How to Put Order in the Paradigm

How to Put Order in the Paradigm

Maybe you noticed that when scientists are disrupted by quantum phenomena they try to find dimensions beyond the three observable, while our Infinity gives us as many as we want, except that there is nothing geometric in them since, apart from the material (or “bodily”) universe, everything is by nature the “same spot”!

Looking at it a little closer we already know how to find something other than space and/or time. In our material world, we must give the geographical and/or astronomical coordinates of what we talk about, along with a date. But we have no available reference to that in this physical universe, since we have no origin that is absolute for space and for time. We are forced to use agreements between us.

However, since everything about the other areas is now in one place, we will be able to spot them by their identifiers (one of their names, such as what we did with the numbers) and do not mind the date as there is no time there. By the way, a universe without time is properly called the e-ternity (timeless).

Besides, it’s what you do without knowing it when you use the Internet or a mobile phone. The physical address of the caller is useless and you join him wherever he is if you know his number, or email address, or other identifier, such as a social security number for the administration.

As an illustration, I told you about healers, “fire cutters” that hospitals use to heal their burned patients (M6, a French TV station, did a story on it in Savoie and I know at least one who works with a Parisian hospital). Here’s how it goes. The hospital receives someone hurt by a burn. The nurse makes a phone call to one of the fire cutters in the list at her disposal, who simply asks for the patient’s name and date of birth. Then, from home, he takes care of burns to the satisfaction of hospital staff. Besides, if you have someone around you who will have to undergo radiotherapy, try to find a fire cutter who can take care of your friend as an outcome of his sessions… ID and date of birth are quite sufficient to the magnetizer to get in connection with the desired individual, and only he, the possibility that two homonyms are born on the same day is still relatively low.

The people I met and spoke of who are attending fairies and other creatures of the forest, ask them their name when they should use their “services” later. In the rite of exorcism, the operator first asks how many daemons to send to the trash, then the names of these to intimate them to fuck off and leave their victim in peace. More generally all practices of magic or sorcery are based on the invocation of entities which are needed to intervene. Before you try to react by asking what happens if several magicians evoke the same “thing”, be aware that, unlike us; who are assigned to residence in our body, the psychic disembodied “creatures” have no reason to be “in” a single physical location at a any time. But we will see our residency is not as rigid or as despotic as it seems…

Well, it should be obvious that our Infinite will serve as a primary cause for the understanding of the world as we have seen. To fix ideas, Saint John speaks of it as THE PRINCIPLE at the beginning (of course!) of his Gospel. In fact, we have a strong indication of the date of the disappearance of this kind of paradigm in human consciousness, since the book of Aristotle on the “metaphysical” was re-titled by his fans “Treaty of root causes » (a plural!), i.e., it’s 25 centuries ago that this understanding is gone, if it ever existed, which we will see later when we have the opportunity …

We have seen that our collection allowed us to stick a lot of things in our infinite and we now need to put them in a logical order of which we have the starting point. And if possible to make it understandable to us, since it is our purpose to establish our paradigm, we poor “abandoned creatures” by the Infinite and who no longer understand anything!

So we need the capability to order, a possibility that we can guarantee the reality of since we can choose and set the Order in the fingers of our hand: first, second, third, fourth, fifth! We also need Logic, which we have found its reality and misuse for some time. And finally we can hope that we have the opportunity to LEARN, a possibility that has been used primarily by our teachers to trap us, and whose reality is unfortunately out of question. Experimenting with the possibility to UNDERSTAND is much more common and owes nothing to our teachers. It comes into play as soon as you spoke or read a text!

I hope that the trio “Order Logic, Teaching” means nothing to you because if it does, I would have missed my surprise… I would savor this moment of putting you on the path. Logic is nothing other than the English to translate the Greek word Logos, which is the same word. If it is still not enough, the Universal Possibility of Education is called the Paraclete in some areas (= one who teaches us everything we need to know). If I tell you now that the first Order from this Possibility of ordering is “fiat lux” and you still do not see, I thank you for letting me surprise you! My trio is none other than “the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”! As for the possibility to believe it does exist, as everyone knows it, but why settle to believe when we can understand, comprehend and know?§

If you remember that what we find in our Infinite does not mean that they are components of this Infinite, you will not be surprised that other studies of the same Infinite can consider other ways to describe it. There is even no reason that these descriptions should be relevant to each other or even parallel, apart from speaking about the same thing. And if I use the biblical version for my presentation, it is only because I think, rightly or wrongly, that you are more familiar with it… But I attribute it no prerogative. The religious war will not take place!

Thus the Chinese Taoists will speak of the Infinite as the Perfection (since It lacks nothing), they will speak of the Word (logos) as “Log” (a coincidence?), Indian Hindus will talk about the Infinite calling it Brahma, Vishnu is the Word as He manifests things in logical constructions, and Shiva is its neme as He returns used possibilities back in the “principle”. The Hindu “Teacher” is Buddhi and its universal aspect is that he is presented as the first “production of Brahma”, which has the advantage of ensuring that EVERYTHING is understandable since even before the beginning. The Hebrews had the name El to speak of the Infinite and Muslims call Him Allah, as you probably know. For the latter, He is not “creative” in the sense that anything that appears to be “created” springs not “ex nihilo”, but from one of the possibilities that exist before at the Infinite, and it integrates the functions of the Verb in His “mind” Ruah. Depending on what, He cannot be the Father of a single “Son”, which earned us the quarrels between Muslims and Christians. The Qur’an rightly says also that since humanity no longer understands the Trinity, we should just consider the Infinite to avoid talking nonsense! In philosophical vocabulary we would speak of the Universal Possibility, which needs no explanation…

Good! So there is nothing mysterious, and that’s good because I told you that I asked of you no cultural prerequisites. I hope you now see why.

After spending his Genesis to prepare all of the so-called “creation” (a questionable name since the reality of possibilities before any manifestation of what they express is forgotten) for 6 days, then ordering it (so that the “creationists” are only biblical, rather than Darwinian, evolutionists, and it is not worth they fight together, they are no better than each other).

Particularly if the “creationists” knew a little bit of Hebrew, they would know that the first verse of Genesis speaks of the “birth” of the world and not of its “creation”, like the first verse of St John and the litany of the Qur’an which repeats at the beginning of each sura, except one (IX), that Allah loves us as a mother loves the child who came out of her belly… a “birth” is even less a “creation” that it involves the mere appearance of a pre-existing fetus! But it is entirely appropriate to a change of state that passes from a mere possibility to its manifestation.

More precisely, and to get done with the Genesis, the first four words are: “Bereshit bara elohim at…” and there would be nothing strange to translate this by: “giving birth to the 6” (bere-shit), the “powers of God” (El-OHIM, a plural, so definitely not our Infinite!) has “given birth” (bara, again) to “all” (at = alef-tau, the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which lets talk about all that can be expressed!). 6 prepares us for the six “days” and also expresses the idea of “totality”, especially because it is both the product and the sum of 1, 2 and 3, the first number, the first even number and the first odd number, which seems appropriate for its performance…

My favorite comparison for this alleged “creation” is to consider a lady who goes shopping. She begins by making a list in her head of all items she wants, and at that time, there will be still no visible product, just possibilities or “principles”, since nothing is visible. Then she goes to the local supermarket and finds the items on her list on 6 gondolas. By going to the casher, she potentially has everything she wanted, so her supplying job is over, she will then just let the items take their place to perform their duties.

