Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 44 Robots)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 44 Robots)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 44 Robots)

We have seen how we deduced too quickly that our mind was easy to use… But for our defense, all the habits of our society made us wrong. And let’s return on our need to be dependent on it and giving it the records of our behavior to make them automatic. This episode will pick up on part of the solution…

Training or education?

If it is useful for athletes, for the military, and anyone who wants to become a human robot, it is much less successful when learning is uncontrolled, as when we lose the balance by riding a bike when 4, and decide to record the incident to “teach” our mind how to react in similar circumstances! Because there will NEVER be identical circumstances. In a dojo, the partners are aware of the important parameters that should trigger the suitable reactions. But during an incident of everyday’s life, the settings are too many and if the spirit is not “there” to decide which are important, the mind cannot do so because it just has the perception of the scene, not its conscience or understanding. And it will react to any parameter, which in practice triggers what is seen to be an aberrant conduct (ab-errant = dragged out of the way…).

But these insuperable threats can be of many different kinds. Those on the body can lead to accidents, fractures, or poisoning. But you can teach a boxer how to react in order not to feel pain. Those concerning the mental can target unusual actions, such as playing tennis, which this little baby cannot do without having learned (and do not invoke beginner’s luck too much), but again, he can learn it.

And especially the “spiritual” or “intellectual” threats which consist solely in the fact of hearing or reading something you do not understand, and that you decide not to “consider” and cram into your mind that will (you think!) know how to use it. This mechanism is used profusely in schools to “learn”!

Perhaps you noticed that if the body and mind can only “learn” as they have no conscience of their own, that is to say, they are not connected to a spirit, i.e. they are treated as if we were dealing with a corpse or a ghost (!), however the spirit is treated as if it were one of its two tools! And not as something that can (or should) understand. This learning in unconsciousness is the exact equivalent of a gigantic hypnosis!

But its damage goes much further!

For that hypnosis has recorded all the vocabulary words that will each be a “button” to trigger a jumble of phrases and concepts all made up, that will ensure the dissemination of unconsciousness, and therefore hypnosis, in subsequent studies (reading books or magazines, speeches of any kind, audiovisual media), everything that sounds to us basic words, and even with direct experience, if we have the misfortune to fasten them to vocabulary… For a manipulated guy, those hypnotic suggestions are MORE REAL than what he sees! That’s why if you manage to have someone like this change his mind, you can claim for a miracle! We have indeed reached this point! Besides, you know it yourself, if you noticed that what I tell you makes you react and if you used to refuse it on the basis of your memories, whereas they are in fact simply the first automatic reactions of your mind!

We had the opportunity to see how to delete some records in specific circumstances, like turning a pain in the ass into a buddy…, managing physical trauma, and I would like to stress that if a breath test should be negative for someone to whom you have done my manipulation of the alcohol trick, that I cannot guarantee, because you only read its description, and that I have not been able to verify that you understand it, (the experience has taught me that the simplest things can be understood twisted…) the eventual alcoholism of your client is not “cured” however, as the guy to whom you just erased his gout crisis is not cured of his sensitivity to white wine… We’ll have to now take care of the mess inherited from cultural hypnosis of years and it is an attempt worthy of Hercules!

Let us finally turn to our friends from “The Association for Health and Anti-Aging.”

Stop hypnosis

As I said, we are not going to take care of the visualization of white blood cells gorging bacteria. Because it is pure hypothesis imagined by the “scientists” and invalidated by numerous experiments including research from Louis-Claude Vincent.

This does not mean, unfortunately that you cannot imagine it, as others have done so!

But as it corresponds to nothing actual, the Verb will only manifest them as mental pictures, that will add to your hypnosis, and if by chance it happens to hide what you may worry about, it does not clear it and you could see it return.

It is precisely the pitfall of visualization: one can imagine ANYTHING (remember: considerations are our “space” of total freedom!) But, the Verb, Himself has warned that ONLY TRUTH will make us free! So only visualize things you are sure they are real and observable, and considerations stored or not are such, if possible, and typically do not care of scientific or medical data regarding health!

Regarding love stories between white blood cells and bacteria, each of these creatures needs a different pH in order to survive. As blood cells are bigger, they normally impose their pH unless the bacteria are invasive and the electrical resistance of blood is too low to prevent the spread of the pH of the invaders. If we increase blood’s resistivity, in practice by drinking spring water rather than bottled mineral water or another drink of alcoholic type, as the rest of our food is organic and not from mineral origin, its pH is less problematic than the drinking water.

The pH is adjusted with pH reducing nutrients and the rH2 by taking antioxidants. And bacteria will grow into blood cells as demonstrated by experiments of Taxis and Tissot, if I remember correctly! So there is no fighting taking place, and I think you will also not see how to view this pH shift!

Let’s instead be busy on seeing light inside of our bodies.

