: in a democracy, the popularity is more important than truth or even the facts! Since it expects a majority when voting! And given the number of smokers the timidity of our legislature is understandable as the one of his subservient politicians to legislate on tobacco as on vaccinations which the labs need so much…

The “medical quackery” is when a medical procedure is not justified by a diagnosis!

As far as I know, having a particular age is not a disease!

The argument of vaccine maniacs is so stupid that the “wise men” who were deceived rather show they are morons! In fact: according to the maniacs, to protect a population, we need EVERYONE to be vaccinated, otherwise not vaccinated people are ENDANGERED BY THOSE WHO ARE NOT! So where is this supposed protection? I guess the “wise men” are emulating Coluche (one of my favorite late stand-up humorist), who said in one of his sketches, « How stupid I am, and the worst is that I am not even ashamed of it! »

Whatever the diagnosis of age combined with the threat of non-vaccinated guarantees the fairground side of vaccination advocated by the Constitutional Council!

Canada once offered a million dollars to the one who could prove that vaccination had saved a life!

That’s a memory of forty years ago and some. I do not know if the offer still stands, but if the wise are as smart as they believe, a little logic should allow them to understand why the one who offered the million risked nothing! How do you prove something that did not happen? If you do not ask yourself were the previous question, you should read my “Let’s be logical! … for God’s name!” (For once that I get to plug my article on an example of idiocy…).

They should therefore know the factual indications that justify vaccinations!

But till now, all we have about vaccinations is their list of contra-indications, unless the “wise men” oppose their famous precautionary principle which they used to manipulate us in recent years. It’s perhaps what they thought when legalizing the killing of the fetus! It protects at once from all diseases, THE absolute vaccine, and even death that awaits all who are born!

Where is the time when Germany discovered anti-smallpox killed one for 300 vaccinations…

And prohibited BCG found guilty to trigger leukemia? While France was coughing of tuberculosis, the Netherlands had virtually no tuberculous, without ever vaccinated while it was mandatory in France.

Why should we be surprised that serial killers do politics?

It was clearly seen on his arrival in Mali, “the most beautiful day of the life of François Hollande”! Finally he could ask the French be legal murderers and risk being killed without himself risking anything.

Before being legal, abortion was a crime. All the dead and those kids sick of meningitis caused by vaccinations will not send legislators nor manufacturers in jail! Neither nonsmokers dead from cancer… That’s really good jobs! And I’m not sure, given how long it lasted, that their record is not much better than that of ISIS!

Is legal terrorism prohibited by law?

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