The parallel with Genesis is quite clear. We start from the possibilities that lie in this state in the Infinite, thus “unmanifested” (which are not seen), and then they are extracted to prepare the next phase which will be their manifestation in any appropriate field. But it is indeed a choice, and it is an ordering job. The evidence that during the six days we are not yet in the field of duality, but in the universal domain, is indicated by the fact that God always says that everything is “good”, while in the duality He should distinguish right from wrong… In other words, He has prepared His manufacture from what he knew to be good, using nothing of what He knew was bad! And then, God goes to sleep…

Did you just see what it means?§

That means that those who take Him for a bogeyman or a tyrant are morons! On the 6th day, God “finished” his work of Ordering and He manifests Himself as something VERY important, His Kingdom and His Goodness.

The fact that the Infinite has no limit, so no stress, is another way of expressing that its nature is absolute freedom. And the evidence of Liberty or Freedom at the Infinite means that this possibility should be reflected in all ensuing events, tailored to the particular circumstances of these events. It can give the impression that the freedom of an eagle is significantly more developed than the one of an earthworm, but even the latter can move with a body adapted to his lifestyle.

If the first 6 days show no evolutionary aspect, the 7th reflects that the only change that can be considered is the levels of expression in the chain of causality: Infinity/Universal/Spiritual/Psychic/Body. I.e. “levels” that correspond to modes of expression of all original possibilities. And these days are quite conventional like everything we cram in our Infinity, because they come only from choices we have made from the logical consequences of our findings. You are free to consider others if it suits you. Their choice has been directed for the sake of being able to refer to the biblical revelation, which, as I said, does not invalidate any other forms of messages…

If God stops the seventh day it is to grant us this relative freedom. Being almighty does not mean being hysterical or tyrannical, and if the Rigor is necessary for things to function in any universe, Mercy is also needed in a world that is not perfect (only the Infinite is perfect = what lacks nothing) and this is the divine Mercy that allows us to make mistakes without dying on the spot. A justification that the error is human but to persevere in error is diabolical… Review what has been said about the diabolical “tolerance” that is confused with this divine Mercy.

In other words, this is this seventh day of rest that “empowers” us under the eye, of course, of the One who prepared everything… And Who will explain the instructions for using His production through His revelations; not to condemn us without warning, unlike politicians who warn us that “no one may ignore the law,” while they do not know it themselves. In the meantime, we know what makes up the Kingdom of God: the selection of GOOD possibilities.

In particular, avoid making assumptions about the duration of these “days” since God has not put the time in His inventory. Besides, for us, one day is the alternation of the visible sun and the hiding sun! But the “sun” appears on the 4th day along with the other “lights”, so what can the first 3 “days” be? Rather  think of them as stages, and the promise of a time to come in the field of duality.

Then at the end of the 6 days, comes a “living soul” in the “image of God”. And it is true that in this particular state there, Adam “at the time” male and female, without any more fingers and toes that the God who he is the image of. This does not prevent the Order maker and his Word to have made the world and everything that exists in one way or another. This is a capability of this bi-sexual man we should remember.

Much later, our man and his female “taken from his side” (the Hebrew word evokes an envelope… the clay in which God breathed to manifest the bisexual Adam…) will incarnate, following the desire to know the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But we’re going too fast.§

God advised not to eat of this fruit because He knew that the good and evil already existed, as principles, of course (the fact that a machine can be operated or broken down shows us the reality of the principles in question), but also are in the field which He had not selected the possibilities of during His 6 days, and that we will soon see. So this “evil” did not arise suddenly in the alleged divine “creation”. It is part of the Infinite and simply has not been chosen by God for his “shopping”…

As God had announced, the incarnation provides the opportunity to suffer, to work, to be tried and to die. But above all, to know evil, whose possibility was simply not shown above (in Heaven). As it gives the wrong impression to bewilders that they can rebel against a God that they do not understand, it is necessarily more fascinating, and it is not too surprising that along centuries, this stupidity is the only thing that has really progressed.

Nevertheless, there is an intermediate level between the Trinity and the spirits of human beings, and we’ve talked about, it is that of “archetypes”, so universal, dear to Plato. In English they are “ideas of God”, of which we know one of the aspects in the form of numbers. Quick reminder in passing: we know their names: one, two, three, and four … but we’ve never seen them before! And because they are in a universal domain without therefore any individual “occurences”. Now what are the numbers? Another reminder: we have seen, they are the result of our ability to distinguish any things and count our successive distinctions. This ability is observable, so it must correspond to a possibility or a principle that allows counting. In any case, although we usually attribute numbers to the “existence” of “reportable” material objects, they are in fact clearly our capacity as human spirits.

For example, unless you cut the index finger of your right hand off, it is not “reportable”, and yet you can distinguish it. Others may also distinguish it, and no matter that the considerations of each are different about the limit to give your index finger from your hand, we can talk of it without arguing. But picture yourself in front of a plain wall. At first you do not feel you distinguish anything special, but you can decide to consider on it a square or a circle, without the need to trace it so rhat others would distinguish it too. Your imagination is amply sufficient, if you want to be alone to “see” it. The failure to distinguish things in a fog does not come from a sudden “failure” of your perception, but from your temporary “disability” to decide to distinguish anything. All this is like the possibility of finding points on a segment.

Will we be able to find this principle of distinction at the Infinite? Of course yes! Where do you want it to be? Can it be used to distinguish the Infinite itself? Of course not! What can you distinguish Infinity from, since there is nothing else? In other words there is no number that can be associated with the Infinite, not even ONE! Now we have a word to say that there is nothing to distinguish: it is zero. Zero is not a number, no offense to Peano, since there is no amount to be distinguished: it only reports that there is nothing to distinguish here! But zero will be the principle of quantities and numbers, because the “nothing” in question is considered a report of a quantity or of a number, so it assumes them, which is the job of a principle or a possibility: to define something without realizing it, but to establish a kind of “definition”, which itself can be distinguished.

Like the point, which is only a “promise”, a possibility, of space. The point is zero volume, while zero itself is a “zero quantity”. And the Infinite is then a “zero EVERYTHING!” The possibility or the principle of something is, as I have said, the “promise” of the thing, which as such is not “there” yet –not shown! If I say “zero honesty and zero intelligence” you may think of a politician (or many). But a politician is in the realm of duality (left/right, for example), so of demonstrations…, so the nullity of his honesty and intelligence cannot be the principle of one or the other. As a corollary, he is also a summit of vice and stupidity!

The name or symbol of the absence, zero, is written « 0 »! As we have seen this is not the symbol of a number it is just a digit to signal that we cannot distinguish anything! The digits are simply an alphabet to write the names of all the numbers (and their absence). As the alphabet is used to write all the words, we will group digits to only need a small amount of different digits.

Currently, as you know, the alphabet of numbers has 10 digits. This will therefore require us to make packages of 10, then packets of 10 times 10, and so on, to express the names of all conceivable numbers. If we were to use our teeth to account instead of our fingers, it would be in hexadecimal (base 16) at birth, and need a conversion after each visit to the dentist… So, in the number “one hundred and four”, we will find a package of 100 (“1” hundred), no packages of tens “0” and four units “4”. Whence the writing “104”!

It may be interesting to know that Arabic numerals are also names of angels, which sheds new light on our “ideas of God”. Especially that one can do calculations to connect numbers, which will allow expressing relationships between corresponding angels. Islam combines them with spatial directions, the cardinal points, which we will soon see… Because the numbers are not the simply the “ideas of God”. The other part of the math may or must also be involved. Did not Plato indicate that he scored only “geometricians” in his Academy?

Only, to speak of geometry, we will need some space, so let’s see if something can give us geometric information on a possible logical structure of our Infinity. We have seen that since the Infinite is “only” THE PRINCIPLE of everything, he has itself no space and it is represented as a point, which is obviously just a representation. Therefore let’s try to “enlarge” the point to get another representation closest to the current idea we have of something “infinite”. In the “swelling” we’re going to get a sphere whose center is the point from which we started.

