Organisms, Servos, Therapies! (01/Bases)

Organisms, Servos, Therapies! (01/Bases)

Organisms, Servos, Therapies! (01/Bases)

To start it up with therapeutic systems we should already understand and know what a living organism is. However, therapists, whatever their practice, seem not to have a clear idea of it. In fact, no idea at all!

Failing to examine what servos  are. For the bodies of living organisms are only servo packages inextricably interrelated, and all the test tubes in the world cannot give a clue to that.

In summer 1970 I followed a one-month internship in a Medical School on holiday in Lodève (south of France), as part of “Vie & Action” activities, the association founded by André Passebecq, and I gave a lecture on “Servos and Natural Psychosomatic”! It is a development of this conference that you will be able to follow in these posts.

My goal at the time was to show that the “Natural Psychosomatic” or “The Vital Hygiene” of Passsebecq was the only therapeutic method compatible with the servos theory which I had studied in my engineering school! Passebecq was more interested in psychology (and Korzybski’s general semantics, which saved him many nonsense) than math, but he understood the existence and importance of what he called the “Natural Medicating Force” which is none other than the way the servos are manifested in organisms. As we shall see!

Math to the rescue of biology or of bio-logic…!

The servos are studied with a mathematical theory which consequences are vital to avoid biological accidents, such as “failures” of treatments or their side effects.

But the results shown by mathematicians are just supporting common sense reflections . So, as we will not need math, let’s just enjoy the fact that mathematicians have proven what we will tell…

A control system or servo is a mechanism aiming at obtaining a result and which reacts according to its effect. As of now, you use them almost every day! Most heating/cooling systems of cars are programmed by setting the desired number of degrees Fahrenheit: it is a controlled system! Your cruise control too, which is to ensure that your speed remains what you set up regardless of the road profile. It slows down in the descents, and accelerates in the slopes. All by itself!

In other words, in a servo, we use something that compares the difference between what we have and what we want to have. And it is corrected in the control body by causing a reverse change in the gap we found! In other words, it reacts in the opposite direction. Like when you drive, if your car swerves to the left, you turn the wheel to the right and vice versa. And it is a kind of loop: you put your wheel in the position that you feel good, you find that the car is not going where you want, so you correct with the steering wheel, and you continue to compare the direction taken with the one you want to take. In French it’s called a “reverse feedback loop”! English is less precise: it simply speaks of “feedback loop” but fails to mention that this feedback is negative.

You really have to constantly keep in mind this aspect of loop because it has a fundamental consequence: if you are dealing with a control loop, wherever you intervene in the loop, you affect EVERYWHERE IN the loop! Pretending to act locally is the first scam of our crappy Diafoirus! We’ll see that we can have the impression it’s working and why, but that it’s just an impression, as you have to expect some (inevitable!) side effects. The same side effects that pharmacists and doctors who use them have the gall to guarantee us through the statutes of the American Medical Association!

Second comment: servos have operating limits. A side gust at 200 mph is quite difficult to correct. While your radiators pretend to guarantee 70°F they may have difficulty if it is -60 degrees outside and your air conditioner in which you program the same value will perhaps run out of steam before it reaches 200 in the shade ! In other words, it’s not because we have a servo that we must not take into account its limits. A glass of ale, okay, three tankers: hello the wreckage!!!

Given this second feature, how can we know if we are dealing with a servo? You could answer on your own! If something is relatively constant despite changes in the environment: it means that you have a servo!

You want examples? Again you might find them by yourself: in “warm-blooded” animals like human bodies, the temperature remains constant or so (between 92.2°F and 100°F) depending on the location in the body and the time of day (says Wikipedia). Now it is not uncommon that during 24 hours the temperature of the atmosphere at a given location varies about twenty degrees or more. So we have proof that our temperature is regulated…

Another, less obvious, though if you often make blood tests, you will find that more often than not your settings do not do roller coasters and in any case (unless you’re dead, and you don’t know it, since you keep reading…) their differences are minor compared to all the foods you swallow. It even has a name that doctors know without taking much care to examine with any “precautionary principle”, which however, would be very useful here: it is the “homeostasis”, and it is also the name given by Claude Bernard to servo systems.

Even less obvious: when you get hurt, your body changes shape at the site of injury and yet it will do what it can to regain its “normal” shape… for your age! We can consider this as the fact that the appearance of a body is controlled by a preset “plan” that shall grow over time, regardless of the circumstances (always with limitations on its application, of course), what metaphysics precisely call the “form” (the essence), the director of the bodies, whose manifestation will give them their “appearance”. Metaphysics’ form is indeed the “essential possibility” that prepares what will become a living organism, with which we are dealing in our case. The associated “Substantial possibility” being provided by the gametes from dad and mom, who are only promises of bodies, since they lack half their chromosomes to be a true cell of the organism in the making.

This link between the servos and metaphysics has nothing trivial, especially on the part of the “Paradigm Inducer” that I claim to be, since it will allow expanding the discourse beyond, even much beyond, just the physiological range…

In other words, the doctors have heard of that, but as they are crossed against basic math, they do not know the consequences, or they do not take them into account! And we’ll get to that.

Another easy to understand feature but which somewhat concerns math. This is what they call the “transfer function”. It concerns all control systems, whether regulated or not. This is the function that gives the “exit” (result) based on the “entrance” (the driving idea). What interests us, we philistines, is the speed of the servo response. Again with the example of the driver: if you are feverish and you turn the wheel hysterically in both directions, you’ll end up in a tree because you cannot steer the car. If you are amorphous, you let the car go where it “wants” and the result will probably be the same. So there is an optimum speed of reaction, adapted to the aim pursued.

Mathematical analysis reduces the reaction speed to a delay: the time constant of the servo.

And speaking of time, maybe it’s time we move to the second part of the study: that of organisms.


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