Regional elections : Oh. How smart! Our crappy three parties now know they can continue to have the joke on us…

Regional elections : Oh. How smart! Our crappy three parties now know they can continue to have the joke on us…

Regional elections : Oh. How smart! Our crappy three parties now know they can continue to have the joke on us…

The proof by Valls himself: he believes that we will now be able to vote “for” instead of voting “against”! It is quite a revolution: hasn’t he just encouraged us to vote “against” (the FN) since the two rounds of regional elections.

Thanks to the 10% who were scared to refrain voting again!

It is thanks to you that the parties have taken the bull by the horns and promised again to become honest to reflect the shock of the first round. It’s been 60 years or more of them promising you the same thing and they hold NOTHING!

Yet it was a perfect opportunity to put them to the wall, including the FN, because, at the moment, they have proved nothing different from their enemies. But 50% abstention would perhaps have really forced everyone to make an honest effort, because they would know what they risk.

Instead, French political life will resume his little hypocritical routine: you’ve shown them you were again trusting the power of the vote! You were good little moronized citizens again!

I more or less expected in a recent post that the shame of not doing his “electoral duty” would be offset by the fear of the terrifying FN! But these elections were only “regional”, one could know if the FN were that dangerous and if the other clearly rotten parties, once again, could really change their behavior! You had abstained in the first round: why have you betrayed us?

The abstainers remain the first party of France!

Basically :

  • Abstentions 40%
  • Right bogus 30%
  • Shit left 15%
  • Unknown FN 15%

Except that abstention was 20% down and the others took the opportunity to rub their paws and think to be out of the woods, which puts us all in the shit!

Thanks anyway to the 40% who were not afraid to be considered as badly conformed citizens. I would have nothing against democracy if it were performed in accordance with its definition. It is the people who decide to use their right to vote, according to what, the vox populi can be heard by our Liberty (guaranteed by the Constitution and the country’s motto) to not vote. Voting is a right, the “electoral duty” is merely a manipulation by shame and you should be especially ashamed of you to have been left up to be abstained!

Electoral arithmetic: PS and FN as many votes = PS: 5 regions, FN: 0!

In the “country of egalitarianism”, voting for the PS is worth five times more than for the FN! How long are we going to believe people who claim to be guardians of “republican values” and who use them just to take us to the cleaner´s?

And during that time, the “right” takes off with half the “votes of the left”! She also said she has “heard” the message of the first round, the evidence: it is she who picked up the jackpot. But Sarkozy did not change either, in any case, not for the better.

Is the emphasis on the “sovereign” to better trap us?

Under the pretext of countering the FN by showing a despotic firmness, everyone, right and left, has the word “sovereign” in his mouth. The proud Republic becomes a despicable monarchy! That is, through the desertion of our abstainers: we go to shit! It is not the excuses that are missing: insecurity, immigration, Isis… in fact all the themes of the FN are taken up by our neanderthalian rulers whom you made free not to feel they pee…

Ah, a roaring success!!!

The TV engages on the news: on Sunday evening TF1 was programming « Le Dîner de Cons » (The morons’ dinner) and FR3 « Les Misérables »!

Sense of humor or sense of history? The TF1 film staged a lovable moron who strove to make goofs believing he would help (the method of the left for 3 centuries) and FR 3 told us Hugo’s epic which we do not know if it is the poor who are miserable or those who make the poor…

Anyway a good thing of maudlin sentimentality of leftist idiocy without TF1’s humor!

What makes Margot cry seems to be the French ideal, since the alarm has not occurred.

“Winning without risk is to triumph without glory”. If people only knows to elect the King of Morons, the said King will not have to be proud of it, but he will not know it, since he is the Morons’ King!

This is the impregnable side of bullshit: it is completely consistent, otherwise it would have disappeared long ago.

But it seems it has no lack of farmers! Besides is not the “culture” itself coming from it?

And with the COP, we will s-co(o)p!

During this “between two rounds”, the ecstatic Fabius thought to be the savior of the planet, being the COP President.

Already he could have seen with Ségolène so that the Hall of the COP is not an assembly of OSB, the least environmentally friendly material there is: it makes the air unbreathable during manufacturing and must be covered when used so as not to poison visitors.

But the best slap came from Obama, the very next day after the COP, as soon as he landed in the US, he did replace “shall” with “should” in the texts he brought back to the US so they can be accepted there!

In other words, the US are no longer engaged in anything! Fabulous Fabius!!!

Like Luther with Christianity: changing one word enough to crash everything… Here, it is a commitment that becomes a hypothesis!

Interviewees in the street are therefore right: “They will take decisions, and will do nothing.”

Strange! That must be why the 21st issue of the COP was held in Paris, because it is much like French politics: promises of pirates who have never thought of keeping their word anyway!

Finally, it is not so surprising that Obama seems getting so well with Hollande…

Ah: it is not only in France that we’re going well!

The worldwide #1public enemy: bullshit!!!

But how to make it understood? Everyone agrees that we walk on the head, but no one wants to risk being dizzy by standing up!

The observation is not new, but it should be noted that all those who have tried to remedy this have been taken more or less quickly for hecklers.

It’s true that bullshit works great. It even makes circles, but on a spiral, and expands continuously!

So those who try to stop this great cosmic movement are just troublemakers messing around, and manipulating geniuses make it well known to the planet.

Take all your heroes: political, religious, philosophical, scientific, technical,… and examine them! You will not find much difference than from Sarko or Hollande.

In fact in a world governed by bullshit, any hero can only be one who drives this bullshit home. Now take all those you hate, their prototype might be the Christ, even for people who claim following Him, while betraying Him like vulgar atheists, and try to find what’s disturbing with their advice. Referring to what came out of the “horse’s mouth” as the English race-goers say, not the comments from their jockeys, their grooms or their owners: it is not they who run!

To stick to this prototype, just take care of Saint John and avoid like the plague saint Thomas Aquinas, the “universal reference” of catholic today. The former Thomas, 20 centuries ago, had already be sent to hell by Christ, which no one has noticed since the name is still used for baptisms, but the lesson was clear, however: it is not the most visible which is the most important!

Immediate implementation: these are not the thundering declarations that are most important to judge a candidate…

Could this be a first ever opportunity to wonder about the teachings of the small Palestinian before today’s Abbas… Or “from below” since abba means father…

It can of course happen that idiots say something true. But why spend a lifetime searching for needles in haystacks, without setting fire to the boot so that the needle remains among the ashes…

Such as: “It is not necessary to hope to undertake”… But it takes some breath! Finally, while I have a little breath left…! Hercules has managed to clean the Augean stables, hasn’t he, and he is only a fiction!


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