Our center is therefore our origin, we can mount a “system” consisting of three perpendicular axes from the center. And again from this center, we can have a multitude of half-lines, which we will restrict to the surface of the sphere, since we can consider it as big as we want it… Each of these half-lines is clearly identified by the angle it makes with the three axes. And do you see how things are? In Greek as in Latin, the word “angle” and “angel” are the same!

So, whether in arithmetic, where numbers indicate the names of the angels, or in geometry where they appear as half-lines radiating from a common origin, it seems that mathematics (or at least that of ancient Greeks) is the study of angels or ideas of God! Did you also know that the word mathematics evoked “teaching by reminiscence”?

This reminiscence, according to Plato, is the memory of our infinite origins… And in primitive (original and sacred) mathematics, “axioms” are clearly defined by our Greek as “ideas of God to be seen in Him”, because we cannot “demonstrate” (show “outside”, to others!) them neither rationally, nor logically. Which makes us dependent on a revelation to logically understand anything. So that, normally, our mathematicians have to tell their followers what they saw of divine ideas, which takes us far from the modern math where the truth of axioms require submitting their consequences to a non-contradiction test, because we have no reason to trust human fantasies… I.e. coming from ignorant! As what was evoked by teaching through “reminiscence”?

The whole field of principles must depend in the same way of a revelation and if I give the impression to deduct them, it is only because I use the evidence of what they show and reveal precisely!

Changing continent to look in India. It is from the Sanskrit word deva that comes our word divine. But those devas are not God but precisely the angels who are in innumerable multitude, which suggests that the Latin has not been lucky in choosing this name to speak of something unique!

And if we add that everything that has been done by our Infinity (principle) was according to “weight, measure and number” as stated in the Book of Wisdom, i.e. in a proportionate way, we can imagine that the study of proportions (ratios), which will be discussed again when speaking of harmony and music, will teach us much about the Infinite, God and his ideas on manufacturing worlds, certainly more than most theologians lost in their desperate philosophical attempts…§

If I’ve made all that mess about angels it is to examine our relationship with them, or at least some of them… The Hindus also talk about fallen angels which they call asuras. The Bible tells us that one third of the angels rebelled against the Infinite where they felt oppressed, too cramped, as if it were possible! But that is a tale for kids…

Moreover whenever Scripture turns to something moral or sentimental, we must consider that this is a story for the grandmothers to tell their grandchildren. Over generations no grandmother will be requested to understand anything as long as she tells her tale properly. If by adventure some children understands what the text says, the sequences of grandmothers will at least have made this child aware of the story, which otherwise would have remained unknown to the child who came to understand it. Those who see here the prototype of Lenin’s “useful idiots” should be careful of the context…

If angels believed that, it is because the Almighty has kindly suggested it to them and they believed it in order to complete His work in the field of duality without giving his caution. As the Order giver may “only” order the principles Infinity makes available to Him! Indeed for 6 days he has accumulated the universal elements he found “good”, but for the principles of “bad” found in the Infinite, He decided that they could not occur universally. It was therefore necessary that the relevant rules could not occur at a higher level, and to do this, the “carriers” of these principles had to “leave” the Infinite on its own level, to be able to act in the field of duality. Obviously, this “departure” must be an illusion or a lie, and the corresponding Angels are also known as the “father of lies”.

Suddenly, fallen angels had the impression of a new freedom to replace their so-called “prison” in the Infinite: the “freedom of choice”… between good and evil. They were left to promote it to the darlings of God (his images…) whom they had refused to become servants (slaves) of, as God had commanded the angels in general. To refuse a divine order is also quite illusory, but it does not prevent of trying! After revocation of their decision, said angels could not act in the universal any more, that is in God’s Kingdom area, and they had to be content to find the psychic level, so under their masters as elect by God. A missed opportunity somehow…

Whatever their apparent power, they cannot influence us without our permission, and if we were not in such bad shape spiritually, we could resist and overcome! The only way left to them and that can serve us is giving us the opportunity to defeat them at their own game, which gives us the opportunity to understand a little more of this damn good/evil pair.

Among the dualities of this area, there is the contrast between the top and bottom. What we see on earth, with the sky above and the earth below. At the universal level, the divine kingdom is naturally above: Heaven (not the sky!). And the specific area reserved to the fallen angels is down in the lower depths (hell) of the “earth”, with the “body of Lucifer” at the center of this hell (= inferno, inferior, lower), the core of their empire!

The manifestations of these possibilities to believe to be independents are in fact led by Lucifer. But before being deposed, and becoming the Prince (principle) of this World (of duality) Lucifer was the first angel, so He is something fundamental and extraordinarily powerful, and this is the thing his two main “executives” followed, namely Satan and the Devil!

And if we are to know our enemies, let us say two words of our trio. Lucifer is the “deceiver”, the one that asks us to consider him as God, which is exactly the goal of any seducer (gigolo, scientist, politician, or other) for whom love is the last of concerns. As his name suggests, he is the “light bearer”, so we see it manifested in the form of all that glitters, especially electric lamps and mechanical pictures in all their uses. The divine Word, in turn, is the light itself in all its forms, including spiritual, and it is very clear that the Father and the Son are One, so that by his own choice, Lucifer thinks or claims that he is “separated” from the Infinite… His so called “light” sweeps from a simple photo to the synthetic pictures, to turning night into day in the streets, to the illumination scenes of theaters, cinemas, concerts (rock or not), stadiums… The adjective corresponding to him besides “seducer” is “fascinating”, again, the “light bearer”… His field is the aesthetics, which does not mean that at one time he already directed the paintings and sculptures, particularly as regards the Christian icons and really theophanic figurations as traditional mandalas, but the involvement of technology is a strong indication of the grip of our Prince.

Satan, in turn, manipulates us by making us think by reflection (an evocation of the luminous phenomenon by which we see illusions of space). His Hebrew name means the Adversary, he too may yet do nothing against us without our permission. He has misled Eve and her boyfriend with reasoning, and he is tried to deceive Jesus who answered by quoting Scripture and thus avoiding to follow him in his reasoning. Later, he took care of Luther inspiring him that “Mass is worse than all the brothels”, but Luther was not Jesus, he went on without understanding he recognized the entity that his claim to theology should have enabled him to be careful of! The distinction Satan/Lucifer is not complete, since the arguments of Satan are reversing the logic of the Word and he puts a lot of emphasis on “beauty” or on the elegance of his “demonstrations”.

As for the Devil, he is the “one who divides”. His participation in the function of Lucifer comes from his beauty, and his effectiveness is not to question, since he managed to divide the Christian Church itself, first with the Great Schism, and later with the explosion of Protestantism of all denominations. In fact, as early as in the second century, he had already got rid of the Christian Gnostics, which suggests that the Church against which “the gates of hell shall not prevail” is not that which it wants us believe it is…

In this regard, since we have seen that the Order giver is not the big bad wolf that atheists like to describe (by the way, what is their paradigm?). And before taking atheists for idiots, one might wonder how those who present themselves as divine spokesmen told them anything other than grandmothers’ fables, which they at grandmothers at least have the excuse of not being able to understand… While the massacres they were guilty of are significantly more difficult to digest…

That was for the rules of the game by the way, and regardless of approximations in translation, the Decalogue forbids us nothing, otherwise we would not be free. It only tells us the consequences of some of our actions. Thus, the fifth commandment states that if we commit a murder (unlawful killing) God is no longer our friend (it does not mean in fact not “simply” killing someone…). Fortunately, abortion is now legal, if not what a damage! On the other hand, we are being warned that being incarnate we can kill, otherwise there would be no reason for dissuasion…

Anyway, in becoming incarnate as spirits, we took the risk of having to deal with the manifestations of “bad” principles. Nevertheless, the sacred texts show us the instructions to return to the Kingdom, or at least know where to look for. If we specialize in bad possibilities, we’ll just leave this world of duality (neutral, but ambiguous) to join our friends in the warmth of their Hell, reflecting the uniqueness from above. Which Hell is not a “place”, as our teachers want us to believe, but a condition, a state. Do not we say that someone is « in anger » as we would say in “the US” without anger being a new state of the European Union? And this state is made available during our very incarnation, so there is no need to wait until we die to experience it… And some do not hesitate to do so, and I must say that the promotion and marketing of the fallen angels is quite efficient, especially among intellectuals who believe to be the most intelligent, and would do well to review the value of their IQ tests!

