Pope Francis drops the mask: he is an Illuminati!

Pope Francis drops the mask: he is an Illuminati!

Pope Francis drops the mask: he is an Illuminati!

So! We just had to wait. For those who were wondering whether Francis had a connection with his co-Jesuit Adam Weishaupt, Founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, the answer is YES! Brave Adam has therefore the pope he dreamed of!

For exemple, go to http://gloria.tv/media/8hJZ69ELwr7 to see the photo below with the Pope who rejoices in making the familiar sign of rockers’ favorite demon next to his Filipino boyfriend Luis Antonio Tagle equally hilarious, one of the few cardinals who is not pedophile, it seems!

Pope Francis first cornuto

And you will also learn that « For the occasion, children living in the streets were caged with adult criminals to hide the pontiff and cameras from journalists, as the British magazine MailOnline reported.”

But I’ll let you discover the rest of the treats offered by « leschroniquesderorschach ». You will also see there people who claim that « It is in the void of thought that evil fits! » which only proves what they claim. It is quite possible that the « cornuto » exhibited by the papal authority means « I love you » but the Kalaghan guy, source of these revelation about evil was badly protected against obscurantism himself… To talk about love, we need people: one who loves and one who is loved, as Kalaghan should know, even if he did not read the obscurantist Socrates revealed by Plato. So the only question is: « Who loves who » in this sign, as in the motto of the US dollar « Annuit Coeptis » (He will promote our businesses)! Who is this benefactor?

Kalaghan is only one of countless blind who cannot see beyond their cultural fragmentary and undigested mental images. Fortunately, other focal points of Rorschach are obviously less stupid, and on the whole less « obscurantist »! The subtleties of the position of the thumb, identified by some do not answer the question of « Who? » And just allow to get lost…

But I appreciate that it gives me the opportunity to send you on the Rorschach site where you will find a bunch of interesting information, and also a feeling of the job they have left to do, and to which I am also committed: helping people out of the package of stupidities in which they are plunged by their manipulators…

For those who require a context, you could refer to the huge literature that has escaped them on the subject, as I shall confine myself to report tracks for these lazy to which everything must be done for them. Hence learn Aleister Crowley, Albert Pike, Alice Bailey, John Lennon, Keith Richards, Iggy Pop, or even Madonna, but why telling you all this? Go to « holyfamilymonastery.com » they have already been around the problem for some time and you will have evidences of what some imaginative tell that do not fail to turn around the issue, without believing it, unlike a lot of other crazy ones…

Since the birth of « jazz », a slang word for « brothel », popular music is Lucifer’s tool that you stick to ignore, which is normal, since its major pitfall is to make you believe in his absence. But all the “random coincidences” accompanying Luciferian shenanigans like those on January 7 to 11 falling just within a week of publication of the #1177 issue of Charlie, show to those who can see, that the powers at work far exceed human capacities, and that we are indeed, as the Gospel says, in a fight against the powers and principalities emigrant from the divine Kingdom.

You are free to think that these are just beliefs, since that’s what your priests tell you, as well as a sling load of anti clerical idiots, who are no better, but if there are people that you should not trust, it’s them.

All « God » knows to do is to manufacture universes, and He expects us to destroy them…

He also knows that we are not smart enough for that, and He gives us the indispensable help of his first angel, namely Lucifer, He let his disqualification, to inspire us adequate methods, while we are left free to follow or not, and it seems that our choice is not the best possible one.

Whether you are a fan of a conspiracy theory or one of their hysterical opponents, you do not have the slightest idea of what you care about without having the means to do so.

So stop giving it publicity, whatever your camp, because that’s all you can do there, and it is all they need!

There is no substitute to knowledge, and even faith cannot be an alternative…

So dream, if that is your favorite activity, and let’s meet for the Armistice of the next war if there is still an opponent with which to sign it…


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