The reference false flag: 911 in plain sight

The reference false flag: 911 in plain sight

The reference false flag: 911 in plain sight

My title is borrowed from one of the first videos released on September 11th. A reference for false flags? Or rather like a spectacular film by Besson while the one of Charlie it would be rather WoodyAllen’s, an exchange of good transatlantic processes…

It points to all « small » inconsistencies of this « terrorist attack » like the collapse of WTC 7 without having been hit by any plane and too far from the two towers to have suffered the consequences of their crash, the apparent evidence that 3 buildings were down by a controlled demolition using thermite, all 4 photos of the Pentagon provided by the CIA, where we see no plane crashing, the picture of « rescuers » coming out of the Pentagon with a turbine stage that experts identify as coming from a Global Hawk and the remark that, given the impact at ground level, engines of an airliner should have been built in the yet untouched grass… a whole lot of details that require some technicality. But I would like to mention here another “detail” that everyone saw without seeing and requires no knowledge whatsoever in aeronautics or construction of buildings…

Go to Google and type in « Flight 175 ». You will see the pictures of the second plane crashing into the World Trade Center. Her belly is dull gray. But that Flight 175 is supposed to be a United Airlines flight and you will not have trouble finding a picture of a United plane.

Her belly is very dark blue! A bit messy this false flag, as usual.

So it is not a United plane you’re looking at crashing into the tower!!!

I have a friend who claims to see waves of blue shadows on the fuselage, but what is expected it is a « FLAT » ROYAL DARK BLUE AND VERY NET, like the pictures of flying United airplanes, not vague pale blue reflections of the sky and its reflection on the Hudson or the windows of surrounding buildings.

I was right, you see nothing … And fans of misinformation either, since I have not seen mentioned this « detail » which is nevertheless likely to shut up fighting hysterical conspiracy theories. The French humorist Bigard did not use it for his TV show en French TV, but his opponents were not afraid of personal attacks: Bigard is just an entertainer, Professor Steven Jones is just a Mormon and I regret I don’t remember the delicious idiot laady who stood up to Bigard with this kind of arguments. In any case I salute her courage for having shown her prodigious intellectual potential to the French population.

But do not dream too much. All these small burrs are done on purpose! If a false flag was perfect it could not make the buzz to scare those who vaguely think that politics is not what is said in the media?

But back to those photos to draw a disturbing conclusion. Manipulators of the world are not afraid to show their scams to 7 billion human beings, that is, they know that the 7 billion in question are blind, or rather they are idiots because they have eyes not to see. And as I said, even those who have doubted a scam and were looking for conspiracies, talking of the strike at Norad, questioning how phone calls had been concluded from planes that fast and at such high altitudes, all items reserved for elite researchers who did not think to alert the opinion on the evidence they saw scroll for days on their TV screens. Coluche another French late entertainer noticed we had no need to wonder why « they » take us for idiots, since we are demonstrating it all the time!

At the time of the attack, there has been a reporter for Fox describing the plane that was going to crash, as a plane without portholes with a circular blue logo on the front and a type he had never seen on a commercial airport. Of course this sequence was never shown again…

Yes because this blunder would then allow to identify the aircraft undoubtedly while the film of the crash does only gives the evidence of a false flag!

Now that you know that our manipulators consider us idiots, do you really feel that it is time for a paradigm that holds garbage makers in check?

What is this paradigm that you believe do not have?

This is the paradigm of the « religion of science », promoted by leftist politicians since Jules Ferry. His worldview is particularly paranoid since it accounts neither cognitive or quantum experiments, and we must admit that it makes very little account of its unique concern: the physical world!

To start on a correcting track, read: « Let’s be logical! … in God’s name… » by your servant!

And about the collapse of WTC 7, compare the video of this event with those of mundane controlled demolitions… One of the objections against this assumption is that such demolition requires a lot of preparation time! Do we think that such a din could be organized in a quarter of an hour! If not only because of the number of actors to implement it! According to Eric Hufschmid and many others, the building was destroyed because it was there that was the « homing tag » which has guided the trajectory of the two planes that a map documents.

In France, we only need seventeen deaths to collect 7,300,000 assholes around a dying paper. That’s a false flag the French way!!!



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