But for now, we’re only in what I have called the spiritual domain, the interface between the universal and the psychic. What’s going on underneath?

Well, at the risk of surprising you, the next step following falling causality, let’s remember that God did not need fingers and toes, and He still made EVERYTHING, as His images, we can also act in the psychic and physical domains, simply, too, by deciding. The main drawback is that this enormous power can scare us and that we do not necessarily want to be guilty of disasters, so that, for most of us, we restrict ourselves and we prefer not act but only with our bodies, even considering ourselves as bodies and abdicate the reality of our spirit, which severely limits our ability to nuisances. The fact that the first consciousness of our “I” with respect to the spirit/soul/body group helps a lot to limit this power…

Yet the fact remains that certain privileged individuals do not have all these inhibitions, especially when they have been able to channel their thoughts not to become tsunamis. This is the case of the healers I mentioned.

Do not assume that in this profession there are no charlatans, or there is nothing else but fakes, because it suits you in relation to your past paradigm (at least I hope it is past!). In any case it is easy to check. And it is instantaneous. I am not saying that healing is instantaneous, what I am saying is that you should instantly feel some effect. And if that is not the case and your healer has a good reputation, the lack of effect may also come from your own spirit. Because the end result is the resultant of the decisions between a duo, the healer and the patient. And it can be considered a result of the paradigm of patient being permanently blocking the decision of the practitioner.

In any case, this is much less common to come across a charlatan with healers than with mediums, channels or doctors… In particular doctors know nothing about health that they have not studied during their studies, what they have studied was “diseases” which Korzybski demonstrated that this term refers to thin air, an abstraction, and they have no idea of the action of the products they have you swallow to cure you of their fantasies, since the knowledge they have often comes as documentation from producers labs.

Most genuine psychics just do not see the future, but simply collect your thoughts so your projects can be deduced from the decisions they perceive in you, which can give them an indication about your future. The mere fact that they can read your memories can give you the impression that they also know your past, which is not really the case and does not guarantee that they know the future itself. For example, they will not tell you about an unexpected encounter that is not the direct effect of your thoughts. What I have just said must not be interpreted as the fact that all “mediums” are crooks. I’ll also have to tell you about personal experiences in these areas because I lived a few years in the middle of a group of people not really trivial…

But back to the healers/hypnotists/energeticians/fire cutters. Because these “creatures” demonstrate the reality of a phenomenon that is refused by the usual paradigm with a condescending smile: the possibility of the action of spirit over matter! The paradigm in question is all the more difficult to accept that, his supporters have no idea of the reality of the spirit, as they do not even know they are that!

English is quite awkward about these matters as the word mind is used both for the spirit and the soul.  You do not HAVE a spirit, you ARE a spirit. While you do HAVE a soul –a mind–, full of your computations, hopes, souvenirs, etc, the thing you expect to replace you as a spirit to help your survival and take care of your social life. Basically it is your TRAP. Mind or mental come from the sanskrit man. It is the name of the human soul. This spirit/soul confusion is not specific to English, everyone is making it on the planet. But other languages use two different words while English mostly uses only one: mind. I’ve been careful to make the differentiation as the spirit is your friend, because it is YOURSELF, while your mind is almost your enemy, or at least it is the tool of the enemy of the human race: Satan. End of comment!

My first healer proposed me to take care of my dental abscess, one evening, while I did not even know he was a healer: for me he was just a retired engineer from the National train, and I was far from imagining that he spent his retirement curing cancer from the bottom of his living room with a pendulum… Once home, he put the palm of his hand a few inches from my right cheek, and the pain disappeared instantly. He’s been wriggling his old hand for a while and I felt a lot of things happening in my jaw. After half an hour we left and he told me that he should continue his manipulations because my problems were not all resolved. The next day I went abroad, but it did not bother my engineer who told me he would take care of me wherever I am! But the next day around 5 PM, I again felt “stuff” in my jaw, and when we met again he told me he had taken care of me at this precise time, which confirmed the reality of my impressions! In other words, whether his hand was 1 cm from my cheek or 800 km away, the distance did not matter. It did not surprise me because I already knew some thirty years ago, everything not physical was independent of the  physical space (or time), but this was my first experience of that kind…

The action of the spirit over matter, is also called psycho kinesis, and this time, it evokes an action on some “inert” material, so no more on a body (human or otherwise). I attended during the years I am speaking about, at least three women and a man who did that very well. Except for the fact that one woman had none of the inhibitions I mentioned and that her neighborhood was a pretty harrowing experience: as much as all the catastrophes that she caused left no visible or tangible indication of her action! But we got used to looking the pout that Monique was making to be sure if it was to her that we owed the strange event that had just happened… Another one of those ladies caused useful effects for those concerned, and the last two “creators of surprises” had the good taste to do only discrete effects.

Let’s add an anecdote concerning one of my friends. One day he finds himself surrounded by colleagues in his office, and the latter who have been made aware, no one knows how, of the special abilities of my friend, have challenged him to demonstrate them. The latter initially refused because parapsychology is not matching happily with challenges, since the challenger is usually clearly opposed to what he asks to be shown, because of obvious considerations. But having seen he was not likely to fail, my friend accepted the challenge… and everyone ended up on his knees! What my friend had not expected was the wrath of his colleagues, obviously uncomfortable to have found that someone else could influence and control their body they believed to be a playground that was reserved for them, despite the fact that this is what they asked to check…

I will not talk in detail about my own experiences of psycho kinesis which first took place much before my discovery of the paradigm I present here, suffice it to say that they mainly concern trajectory control of vehicles without which I would not be here to write this text.

When Jesus speaks of moving a mountain, it is not metaphorical in spite of what thought a Protestant I once met. A guy named Gregory the Wonderworker (third century) is deemed to have a hill fled during the night, the hill which prevented him to build his church…

But I can suggest experiments which involve much more energy and I have seen work many times, including when I was the author. I mean playing with the weather. You may tell me that this time, to avoid conflicting considerations, given the number of people involved, it will not work often! But on the contrary, while nobody will agree that something solid and inert could start to move spontaneously (a friend has created tremendous excitement for having an ashtray off and stick to the ceiling without touching it!) almost no one cares about the weather and usually it is accepted that it can change, even brutally. So if the weather does not suit you, for example, it rains… Decide “it’s fine”! And if you have as much luck as I have seen many do, the sunshine will be here in a few seconds. However avoid announce it, especially if you are not sure to have only friends around… When physicists try to check the reality of psycho kinesis they usually attribute the failure of the experiment to having been dealing with a scammer, when in fact, even if the victim was able to do what she announced, the mere presence of the physicist was enough to show that the experience was a success as it proved the reality of action of the spirit… of the physicist on the matter… I recounted in “Be logical” how one of my colleagues had stopped a pouring rain during the time it took him to cross a sidewalk, but in fact my books have enough anecdotes like this that I can refer you to…

So by your incarnation, you’re wearing a mind and a body. These two “tricks” are supposed to work in the world of duality, struggling with various opposing forces and ever changing. We will talk about the body, but the mind has the same problems and the same solutions. Our body, like those of animals, must manage to stay healthy despite the vagaries of the environment. For example, its temperature must be around 100 ° F, whether it is hot or cold around it. It’s called homeostasis and this example is typical of the fact that our body is a stack of servo systems, i.e. of regulations (feedback) that enable it to maintain its integrity in a changing environment.

