Our Lady of Holland: stop this scam of a referendum with a boycott!

Our Lady of Holland: stop this scam of a referendum with a boycott!

Our Lady of Holland: stop this scam of a referendum with a boycott!

referendumThe pun is on the airport project of “Notre Dame des Landes”, a pet project of Hollande and Ayrault!

This post actually provides a quick overview of the news… Pick up what you want to tweet!

Because this time the scam is even no more discreet: The government has plenty of time to survey all populations to define the geographic area of the referendum! And to choose the way that ensures the “Yes” can win! Even if it has to go to Corsica which does not give a damn to what happens to Nantes.

Do not let you be fooled again! After such a long time it’s one time too much!

See how Hollande and Le Foll were freshly welcomed at the Agricultural Show. And this great simpleton of Le Foll dared say it was “unacceptable to whistle the President of the Republic”! Because this “normal” president is “acceptable” like his agriculture minister (Le Foll) who is not even going to Brussels; while Hollande reported that he had finally realized that it was where everything happens and that he is the lackey of the Belgian-European pranksters.

Finally it is not so bad: farmers have been rather angry for a few months and showed it, and he seemed to discover that when arriving at Porte de Versailles. At least he cannot ignore it any more, with the enthusiasm that he caused!

It is not because Holland was able to fool the geniuses who voted for him that he is any more respectable or acceptable! He is still just pathetic and pitiful. He was elected to be our employee and to represent us. With a real boss, he would have been fired long ago: who would want to trust him for a split second?

What is not so funny is that this reaction seems to settle very quickly: Valls was much less heckled visiting the show two days later! The rotted ones will still get away…

The former president of the COP 21 no longer feels calm…

And the rest of the government appointed by the waste is no better than him, as the like attracts the like, or as the English say, birds of a feather f(l)ock together!

Ségolène, who did not even notice she was not the President during the last COP, attributes herself all the glory of the resolutions that were passed there, forgetting Obama´s slap after the meeting, saying he did not care, along with the whole US, about the resolutions, changing the future into the conditional! Ah! She boasts, the former Mrs. Clean, or Mrs. Bricolage as the Parisian tabloid labels him!

Another surprise: if the nuclear authority gives a favorable technical opinion, she will extend the life of nuclear power plants 10 years: this is her revolutionary ecology, quite in line with the bungling about shale gas! But can we complain as we, at least, are “royally” screwed!

Government redesign improves its score: now we have one “naze Ayrault”!

Don’t wonder: this pun cannot be translated: it sounds like “one to zero” in French!

As you knew, Hollande collected the trash, probably to give his airport to his friend Jean-Marc! So the mummy is back, “harassed” it seems to return by the national disaster. But flunked: he has always been foreign to the affairs and now he is in charge of foreign affairs! What humor this Francois!

The new zombies herd is in place: what beautiful calves! Another inside joke I apologize to my English readers … the Place Beauvau (beaux veaux, beautiful calves) is the headquarters of the ministry of interior, hence the “private” side of the pun!

And the “Enfoirés” bleat “Libeeeeeerté”! Come on, children of apathy!

Another private joke: the “Enfoirés” is a theater group founded by Coluche, a deceased stand-up comedian who initiated the “Restaurants of the heart” for the poor. And this year they have a disastrous clip where a series of famous performers bleating “Freedom”, a recall of the French anthem: “Allons enfants de la Patrie” (come on children of the homeland) here turned into “Allons enfants de l’apathie”!

The announcement of their 2016 season is rather an insult to their dynamic militant and founder Coluche, with their lullaby for Down syndrome guys! Is it the exceeded coma of the government that inspired them or the unbearable hamming of the Tele-Matin team on FR2?

Coluche knew that Liberty, as the Kingdom of Heaven which he did not care about, belonged to the violent, and has demonstrated it, in particular with his Restos, one of the few organizations left that is still useful years after his passing!

Ah! They look so “free”, our show biz guys, bewildered in this clip! They could have noticed that this word or Freedom is the central tool to manipulate the crowds. How many crimes have been committed in its name? Basically, whatever government is in the worst position to talk about it, since it must limit it by laws that specify what we can and cannot do.

The evil side is that with the freedom of expression the critics lose all effectiveness as one is free to express any opinion, which does not deprive people like Canteloup to do so without changing anything, of course, since the fact of making Hollande ridicule does not mean he is so, but that Canteloup could freely imagine it…

It is still very clever: using freedom of expression to make it useless! The peasants have understood: speech is not worth action, except that their demonstrations are considered only as the evidence that the expression is free! We’re not close to get out!!! Tires will continue to burn for nothing…

Finally a solution that works for unemployment: Radiation!

And without the need of 49.3, the famous “act of efficiency” according Valls who does not want to consider it as an “act of authority”! The proof is that he “assumed responsibility” by using it, while Hitler would not have done so. By the way, what is the commitment to responsibility of a politician?

The legal arsenal only serves to cheat! Laws that limit our freedom should only do so to protect us. But what will protect us from the laws?

When the manipulated ones are requesting more manipulations, manipulators have won! Being proud of our French Civil War of 1789 shows that we still do not understand that it’s been more than two centuries that we are mocked. And above all that we will no longer understand it ever!

The French frogs have committed a joist like those of La Fontaine…

Sorry a French reference again, a fable from La Fontaine “The frogs who asked for a king!”

Finally we well deserve our name of froggies in Anglo-Saxon slang, since we have our chamber pot king!

It is not La Fontaine who invented the story, as usual, he stole it from Aesop and Phaedrus. The chamber pot of La Fontaine is a piece of wood “Who severity frightened’ the marshy gent. The trouble is that the frogs in the fable are fed up with this piece of wood that does nothing and will seek a crane, actually more active since they became its food. Will Sarko be our crane? The amusing detail of the story is that the frogs had requested a King to get rid of a democracy…

Again, for Plato, democracy was the last stage before tyranny. But do we need to return to a formal monarchy as a president of a democracy has all the powers of a tyrant once he is elected, especially to betray his electors…

How can we still be proud to be French with such a president and a government?

In fact it is not the President that is most frightening: it is the number of French who voted for him, suggesting that our country is screwed. Because even after all these evidences of bungling, there is still a quarter of the population who believes he can only screw his females!

The marriage for all was devised to allow gays to marry, a nightmare for Jean d’Ormesson who “loves them too much to wish them such an omen!” And a cruel attempt of humor from a guy who never wanted to get married, not without leaving his muffins making factories go along with their kids and just talks about responsibility, and honesty while hiring governments families fertile of out-laws…

As said another: you screwed count yourselves!

The real solution: the downfall of présidentialité!

A last French pun referring to the downfall of nationality under much discussion…

A simple formula: we are disappointed: he is no more appointed!

It is still much more efficient than Isis though its damage is less bloody. Although the number of farmers committing suicide may improve the score. But the focus on the unemployment figures masks the reality of growing poverty and difficulties of poor families to get by. The use of the system « D » (D,I,Y.) as with Uber cabs hits the legalizing hysteria, to make up for the excesses of that same myopic “legislator” for decades. The thing that has the wind in its sail for the moment seems to be the “services to the people”, a way to hide the inefficiency of a governmental system prisoner of a market economy and the plutocracy that results.

Except that: who will want our garbage?

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