This time I have a quantum version: Use this light to illuminate the shadow areas you did to your body since you swallowed biologists speech and the nonsense that revolve around the fact that this body, fortunately not designed by them, is unable to cure himself!

The objective here is to reconcile yourself with your body searching all insults you believed about it and were able to hurt its feelings. It’s the same principle as to get rid of traffic jams: find everything you can, which is why it is “normal” that you are not healthy!

At least use this light to enlighten and make the shadows disappear. You can do it for the whole body at once or organ by organ.

And expand the Passebecq’s consideration on “the natural medicating strength” without fear of going too far: you are dealing with the manifestation of a divine possibility, chosen by God Himself and manifested by His Verb!

And think, from the pregnancy of your mom, you were subject to the suggestion of her fears of being sick and having to resort to doctors because her poor body was not supposed to know to fend for itself…

Review all the lying rubbish about the alleged “medical science”, such as the rotten gifts enjoyed by holders of stroke who were told that “Neurons are not replicated,” “They die from a certain age”, “That the brain had areas for this or that, and it could not repair damaged parts,” it is has been known for 40 years that this last statement is false, because Neurosurgeons use to remove whole lobes invaded by tumors and they found that their alleged specific functions were taken over by other areas…

The rest of the statements above is perfectly wrong as well, as is the fact that vaccinations have eliminated the epidemic, which you find the rebuttal in the Passebecq’s books of, and I will not repeat here my own testimony about it, which have already been the subject of posts on this blog!

I stop my examples not to drift into hypnotic areas. You must find by yourself, the stupidities that have fed you about medicine, biology, or else, because although we all passed through the same mill of Education, each of us has reaped its own poisons and it is therefore up to everyone to do the cleaning of what he believed without raising questions.

And rake off! Including the nonsense you’ve heard about healers and other charlatans, including “hewers of fire” whom surgeons are happy to call for, discreetly, to limit the damage of their radiotherapy.

And the little leaping devils!

This is a related trick, especially used when one wants to embark on a new project. But wanting to be cured, is it not a project like any other?

So if you have a new idea for something to manifest, pay attention to all the obstacles that come to your mind. These are the reactions from your mind, so do not be obsessed with having “positive thoughts”! All these “negative” thoughts are already yours, and will cripple your project. They may even prevent you from achieving your goal! So examine them instead, which will tend to erase them as the hostility of the guy rotting your life… It can walk around for a while, from one thought to another, especially if you can imagine similar tricks that would make it “normal” that you would not succeed…

Review other areas of your paradigm like the need to be next to the patient to treat him. A friend of mine was treated by such a “cutter of fire” 500 miles away and without having ever seen each other…

I do not deny that it is a huge job and I am not done with it in erasing the consequences of my stroke 5 years ago… but results are encouraging so far. Especially imagine your light illuminating the shadows and mire in which you dragged your body, your mind and your “manufacturers”! And look closely at that darkness that you’ve made!

And besides, I’m going to give you a hand in the sights of the modern paradigm, if indeed it can be called a “world view”, or maybe it is not the world I’m talking about…

A single point knows everything! The Augean stables of paradigms!

Starting from our Principle again, the thing that brings ALL the possibilities! That is, at first, the possibilities of all that is possible to have as material objects, in all possible places. Their combinations. Those of all the bodies of animals or plants at all their possible locations, and all these along every cosmic age, past and future. You will notice that very few of these possibilities are indeed realized at this moment, but it will give you an idea of the wealth of this Principle!

Secondly, add the possibilities of your own considerations (thoughts) as human, a spirit, and that of all other spirits, past, present and future. And do not forget the staggering considerations, wacky, lies, imaginary considerations… and you should have more possibilities than for the objects and their locations, as for each of these, there should already be a considerable number of considerations, such as considering all millionths of square inches of a table of 10 square feet, which is a number of billions considerations (up to you to count) for a single object!

Consider now all the considerations put in the fridge in the minds of human beings and the equivalent in plants, animals or the universe itself!

And if you use to say things like: “It’s amazing!”, “I can’t believe it!”. Realize that you are still in a worse condition than St. Thomas to whom Christ responded to the snub: “Happy is he who knows without seeing!” While he at least believed what he saw!

If you are customary of these types of sentences, measure how dramatically your paradigm is wizened and try to pump it up quickly. Without falling into credulity, since you know what you’re dealing with…

It is all these crazy suppositions that must be incorporated into your considerations to take into account the current mythology, be it political or scientific or philosophical!

Taking care to put (label) this package as dreams instead of keeping them as sensible considerations… But we’ll get to that. Before, locate the “Ideas of God,” especially regarding the Sacred Mathematics, you may have classified as human considerations, since mathematics which we called modern, the only one we are used to, are not anything else but dreams… and fill them up!

Good, but there is still room in our point/Principle! As long as one only puts other points in it… our stables are not yet quite dirty enough.

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