Another example: our body is made from what it swallows, drinks and breathes, which will be transformed by assimilation into human flesh and miscellaneous waste. But our food is extremely diverse, yet our body does not seem to change significantly from one meal to another. We know products that the body does not like to the point of dying, but we can, still staying alive, eat things more or less acidic, more or less oxidized, without the kind of food be detectable in our flesh after their assimilation.

The mind, too, has its servos, its feedback loops, to ensure its integrity. If you are told something that messes up your beliefs, it is possible that you do not even hear it: your mind has just been protecting you§§!

But your own body is a perfect illustration of the power of spirit over matter. And of the drives which cover the spirit/body connection. For example, fortunately, he is doing everything by itself to assimilate what it eats! Imagine what it would be if our spirits had to deal with that in detail! It is also big enough to take care of breathing and blood circulation, growing hair, and nails. It is only when he swallows something that grows its servo too far, that it notifies you by signals like burdens or pain to tell you to be careful with what you give it… And by ingesting through this kind of bondage, our body seems to be cause on our spirit because, while it is only using the mechanisms we need to protect it, and whose possibilities are retrieved from the divine kingdom. We are all powerful on it, up to be able to kill it, and that is why it warns us to avoid that…

Hindus have an interesting generalization of the concept of assimilation: what they call the “flow of forms.” When a rabbit eats a carrot, the substance of the carrot becomes rabbit meat. When the fox eats the rabbit, the flesh of the rabbit becomes the flesh of the fox. When vultures will eat the fox, the flesh of the fox becomes the flesh of the vultures. All involving some waste near by… But looking well, a simple stone, subject to its surroundings with the attack by the rain, the breaks from freezing cold, etc., can be feeding any root. So the flow of forms does not start with the carrot. And it does not end in the flesh of the vulture. This volatile too will end up dying one day, and even if another creature does not make a meal of it, its meat will decompose into nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc… To, in turn, be re-absorbed by the environment.

On the other hand, from the blade of grass to the volatile, life uses water from the rain, atmospheric air and sunlight, and gives the planet back what is not immediately useful. Assimilation is a much more universal cyclical process than is usually thought, and that’s good, because this word is synonymous with understanding (the spirit assimilates what it understands) at the spiritual level, and this understanding is provided by buddhi (the Holy Spirit’s name for the Hindu), the first production of Brahma. It is difficult to have anything more universal! Man does not live by bread alone! But it is the divine Word that constantly feeds us in all circumstances! In particular, at every meal… it is the “body” of the Word that feeds us!

I am not saying that my example covers the entire Hindu concept of “flow of forms” as it is limited to our planet, but it offers interesting opportunities to understand some unexpected things. If a creature eats another, it is because of “love”, because she “loves” it! So when the fox is loving the rabbit it ensures both fox’s survival and he death of the rabbit. Typically, connections between love and death are presented in the following way: it is because He loves us “too much”, and not to abandon us in this world of conflict, that God calls us back to Him by making us die!

For some time, humans no longer fed tyrannosaurs with their bodies, but fed directly the physical universe. This description of the food cycle also missed an important component: the microscopic life that can bridge from one kingdom (mineral, plant, animal) to another. On the other hand, if love at the physiological level is rather ambiguous, its spiritual correspondence, and its transformation into knowledge and understanding, only involves improving the life of the spirit and causes no death.

This difference between the two areas is also reflected in the famous “sharing” whose intellectuals have their mouth full of, without knowing that it is the keyword of the Antichrist, and they make him his pub, stupidly and gracefully! When  we are sharing a pie; the more we share it and the less there is for everyone, however, the “sharing of knowledge”, does not deprive anyone, because in the spiritual realm, the unit is not divisible and therefore “sharing” is an impossibility: we just replicate. We need the notion of measure, related to the field of duality, since it is the ratio of a thing to a standard which is needed in order to divide any material unit.

And it seems clear that the two areas of assimilation enjoy equivalent distinction… And the life of the spirit is really “eternal” unlike that of the accessories that equip our incarnation! Another echo of God’s choice during his six days!

Maybe Dante had found another variety of love when he speaks of the love “Who moves the sun and the other stars”?

And a new justification for the Redskins, these savages, who tell us that “Everything is connected!” But this time, it’s not like gravity that provides a “static” connection, it is the dynamic process of the life in the universe, like knowledge, which is implemented here!

Now let’s see how we order this body. You are at your table, and you want to drink what is in your glass. You do not even need to be aware in detail that you ask it to catch the glass and to bring it to your mouth. You obviously do not have to explain what muscles to use to do it at all, nor do you need to have a clue of what is happening in your throat with your vocal cords to say “Hmmm ! This is good!”.

In other words, it understands your thoughts, even if you do not express them in the language that allows you to be understood by your peers! It is only when a muscle stops working, that you will be asked to take control of it individually, and it is also that way, by faults, that we detect the detail of how the mechanisms work. But again, this is not because we see these details, that they are those that make up the mechanism in question. At death, the body still has all the muscles and nerves that you have identified and yet nothing works anymore… And the link body/spirit has much more complicated aspects than feed-back, movements for food or giving orders.

My favorite example concerns the tennis! Even if you do not play it, you’ve seen matches on TV. In this game, a small ball a few inches arrives to the player at a speed over 100 mph, and he must return it to where he has decided with a racket as an extension of his arm, all this in less than a second! If he does more than deciding where to send his ball, and he starts thinking about anything else, it has little chance of winning any match! So he does not care to think about how he must keep his racket, the distance between his hands and where it will hit the ball, the angle his wrist must make so that the racket plays in the right direction, etc… Not to mention he’ll have most of the time to take his body to the place where all this will take place! If this is not a proof of the action of the spirit on the body?!²

Consider the question of viewing. The eye was “Darwin’s Nightmare” because of its complexity, chemical (the avalanche of molecules needed to pass from the received light onto the retina to a nerve impulse is dizzying…), mechanical and optical (the precise convergence on the retina related to the muscles that surround the eye, and the precise focusing related to those who distort the lens), is sufficient to cast doubt on the mere possibility that this has been generated by any “evolution”, and due to chance which would decidedly make things very well! Think of all the bugs that have been using “eyes under development” and that would have been completely blind!

Each eye needs some time to get a picture, probably of the order of a 20th of a second. And so does the other eye and a mysterious mechanism is supposed to combine the two images to produce a 3D perception. And how does the fly with its thousands of eyes to escape our attempts to murder? This mechanism does not serve only the body, it sends you (i.e. your spirit) the resulting image to allow you to stay in control of its survival. Materialists think they have reason to believe that it is the connections between small gray or white brain cells which are involved in the production of the 3D image. From our paradigm, we saw that we would tend to put this production in the mind, but it’s not very important.

In any case, unless the spirit has detected an event that was recorded as a dangerous threat, in which case it will react to protect his “vehicle”, it is the consciousness of the spirit that will be able to make the decision to act on indications that its view sends him.

And here we see the distinction between the three parts of the human compound. The body and mind have perceptions that can feed their reflexes, so without the need for intervention from consciousness, and the spirit, the only element of the compound that has a consciousness, so that it can know what perceptions mean, and is also the only one possibly able to correct mechanical reactions that are more harmful than beneficial, since he can know the entire scene and derive consistent and really appropriate actions.

Things get wrong if the spirit is afraid of what might happen to his body. Especially because it happened to him to make an unfortunate decision that could not protect it. So it will be a silly reflex to pass control to the mind for which it will assume a judgment that it has not, because there is no consciousness “at that point”, and the life of the human compound in question will end up taking reactions driven by the mind to all of what the spirit will perceive as a threat.

