About Republican Values: Discernment and Responsibility, when?

About Republican Values: Discernment and Responsibility, when?

About Republican Values: Discernment and Responsibility, when?

For now we hear a lot about respect. But are the teachers in charge of the brainwashing going to point out that the condition to force respect is TO BE RESPECTABLE? It is doubtful, as that would only leave the summer for politicians to become intelligent and responsible, which seems very short. But I have a solution to fix everything:

Adding Dictatorship to Republican Values!

Not necessarily that of the proletariat. We need a dictatorship which undertakes to have us respect the « authorities » whatever their mental state. One could imagine that this is an attack on freedom of thought, but it’s just the opposite. Politicians would gain the freedom to be pathetic and crazy, and we would be free to make them our idols anyway. We even would gain their respect as well-behaved minions, as they do with the entrepreneurs who operate their businesses despite the sticks that the government puts in their wheels, proving its respect by requiring them to stop fighting with it, thanks to a respectful pact.

An alternative may be less muddy:

Adding Imbecility to Republican Values

It would surely be better considered since it does not question three centuries of practice. And there would be no conflict with the sacrosanct Freedom, without having to reconsider whether Charlie did abuse of it or not.

And we would gain that our politicians would « beg our respect » without forcing it on us.

But politicians are not the only ones!

In « Let’s be logical! … in God’s name!” I review some of the nonsense I received from different teachers of math, varied shades of science and philosophy (among others: they’re only making part 1!), And I can tell you that anyone who can convince me to have any respect for these Pharisees will have trouble (remember: the Pharisees are those who have thrown away the key of the domain they had to teach …). And do not dream, I’m not paranoid enough to think that I was the only one covered by all these improbabilities: In high school I was in classes of 40 kids who received the same brainwashing than me, and by Teachers who saw scrolls of hundreds of victims. I will not detail here what I attribute to, for having been less sensitive to this misinformation than my contemporaries, since it would not be reproducible, and therefore of no use to anyone.

Meanwhile, and forgetting dictatorship and idiocy, let’s see what is announced in the areas under this Article’s title.

Starting with Responsibility

Being responsible is being able to respond, to guarantee. An example: a president of a country commits a loan to finance a squabble or another fad, like bailing out –unnecessarily– a dying magazine or not delivering equipment ordered from the French industry… But the one that meets or guarantees repayment, will be the people with the money they have saved. Ooops! Bad example! But am I stupid! By electing him, he was given our money as a present, so he can do what he wants with it, and it is us who are responsible (well, those who voted for him …). And we should be glad he’s using our money, to make us feel useful!

Well, this example is not very famous. Let’s look at another. Representatives are making laws to design the limits of our Freedom, laws they show very little respect for, from their part, especially when they become ministers. And I’m not even talking about their families! Is there still a trap? Of course. It is also us who have elected them! I detailed in my article on « freedom, a serial killer » all the good that I thought of the protection they offer us.

Finally, I think it’s masochism we should add to the list of republican values, a word that should come from the Greek, experts in this field, at least since their annexation to the European Union but which is only a reference to some Sacher-Masoch, an Austrian writer.

Strange, but getting over the examples, I rather fell like vomiting than becoming respectful, be it to those who govern us or those who accept and even demand by their votes to be governed by idiots and crooks…

I continue to take responsibility for this story: so now let’s go to discernment.

Discernment: the ability to notice the differences and ultimately know the Truth

It’s not what you expected? Yet these two levels are interesting.

The ability to notice the differences brings us back to the old (20 centuries ago!) definition of the intellect: the ability to see the depth of things to identify nuances.

Today, intelligence as measured by IQ is only the ability to establish relationships between things that do not necessarily have some, and as quickly as possible, since the time it takes to do the test is taken into account. I faked it for a while. At one time I was “rescuing” pupils and students (and adults too…) with a course called « learning to learn ». Following the course, the reaction time of my sheep had improved to the point where they earned tens of IQ points. All my little folk and their parents were delighted, especially the kids who had checked during the quarter following the course that they were the winners in all subjects, and who turned truant in the following quarter under the pretext that it was not worth spending so many hours in the classroom to learn so little! The truant stage forced me into negotiations with the parents to back their children up and to ensure that it would not impact passing their exams or competitions. Which proved true.

Until the day I realized that I was making but computers or robots or simply tape recorders, capable of learning like rockets, but not really understanding the world and the life any better. So I gave up! Shame on me!

Adults to whom I gave the course, also showed me how their culture was a mere storage of undigested information and it is not the episode of Charlie/Charlots which can leave me to think that there has been any improvement in 30 years!

Our elected are theoretically coming out of what is best in terms of cramming, especially their National School of Arrogance (the French ENA, A meanings Administration), do not impress me much more, far from it in fact!

