Prohibition of artemisia: the ICJ in the Hague MUST condemn the WHO for a Crime Against Humanity!

Prohibition of artemisia: the ICJ in the Hague MUST condemn the WHO for a Crime Against Humanity!

Prohibition of artemisia: the ICJ in the Hague MUST condemn the WHO for a Crime Against Humanity!

logo OMSThis is not a real scoop since it is known since June 28, but it would be wrong to not talk about it again and again, for example on

It’s great: we do not need to torture our neurons any more to find out what suggests that the WHO is doing the marketing for the labs: it is THEM who admit it…

I often grumble against allopathy: the principle of which sounds absurd. But I know that one of the numerous disciplines of Traditional Chinese Medicine is like allopathy, it is called: the Chinese Science of Poisons. Except it’s a Traditional Science, not a “science” heir of the Cartesian method. Forget the anticipation of the Chinese, probably the only parameter that can trigger a Westerner because he sees in it a millennial “experience”, which is to no avail for a Chinese Taoist. The value of Traditional Science is not due to its antiquity, but in its Knowledge of Principles, a concern completely foreign to our Descartes. Although Chinese doctors of today do not have any more to ponder over Tao( ?) for 7 years prior to imagine understanding something to biology, their heritage comes from people who did this. And who knew what they were doing. Today we are reduced to apply recipes, even with acupuncture, which does not prevent them from working, if you are lucky…

As “Le Grand Changement” (The Great Shift) allows me to reproduce his text because I have indicated its source, I’m happy to do it, which should certainly not prevent you from going to their website.

Here is the info from Le Grand Changement (with some misspellings less):

“The WHO prohibits the plant artemisia annua, the greatest remedy against malaria and cancer, as it could also help against other serious diseases: it is too effective and could harm the profits of the global pharmaceutical cartel.

“This organization made me sweat to the highest degree, knowing what it is and who runs it. Now I hope you turn on the role of the WHO regarding its concerns to your health versus being in the pay of medical foundations of the World Elite.

“The Artemisia annua is an aromatic plant that has been used in Chinese medicine as a powerful remedy for malaria, a disease that, despite the official statistics, remains the most devastating of the planet. Artemisinine is the active principle of this plant. One has come to realize its amazing effectiveness against lung and breast cancer. Provided one adds iron.

“ »The Journal of Life Sciences (USA) presented a large study from the University of Washington, led by Dr. Henry Lai and Singh Narenda on artemisinine. It discovered at the outset that artemisinine could quickly destroy nearly 30% of lung cancer cells. But combining with the iron, it eradicates up to 98% of cancer cells, in just 16 hours!

“In addition, the consumption of this plant has no impact on the healthy lung cells because iron selectively attaches to the cancerous fabric thus fostering targeted attack by artemisinine.

“The report states that according to the results, “artemisinine stops the transcription factor “E2F1” and is involved in the destruction of lung cancer cells, which means it has a transcription means that artemisinine controls the growth of cancer cells.”

“ »Another study was conducted on samples of cancerous breast tumors in vitro. Since these cells also have a strong tendency to accumulate iron, it has also been associated with iron artemisinine. There was thus obtained a 75% destruction of cancer after only 8 hours and almost 100% in only 24 hours.

“Since then, numerous experiments were conducted on various cancers (prostate, intestine ….), And so far they have all shown that artemisinine combined with iron selectively destroys cancerous tumors, which was setting artemisinine – by Dr. Len Saput – as “a smart bomb for cancer”!

“NOTE: Regarding malaria, bioengineers Henry Lai and Narendra Singh of the University of Washington, were the first scientists to explain that the malaria parasite cannot survive in the presence of artemisinine, given that it is very rich in iron.

“Important: You are encouraged to reproduce this text for transmission by putting this: From

Nothing new under the sun!!!

I’ll spare you the exchanges of comments you will find following at the indicated address, where some hysterical conspiracy theorists (whether pro or anti) begin to seriously pollute the debate.

I do not know if the WHO is behind a conspiracy of Big Pharma, but I know that the AMA (American Medical Association) requested its members to commit themselves to never distribute a product without side effects and that the ACS (American Cancer Society) statutorily prohibits dissemination of effective remedies (source “Murder by Injection” by Eustace Mullins), so what’s the fuck if WHO is involved explicitly or not, since all this industry is rotten. Just try to make the balance sheet of cancers, including that of smokers, based probably on “What does not kill us makes us more strong”, one of the major drivel from Nietzsche (1888) regardless of what they induce among non-smokers. If those users are themselves a scattered band of murderers (and suicidal too, but that’s up to them!), why would professionals have qualms about being accomplices as they are paid for?

Because social security should not have a deficit, if the politicos and morons who govern administrations applied continuously FOR ONCE their damn PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE! By studying biology and nutrition, for instance, to find out how diseases start instead of rushing too late once they are declared. Maybe we would get back to Hippocrates: “Your food is your best medicine!”.

This is fast and it does not cost!!!