For example, when he was 4 years old, the body fell from a bike and hurt his knee. There are dark clouds and wind around and granny is on the balcony shouting: “Be careful!”. When the bike is unbalanced, the spirit feels powerless to provide a solution to the threat and decides to let the mind be in management. If the body does not die, the registration of the mind is the “solution” to this “kind of threat”, and his spirit will “tell” it to replay it automatically if the “opportunity” is represented except… that, as the mind has only perceptions (biking, clouds, wind and grandma crying), and not the consciousness that allows it to have discernment, which in turn would allow him to know what actually this threat is, it will replay the recording like an idiot every time one element of a scene corresponds to one of those of the initial incident.

Things become even more complicated if the grandmother dies (disappears) because one of the factors lacks from the solution now compared to the record, which makes it even more critical. For any perception of the remaining elements and corresponding to the initial incident, it is the mind “who now is afraid” and will desperately replay his “solution”, of which the knee pain is a part… and depending on the frequency of these restimulations, knee pain can become outright chronic. But other elements of the solution can also lead to reproduce actions totally inappropriate and illogical compared to the actual situation.

These aberrant behaviors are related to fear of the spirit and of the mind that the spirit holds responsible for protecting the body. But the spirit may also be afraid of being wrong without the body being threatened so far, and it will launch the programs it has recorded in the mind to ensure its integrity, also automatically. If you find any aberrant behavior, for example, the fact of bursting into tears, or exploding in anger or enthusiasm after a trivial sentence or a banal event, you can be sure that the mind has reacted by one of its miraculous solutions. This will tell you how powerful manipulation by fear can be, which you probably already knew, but now you know how it works.

Incidentally, the consciousness, which does not have two eyes ‘sees’ yet perfectly in 3D when it does not use his mind or his body!

One of the current heros of cognitive therapies trying to cleanse the mind is EMDR whose promoters have no idea how it works, and did not even notice that their “eye movements” (Eye Movements, that’s the EM, the DR stands for Desensitization and Reprocessing) have nothing to do with the result, and it works as well (or as badly, for that matter) without those magical movements.

In all cases, if you are sick, or dizzy, find a way to clear your mind. I said that psychoanalysis, or hypnosis therapy are not such means, on the contrary, the “relief” they possibly provide comes because the spirit is completely overwhelmed by his mind and stops “fighting”, which suggests that the patient is “cured”. When a fight ends, the winner and the loser are both quiet! Obviously spiritual health does not profit from this account, but as the spirit is a notion that neither psychoanalysts nor hypnotists know, they sleep with a quiet consciousness (their unfamiliar spirit). In practice it takes less than one hour to erase the “result” of these “treatments” worth of sorcerer’s apprentices… even when they have been lasting for years…

It remains to illustrate another consequence of our paradigm, which occurs during “out of body” or “imminent death” experiments. Such experiences are much less rare as one might think, even if those who have passed by them do rarely speak of them to an audience of materialists, because they know that these ignorant geniuses will consider them idiots.

We have seen that our spirits were not manifested in the field of dualism, and therefore, as Christ said: “We are IN the world; we are not OF the world!”

Except we INCARNATED, i.e. we are in causal connection with a body which is indeed in the world. This connection is as indestructible as that which binds us to the Infinite. In other words, it can only stop if one of the elements disappears, and you guessed it, it would the body. As long as it is alive, you do not risk being “unplug”. And since you (as a spirit) are not IN this world, you are not “forced” to be “located” behind the root of your nose, under the pretext that it is a position coherent with the image your eyes give you of where your body is.

During a group exercise, one of my students went “out of her head”, and left to cycle around the ceiling before returning “home”. At the time it made her laugh, so I did nothing. But at the next break, she burst into tears, so I went seeing. She came to realize that leaving the body she had been afraid to murder it. We talked a little, and everything went back in order.

But I had a different experience, rather more funny, with “out of the body”. One Saturday, one of my students came out of her body without telling me. The following Saturday, she came to see me because she had a problem. On the evening of the course she was out to a night club and looked at her body dancing from the upper ceiling, and she had a lot of fun. However she spent her week driving her car from a 600 feet (!) altitude, and had fun riding on sidewalks (?). But to the terror of her passengers, whose heart missed a beat at each appearance of a pedestrian. In short, nothing was really funny anymore, and she wanted to go “home”, that I had no trouble to help her do: it is much easier than the opposite, and certainly less random…

Anyway, she had the opportunity to check that apart from the fear of her friends, it is perfectly possible and safe to drive a car with her body, remotely controlling it from above. In any case, she’s one that you’ll struggle to convince that these stories are nonsense…

I chose these two personal anecdotes because you will find all the ones you want on the Internet about the OOB and NDE (Out Of Body and Near Death Experience) and that my examples are not very typical, which will bring some variety.

Let’s summarize the situation! The spirit is connected to the mind and the body while outside the world! So he can locate himself where he wants to, without this relationship, which is not geographical, could be questioned. For, as outside this physical universe, everything is in the same “place”, the locations in time and space only concern the body and the mind that “follows” it, and the spirit, in turn, can be located where he will, in space and in time, and act from there as the healers of whom I spoke. If he is out of his body and if he perceives his environment, he will feel to be in two places at once as he continues to receive perceptions from his body…

And if the body has an “chronological” existence with a beginning and an end, and at every moment a past, a present and a future, the spirit is “independent from time” (in e-ternity), and from space, and thus may be in the future as seen from his body, the following experiment demonstrates just that, to be watched on DVD “thelivingmatrix”.

They have put in front of computer screens guinea pigs equipped with an electrocardiogram and an electroencephalogram and have displayed “positive” images, such as flowers or babies, and they noted the reactions of the ECG and EEG. They did the same with “negative” images: corpses or accidents. Then, having recorded the “signature” of typical reactions of each guinea pig to each type of images, they display random images on the screens. BEFORE the image appears, the ECG has already reacted and the EEG just a bit later, and finally the eyes see the image in question.

Whatever the location chosen by the spirit in relation to his body, he is obviously at the HEART of the human “being”, and even in the center of his chest (i.e. not in the heart of the body itself), as in the representations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. But as the spirit is warned by the experimenters that he will see an intriguing picture, it is hardly surprising that he is already a few fractions of a second in the future, which he is perfectly capable of. Because of his location in the near future, the consciousness of the image, even if the spirit does not perceive it, will first react on the heart, and then reacts on the mind “in” the brain, and all this before the eyes of the body have seen anything.

Obviously scientists are unable to explain anything, at most, they grumble that quantum phenomena have inverted logic, as if it were possible! They obviously cannot admit that they would have to reverse their considerations to understand quantum logic, which by itself is nothing revolutionary or original, if we remember that apart from the spatiotemporal domain, everything is the same place in a no-space and a no-time world.

What has just been explained also explains how dowsing works. The spirit agreed (between him and the Holy Spirit) that the pendulum would turn if what he thinks is true. But the knowledge of the truth is precisely the job of the Holy Spirit! So when the spirit asks a question with a pendulum wriggling at the end of the hand of his body, the “response” indicating the “truth” of his thought, which he generally does not hear, will nevertheless be received by him which an ECG can highlight and then transmit to the mind, i.e. to the EEG this time, then to the body with a small “jerk” and too weak to be noticed, but the pendulum will amplify it by rotating or not.

This description quite fits the impression that dowsers have that their practice is a “universal means of knowledge”. The prerequisites for its practice is having excellent control of one’s thoughts, not to have a “response” to a stray thought, and an excellent control of the extinction of his mind so that it does not twist the answer received…

Besides the basic quantum experience which means that in the quantum domain, a particle can be in 30,000 locations at the same time (why 30,000?), they should have noticed that the particle appears miraculously where they have put their sensors, and thus appears wherever they decided (they may say: expected). Something that should solve the recurring philosophical question concerning the influence of experimenter on his experiences. As if the “white leghorn” of Lamarck, that no one else has been able to reproduce, and the “N-rays”, which disappeared from circulation two years after their discovery in 1903, were not enough for them!

