Is he scared, François: « We must pull FN voters »

Is he scared, François: « We must pull FN voters »

Is he scared, François: « We must pull FN voters »

Declaration made privately to 8 readers of “le Parisien” that the paper was quick to make public! Assuming that the guests have heard his speech, pathetic as usual, the FN has lost 8 voters! How many interviews do we need for the PS and the UMP be recognized for the dummies they are!

“Intimidated to come together to ask the President freely!”

Why not! Was their Freedom up to tell him that he was the last of clowns, which his face of fetus who survived an abortion shows on the photo made at the time (see the Parisian site).

It seems that there is a “spirit of January 11”! Well, yes, the “national assembly” that excludes the “FN-who-stinks!” If that’s it, then yes, there is a spirit of January 11.

At this point, I did not noticed that 11 (9) September and 7 (1) in January have in common, for the Anglo-Saxon to match two dates they respectively write 911 and 17 which are the Numbers to call the cops in the US and France respectively…

But enough attempts to back the theory of conspiracy, because there never was any (conspiracy, as you know it’s just a word to entertain suckers…). The encouragement of our walking disaster is “to seek the FN voters, even talk to tear them and convince them.” It is truly a dentist vocabulary! No wonder he’s lying like a teeth puller! But it seems that his audience of eight readers did not catch this statement.

I am a lot more afraid by the mass of my French contemporaries than by the two clowns between which they will have to choose in 2017.

His new girlfriend may piss on the sidewalk!

Still we learned, thanks to his free but attentive audience, that the new female of Hollande is a lady dog, Philae, probably named that way so that he can send her on Saturn as soon as she has no fortune to please him anymore!

He still had the delicacy not to choose a Doberman or something from an easy race to recognize, that the FN could identify and proceed to a holocaust!

It’s still amazing that no one in the media is ashamed to be the puppet of that walking disaster!

I still think vaguely that reading my “Be Logical! … in God’s name” might wake up the crowds, if they were willing to look at the basic of their problem, rather than waiting to be able to cheer the next match PSG/OM, but it does not seem to be the case. Especially since the few sites that believe addressing the resolution of the current mess seem far more concerned to sell what they believe to be their solution than to identify the real problem to know what to solve.

If stopmensonges (stoplies) is not enough, we should try stopassholes!

I remind that there is a democratic solution for the people to get rid of his manipulators, it is outright abstention! That is discouraged of course by all parties including the FN! And yet it is the only way they can hear us or even listen to us. Forget your demos and porters. Stop hire fools or bastards for you “representatives”. Especially since you’ve known for years that they are so…

Canteloup (French standup humorist every evening on TV) reminds us almost every night how our leaders are morons, but it looks like he rather makes their promotion. Yet he is the only guy on TV that should be taken seriously, and consider what he shows us better reflects the reality than the shows of our acrobats from the top of their circus!


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