Paris Agricultural Fair: the choice is clear between « To Hell, sucker » and the hero of the toothless poor

Paris Agricultural Fair: the choice is clear between « To Hell, sucker » and the hero of the toothless poor

Paris Agricultural Fair: the choice is clear between « To Hell, sucker » and the hero of the toothless poor

This new agricultural show is a blessing: it has brought back to memory the sentence of a racy elegance of our former President at a previous fair, and thus enables us to appreciate the choice we will have in two years (next election). Between the guy of two-neurons, and the one who eats all the racks!

To the polls, citizens! Prepare your trash cans! (to be sung on the French anthem)

Basically, if it is about risking to elect one or the other of these walking disasters, you might as well put your votes directly to the trash, they would join the former Prefect of the Seine (a guy named Poubelle, from whom we call our trash cans today), at least he gave his name to the garbage containers. Perhaps thanks to the development of the garbage sorting, we will have soon a can called Hollande for satirical newspapers and one called Sarkozy for antipsychotics?

I would like to emphasize the fact that, if the future seems clogged to such a point, that is not because that choice between these two clowns is inevitable, but because the people, that is us, see it as such. We are NOT REQUIRED to vote for people we know THROUGH EXPERIENCE that they can only make fun of us. If no one is worthy to be our leader, we can say it by abstaining. I even stress that, by a « blank vote » you confirm our agreement with a system of government that has fooled us for three centuries, and of which it might be necessary to change the terms.

When Coluche (a passed famous stand up humorist) wondered why “they” took us for idiots, he noticed that we do nothing to show the opposite. Even today, his “Restaurants of the Heart” feed the toothless Hollande manufactures and sends them there! I have the weakness to think that if a comedian without true wealth was able to do such a thing, those who have ALL OUR MONEY show how they are desperately worth even less than zero.

In other words, if we were less idiots and we would not rise as one man when someone tells us something that « charms » us (“Charlie”, for example!), and we were waiting (patiently) to hear a really smart and not necessarily flattering speech (remember our good La Fontaine! – every flatterer lives at the expense of the listener) one could imagine changing the discerning level of politicians who are in any case doomed to take us for idiots, otherwise they would have to stop being idiots themselves…

The catch-22 is that to appreciate the intelligence of a tribune, a journalist or a scientist, we should ourselves be smart enough to be able to proceed to any appreciation at all, which is not what our studies have prepared us for (see « Let’s be logical! … by God’s name! »), whatever their duration.

So it would be better to prepare for the continuation of the disaster because nothing can predict any improvement with respect to us, and this is not the rush of 8 million to buy the new issue of the Charlie paper like Pavlovian doggies and the rise up of the popularity of Hollande and his Valls that can make us optimistic.

But at least we have the proof, since January 11, there is no reason to hope… especially with the media that advertise with the seriousness of buffoons, that day there was three million demonstrators in the streets between the Nation and the Republic!

But hey, global warming, increased frequency of earthquakes and floods, not to mention other cosmic threats, may allow this civilization to disappear without this being entirely our fault…

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