Their hysterical insistence to try and explain everything with additional dimensions, like in the former string theories for example, as if the 4th  dimension of crazy daddy Einstein was not enough, can only increase the distance and make it even more unlikely the possibility of simultaneous phenomena. Which our paradigm has no difficulty to account for as you have seen!

Let us even say a word about telepathy because it earned me an embarrassing episode. One day, I realized that everything I was told by one of my buddies, I already knew, including relatively personal details that I would rather hear from his mouth rather than by an “intrusive” most direct route. I told him what happened, and obviously he did not care. Yet I did not want to continue my mental break-ins, and the same afternoon I went back to see him saying, “It is finished!”. “And how did you do?” “I realized that I had decided that I wanted to know what Philip was thinking of! So I stopped!” We laughed, and I think he was as relieved as me, without wanting to tell me. He was a very good friend, but I did not think we were so close to the point of having such a stable and precise telepathic relationship, especially as this was my only experience like this… in any case with an adult! And, of course, the possibility of telepathy comes directly from the lack of space outside the material realm.

In fact, when I say that this is my only experience, I should also add “With a human being in good condition!”. Because I had the opportunity to “negotiate” with a young man who died in a car accident a few months earlier, to convince him to leave his position above his grave to avoid his mother feeling like a “presence”, and stop coming to flower the grave daily. And after our “discussion” mom stopped her visits, I think the impression I had of sonny living should correspond to reality… Well, I know what you think… You’re so predictable! But I’m not the only one taking care of the dead to convince them to forget this universe.

In one of his books, Stéphane Cardinaux, a Swiss geo biologist, tells how he cleared a vine from ghosts of soldiers who were massacred and who remained on site. Before the massacre, the vine was producing excellent wine, but then it became almost undrinkable. After the cleaning by Stéphane, wine had regained his taste of yesteryear, QED!

Come on, I’ll tell you a word of what can happen to death. The most obvious thing is that the body no longer works. But what happens to the invisible elements of the human being who has died? Usually, the spirit understands he has nothing left to do in this world and resumes his freedom, leaving the carcass of his body and the waste of his mind. On violent deaths, it is not uncommon that the spirit wants to extend his experience of duality by remaining stuck with the remnants of his mind, where he had stored all his memories, such as precious phone numbers that he cannot use anymore now, and also his precious culture, so painfully acquired, like the date of the Battle of Waterloo, because he knows that if he “disembodied” completely, he will lose it all and that it is so precious, because he had no time to prepare for the event that has just hit him. “Is it better to focus on what we are sure to lose, or be interested in what we cannot lose?”

Because if the body rots, the mind remains floating in the middle of nowhere (remember, there is no space outside the bodily universe). The mind of the deceased is the basic instrument of sorcerers and lovers of “past lives”, what Taoists call “wandering influences”. Indeed they can “recover” them by invoking them and using their powerful and often negative emotional residue, particularly in cases of violent death, to add a little to the current mess. Their invocation is no problem, but I am not going to give you one or the other method for it.

Contacting with the spirits of the dead who play ghosts do not seem so difficult, I know a number of people who have fun doing it…

In my case, one of my greatest pleasures is to be able to “converse” with newborns! I.e., before the adults around them did in fact comply with assholes’ social life and they lost everything they knew before this brainwashing. Once again there are some details in my books.

Also, I quote a program aired by M6 (a French station) where we see a dog react by sticking its nose against the door of the vestibule, to the decision of its mistress to go home. Telepathy also works very well with the bugs, and many gardeners believe that their psychological attitude affects their plants, which there is no reason to doubt of, some experiments show that plants perceive and react to the death of shrimps that are thrown into boiling water in their proximity…

And let’s say a word of the warning of Plato about music. If you want details, I refer you to McClain’s book “The Pythagorean Plato.” Plato was interested in music because it is the most complete manifestation of the number in this material universe, he saw animated by the “music of the spheres”. Plato speaks in effect OF the number, not numbers, which is pretty indicative of the fact that he was aware of their interdependence and the fact that they derive from a unique possibility: “human” enumeration.

Basically, music plays with integers. If you play an “open” violin string, you hear a certain note, in fact the sound frequency of the vibration induced to the air. If you put your finger in the middle of the string, you will hear another at twice the frequency. This interval (this ratio) of 2/1 is an octave, and the vibrating length of the string, in turn, was divided by 2. Which means that the product of the frequency by the length of the string is constant, (that is to say immutable, as the Infinite!), an early reflection of the Unity, which may lead us to Harmony! And it involves both space (the length of the string) and time (the frequency of vibration). Playing chords, you will play with another space, and playing a melody or a rhythm, you also play with another time.

I do not intend to give you the details of Plato that McClain found and explained very well, and I will content myself with a simplified approach using the work of Gassendi of what he called “superpartials.” In fact it will be a draft because I have spoken more fully of them in my books. This theologian of the seventeenth century should not have known our paradigm because his definition of superpartials is not great. For him a superpartial is “A ratio where the numerator is equal to the denominator plus 1”! Examples: 2/1, the octave as we have just seen, 3/2, the interval of a fifth, 4/3 that of fourth, 5/4, the major third, 6/5, the minor third (yes, 6/5 “1.20” is smaller than 5/4 “1.25”!), 9/8, a major second, etc.., down to 81/80, the smallest interval deemed detectable ear, the syntonic comma.

In my case, I prefer to say that a superpartial is “A ratio in which that the difference of the terms shows the Unity”! Indeed, if the two terms of a ratio are the same, this ratio is simply the Unity itself. For a ratio to be different from this Unity, it is necessary and sufficient that the numerator and denominator be different. And if this difference is One, it re-manifests the Unity which generates number, and the expression of their Divine Source.

I have shown elsewhere that we can build 7 notes scales (diatonic) and 12 notes scales (chromatic) by using only superpartials. Their irregular structure ensures that each tone expresses a separate “personality”, which does not occur with the equal temperament of today, where all intervals are worth “12th root of 2”, a number that is not rational (not a ratio of two integers, not a “proportion”!), and whose use provides the division of the octave exactly in half after six intervals, which the musicians of the Middle Ages called the “diabolus in musica”, a favorite of jazz players, and contemporary music. In contrast, a temperament built on superpartials produces a much richer and harmonious music. This can be verified by programming some special synths and keyboards, but the use of vibrato on electronic instruments helps to blur the equal temperament, which often adds a certain musicality, cheating on the relationship between the notes!

Plato goes much further, and identified ways that indicate the nearness of the Kingdom of God and those that flirt with demons. For him, as the number is the basis of everything, which is confirmed by the Book of Wisdom already mentioned, you cannot play with them with impunity, and, to the extent that music manifests the number, without adding explicit meaning, like language, it acts directly on our spirits above our consciousness and our understanding, making us “living” in the world it builds.

So, for Plato, all these details are nothing trivial, and he absolutely advised against listening to any music, especially if the pretext that if we know nothing about it, it cannot “make evil”, as if we had to know nuclear physics to be killed by an atomic bomb!

I would like to end with a detail that I have explained elsewhere again about the nature of the Trinity, since I’ve used geometry earlier to talk about angels.

This time it will be in 2D. This space has the advantage that it can be represented by a sheet of paper. So trace some sort of circular shape. With this single plot, you end up with the outer surface of the circle, the surface to the interior, and the circle itself! Three results from a unique concept: a single closed line! And an inseparable trio! The circle denotes the choice between the points that are inside it, and the points outside it.