In this regard, the Journal of TF1 (the French TV Station) did the other day a “serious” study of therapeutic fasting, explaining that the German social security reimbursed over 3 million spa-goers, (Yes! Because you have to go for a cure to be fasting: € 3050 for 15 days!), whereas there was only a little over a thousand fasteners in France but TF1’s “nutritionists” prevent that there is not enough information to recommend the practice. I suggest TF1 to change its consultants because the German method was developed by some Buchinger in 1953! The American Herbert Shelton came even a few years before (1934); but TF1 nutritionists never cared.

Still, fasting is also an excellent remedy against cancer! During my years of attending André Passebecq, founding president of Life & Action, I met dozens of cancer cured by fasting significantly longer than the 15 days of German cures. It does not kill: I did once a fast of 45 days myself just to see…

Alternatives but not as common as AC…

So if the directors of social security were doing their job instead of waiting for their pay while watching passersby on the opposite sidewalk, social security would have MUCH LESS to spend, and we would pay a lot less, and suppliers of “desperate solutions” would win much less!

And instead of being subservient to modern allopathic (we saw that the traditional one is very different), it could take care of healers and energy practitioners whose clients recognize their results, considering also etiopaths, chiropractors and osteopaths, and if they insist on selling stuff, taking care of homeopathy and of the ignoble Beljanski!

One can learn to fast alone by reading books of André Passebecq or Henri Geffroy or Herbert Sheldon and security should repay you for what you saved by not eating!!! Or flush its money to your grocer and butcher…

To have attended “State Alumni” dieticians, I can tell you that we do not have the same information, but it would be surprising if the state had approved a diploma that is anything but a scam, as usual. If dieticians do not know what their diet is, doctors have no reason to know what health is, besides they only study diseases, instead! And politicians have no reason to know more about this than just about anything else of what they serve!

And what if you took back your life and your health instead of waiting for the slightest help of all these broken arms?

We can all get lucky!

Note that I do not dispute that allopathy may have some results: what I would like is that they know why they are obtained, which would be seen through a percentage of healings at 100% instead of a lower figure, as once again the scam of the adorable Blaise Pascal after that of René Descartes. “The calculation of probabilities is an attempt to assess our ignorance”, source: my probability teacher whom I should have remembered the name to pay tribute to him, the only teacher I can quote an intelligent sentence! Yes, Yes ! (see “Let be Logical”, part 1)

Beat the Lotto: all losers can try their luck!

But speaking of probabilities, there is ONE CERTAINTY IN THERAPY! It is coming from a team of Americans who discovered it: a trick that works 100%! Only promise me to read the next paragraph UNTIL ITS END before you scoff and laugh like whales… Good! Hold your breath! This thing is: the Placebo effect!

WARNING ! You promised me!?! I have NOT said there was A SINGLE product with which ALL blind tests gave 100% results with its placebo! It’s a bit like a remark that I still heard today: “I do not see how an exception can confirm a rule!”. At first glance, yes, but we do not speak of exceptions in the plural, but only of one, and that we would know of, which appears to be such as to indeed prove the rule as it is the One and only exception!!! For placebos, it’s a bit the same! ALL double blind tests showed some placebos worked! Whatever the product tested! Your constraint is lifted… you can smile!

In the popular view, a placebo is the replacement of a drug by plain water or sugar.

But there are many other “placebo effects”! For example, a drug being offered by a creature in white coats! The extreme case would be to have a dowser who come to discover that the drug that can help YOU is called Qwertyuiop (the first row of the keyboard of my computer…) and you discover that you do not need to go buy it (besides you would maybe need a prescription…) because the only statement of its name had already caused the therapeutic effect!!!

To get out other than feet first

The problem of medicine is therefore summarized: how to cause a placebo effect every time! As it clearly cannot come from any chemical or biological product, we are reduced to investigate psychological factors, because if something pretends to work without having materialist explanations, it cannot be but a fad. I want to avoid forcing you to believe in some “parapsychological” cause (noting that the word “parapsychology” implies that there is a psychology “beyond” the “official” psychology)! So I will invoke “quantum” phenomena since it is the modern name for what was known long ago under the name of spiritual. If you want details, I refer you to the 49 episodes of my series on “Therapies of the 21st Century” on this blog!

In which case, I will add to my list of suggested practices the Reconnection of the American Eric Pearl, the Frame of the French alchemist Patrick Burensteinas, and all you may hear that can be done remotely, ensuring that it is really due to a placebo effect, if it works… because to have a placebo effect, you must still have something to trigger it…

A placebo effect simply means that a thought will manifest materially. The basis is therefore that just thinking: “All is well” must translate materially and psychologically. But this is rarely the case! So all the “quantum science” will aim at discover and eliminate (it occurs at the same time!) thoughts that block the realization of what we want. My series provides some ideas that go well beyond health issues, then: Cheers!

But let us have a final word on artemisinine:

Then, what about the International Court of Justice?

My next door neighbors said they cannot help me. So is there one of you who could lead the International Court of Justice in The Hague to condemn the WHO for a Crime Against Humanity as a result of its prohibition of artemisia? Thank you in advance for the millions of patients who will not die. Otherwise we will also have proof that the rumors that say the UN and the New World Order want to eliminate 7/8 of the world population are “more than a theory”!

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