But the aim of discernment is the understanding and the achievement of Truth which seems unattainable today…

ONLY THE TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE! If you associate this to a mere declaration of Christ, you are proving my chatter! This phrase was seen as true for all peoples, from China to the native American Indians through Europe, and during all the time, until the emergence of our Secular Religion (see my article …) and Christ’s statement: « I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE » is just as universal as opposed to the recent belief that Christ, the « divine » Verb is a Christian specialty. Among the Greeks, they called It the logos, the same word as in China (log), in India It is Vishnu in the direction of the descent of possibilities down to their manifestations, and Shiva on return. Among Muslims (I’m not talking Islamists!) it is rouah Allah, a name the first syllable of which evokes the cooing of a dove…

To return to the differentiation phase, the Latin intellectus was the Greek nous, the Hindu buddhi = the first production of Brahma (no relation to Buddhism!), also the Christian Paraclete which is to teach us everything… Basically it is something known everywhere and by everyone, except by us today. Precisely this is what implies that we should be able to understand everything about the universe and its sources, and of which nobody is any more concerned, especially the « scientists » who spend their time wading through their rationalistic deductions without realizing they are using the logic upside down (see my book, again).

In other words, we will not improve our discernment without first changing the scientistic paradigm which is referred to commonly, as it has nothing which would allow discernment to exist!

I am taking the word paradigm in the sense of the German Weltanschauung, “a world view”! To change it, this involves improving our vision (including its depth) and see much wider than this one universe.

François Constanty, who friendly wrote his assessment of « Let’s be logical » for the back cover speaks of it as an « intellectual facelift, » and as I explain my diagnosis of the intellectual situation in the world (because we are quite gifted with Hollande in France, but the rest of the planet is not in better condition), I cannot detail you the remedy in a short blog post, I barely arrive to walk around it in the book…

What I am detailing here is a development of the popular expression:

We are walking on our head!

But it is not enough to say it. It should be understood that this is the end result of 25 centuries of civilization progress towards the abyss of ignorance. Those who have considered other civilizations have found some false notes. Our specialty is to have collected them all and even to have invented some new ones. It would be quite naive to imagine that a new « progress » can stop and reverse the freefall in which we are engaged. This civilization has reached this stage by indefinite sequences of correcting errors without noticing that, starting from a mistake one will rarely be able to deduce something clever. And none of the reformers who showed up have understood that either. Just, where is this Truth that we could start from, since we’ve turned our back to it for so long, including those who claim to be its spokesperson.

Authentically cognitive therapies, that is to say those who are not using hypnosis, more or less disguised, show that only the truth can make us free: when the « patient » has really found out what’s wrong, healing is « instantaneous » and complete. If the body has to make repairs, it will just take a few days. I had several opportunities to take care of people with broken bones. Once it was even fun. A brat had broken his collarbone by climbing a tree, in fact, landing at the end of his climb. We went to see him at the hospital with a colleague. He so much wanted to talk with us that we had to accept that he responded while continuing to watch TV! After a few minutes we knew he had found his answer, and we kissed him good bye. Eight days later, the drama: a radio control showed a collarbone, completely repaired, and without the typical cal fractures usually show when they are simply allowed to fix on their own. But then, according to the predictions of the surgeons of the week before, he should have had three weeks of vacation and this precious time off school had just gone up in smoke! With my colleague we were very glad to have avoided his mother a fortnight in hell and she also thanked us for it! The immediacy of the result is the criterion of a complete recovery and this cognitive therapy in question requires no hardware, drug, or dietary supplement. The Truth sought after is the thought which causes the problem, and, short of the use of telepathy, only the patient can know it, that’s why an assessment from a “therapist” will rarely be useful, and that additional thoughts provided by a hypnotist or the subject himself will only mask the problem that probably will return later if the subject does not die in the meantime. Quantum practices have roughly the same effect but the explanation is more delicate and would not find place here.

In any case it is not lamenting the fact that we « walk on our heads » or continuing on our good habits of the exploration of all possible bullshit that we may get through, but we must understand that there is a interesting work to do and we need a 180 ° turn in changing our methods, if we want to see the light again. As powerful as cognitive therapies may be, there is so much to clear and clean that we have no guarantee of being able to do so, even in passing all our time on it. On the quantum side, cleaning is more synthetic, more global, but we would need to have a list of things to solve. Which remains to be done.

In the meantime, try to stop what you are doing without necessarily following the indications of Kinslow because much of his « quantum practices » are hypnotic in fact, and we cannot expect his own capacities of misunderstanding to help him realize…

I cannot do more to help you than to continue writing my nonsense hoping eventually to muster a group of friends to explore some issues. But I’m not the one who dived us into this mess, at least not me alone, and I do not feel any duty or commitment to save 7 billion of individuals who do not care for it, most of them royally, provided they have their TV to see matches or series and light soft drinks to quench their thirst of intelligence!


There is little chance that our councilors, bewildered and inefficient, think of what I say here.

There is even little chance they understand anything of it.

So perhaps it is too late?

But I do not feel like the only culprit!


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