It is easy to see that the metaphor of the Father is outside the circle, that the Son is the inside after the selection by the Father, and the circle is the Holy Spirit, who “understands” (comprehend) what the Son is responsible to demonstrate. The three have a common origin, the Infinite, and are derived from a single “definition”, their “essence”: what makes them what they are (the very meaning of “essence”). The fact that they are inseparable, does account on their common essence, and not their “substance” as explained by the church! A “smart” pleasure to reverse everything?

Digging deeper. The Infinite of which they are the first manifestation (on a universal level, therefore invisible or imperceptible) allows the first manifestation of that Unity which Saint John ascribes first to the Word. Ensuing productions manifest different entities from this Unity, but the same basic doctrine applies, since our “circle” simply refers to anything that we distinguish. Each definition therefore produces a triple bottom line: what is defined, what which does not match what is defined, and the distinction between the two areas.

Let’s attribute to what is defined outside of the Trinity a number x different from 1, which is reserved for Unity. What falls outside the definition can be represented by 1/x, its contrary, and it follows that the final result is the difference between the two “x1/x”. If this difference has the good taste to be equal to the Unity, our production will reflect its Source and can be expected to express some divine harmony (absolute), not an aesthetic harmony (relative human or diabolical).

However, solving this equation, namely “x1/x=1”, has for one of its roots the “number of Gold”, (1+√5)/2 that is 1.6180339887498948482045868343656… Very roughly! Because of this square root of 5, this “number” is neither an integer, nor a rational, and it seems to be derived from the geometry and not from arithmetic (its construction is quite simple in fact) but my goal for now is not that you itemize everything. What I want to show is that this number, however, considered the number of “harmony” and of “generation” is the solution of an equation that seeks a number that implies a harmonious manifestation, neither too large, as the contemporary tendency to exaggeration, which only shows the influence of the ego in modern productions, nor too small, which would make something insignificant. But Sacha Guitry (a late French actor and author) dared his excessive statement: “What is excessive is insignificant”? (End of the cultural interlude…)

And again, harmony comes from showing Unity in a numeric expression, which is, this time, not limited to musical expression anymore.

But this Golden Ratio, although irrational, has many loves with the integers, in other words, although easy to identify geometrically, it will also bring us into the domain of integers, the number itself.

Consider the Fibonacci series (another Leonardo, but from the twelfth), for example. Take any pair of numbers, made a series by adding each number to the previous one. Example: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144… Whatever your starting point, the ratio of two successive numbers in your sequence tends to the Golden Ratio! When we talk about THE Fibonacci sequence it is the one whose starting points are 1 and 1, as I have used in my example! Its peculiarity is that the 10th term is the triangle number of 10 (55) and the 12th term is the square of 12 (144)! However, these suites are ubiquitous in biological tree structures: tree branches, blood vessels, nerves, etc… As if a tree kept multiplying its branches until the last branch sufficiently expressed the Golden Number: its approximation of the divine harmony!

Another disturbing affinity between the Golden Number (φ) and the integers is reflected in the fact that the odd powers of the Golden Ratio φ have a fractional part of increasingly smaller value and are therefore closer to an integer! Φ is 1.6180340… φ3 is 4.236068…, φ5 is 11.090170…, φ11 is  199.005025…, as seen this convergence is quite fast. And the even powers of φ are close to the nearest larger integer. Φ2 is 2.618034…, φ4 is 6.854102…, φ12 is 321.996894… And we see that the fractional part increases approaching .999999!

Not only since Plato, music has lost the basics of what made it divine, but it seems even it is obstinate to be “evil” and “damnating” because equal temperament is not the only ingredient that makes it dangerous. Many authors (well not that much) have worked hard to highlight the “satanic” side of rock ‘n roll (not always seeing the legacy of Aleister Crowley’s witchcraft modulated by the incantatory rhythms of Voodoo…).

But this “satanic” drift is much older, since we can trace it through Plato to the 5th century BC! One can identify a few steps, as reported by the proliferation of the same musical modes denounced by Plato, to the arrival of modal scales and equal temperament and electronic instruments that no longer express the natural resonances and their harmonics.

But there is another numerical element in music: rhythm. Until neumatic notation, the Unity was not divisible, and the duration of the notes was a multiple of a basic unit. Since, passing from neumes to today’s notes, this Unity is now divided by cutting the length of the whole note: halves, quarters, eight notes and other subdivisions, including triplets and other quintuplets.

So, at least since the classical era, the music is overtly evil and that is probably why the devil is increasing its means of dissemination: construction of operas, recordings, CDs and FM radios. In addition, as I have noted elsewhere, he is not very discreet: he promoted castration of opera singers to keep their child’s voices, what nobody was offended with, all mesmerized by the aesthetics of the voice of the castrati.

Do what you want, but you do not risk anything to stop listening to recorded music of today! Besides the original (sacred) music was made to capture and express the spirit of the audience at any given time to specifically attend to the teaching of THIS audience (space and time again…) the same way painting and sculpture (purely spatial artistic expressions) had only meaning in the place in which they were intended to be, something that museums from the French Revolution were careful not to take into account… (Read « Why exhibit works of Art? » from Ananda Coomaraswamy)!

So already its writing, and a fortiori its recording are musical nonsense, just good enough to delight (manipulate) the aesthetes. As they say across the Channel: “The English know nothing about music, but they love this kind of noise!”

The conclusion of all this is that the Father is far from being the werewolf that we have priests and atheists alike advocating, and you’d better understand the scriptures instead of relying on anyone as famous as he may be, including me, if I had to become so.

Besides an amazing property from the application of our equation to the Trinity. If the Son (the Word) is the first unit for Saint John, its contrary 1/1 is also the Unity! But did not the Word Himself tell us: “The Father and I are one?” But then? The Holy Spirit should be worth the difference which is zero?

Indeed: this is the digit that you just drew. This is the only element of the trio whose area is zero, since it is only a line… How can we understand it? First, as a reflection of the Infinite, also represented by the digit 0. But also like the fact that it adds nothing to the duo of the Father and of the Son, their distinction being sufficient to show that everything that concerns us is understandable, since the Son will take care of what can be manifested, what we need or can know, and that is all. But the Holy Spirit also adds nothing to the manifestations by the Word, which is  reflected by the fact that the language of this Teacher is Silence, that is to say it is, –it could  be said– a part of us (ourselves, “our” spirits). One could even say that it is rather to Him that we “add” something, by allowing Him to demonstrate its usefulness! But this is, of course, a way of speaking…

When you listen to someone or read a text, what you understand comes from the Holy Spirit, because He is at the same “place” as our interlocutor, or our author, and yourself, thereby avoiding distortions from a communication across a distance! This does not prevent us from adding a mental distance not to be deprived of our darling distortions… All this without you hearing a little voice making the dubbed version… or if the original version, if it is a Sacred Text! When He answers one of our questions, often when we least expect it, there are not more “words” or “speech” than what Marie des Vallées called her “voices who do not speak!”

In practice, if you dropped the thunderous speech of your mind (your reasoning and your sentimental hopes in particular) that make you deform or kill the directions of the Holy Spirit, you should be able to “hear” Him! Ask your pendulum questions about the near future you can easily check the answer of in the material world. If that does not work, you have to make progress on controlling your thoughts, whether freshly from your spirit or from your mental rehashes. You have nothing else to do but be careful: He speaks to you constantly. He does not need any “special grace” as those that so excite the Catholic and of which they are so fond: It is the Grace itself! Moreover He often speaks by causing coincidences in your life, and without saying anything… Buddhi, its Hindu name, is He not what makes that everything is understandable in this universe? “Blessed are the beggars of the spirit: the kingdom of heaven belongs to them!” (A dribble replay of the Beatitudes from Matthew, and disfigured by the translators.)

A basic warning (almost a manual) is that of Saint Paul, which also quotes the Old Testament: “Prove all things, and hold you to what is True!”

Good luck on your way!

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