« Science » wants us to see all colors…

« Science » wants us to see all colors…

« Science » wants us to see all colors….

We are all con-CERN-ed. Through the application of the theory of the “rainbow of gravity” the Swiss CERN will add a color there: mini BLACK holes… For “the Large Hadron Collider, can now generate 13 tera electron volts!”. See details in Paris-Match from the pen of an ecstatic journalist! What a pity it is not yet powerful enough to generate a new Big Bang and get us rid of physicists at CERN, and the rest of the universe…

Science” too has its false flags

So that you are not completely lost; the Large Hadron Collider has a nickname: the LHC! And hadrons are only ‘iridescent’ protons to initialize the rainbow… (Forget it!)

Physicists continue to heckle the vocabulary to twist words according to their deep neuroses. Remember the Higgs’ boson, the “God particle” for Americans who do not want to be told of the “particle OF God…”. Finesse…

Physicists still do not know what gravity is, therefore, it does not matter, if they want to “extend” it to other dimensions. These stories of extra dimensions is what they use to get out of everything, not just the space-time, assuming that time is already a fourth dimension. Remember the “string theory” which Peter Woit buried with his “Not Even Wrong” after physicists lost sixty years with it… As he says, moreover, that “string theory” is rather a theory of a theory, much like the “conspiracy theory” for dreamers.

Word games used by physicists to apply for credits do not date from last week! Remember: they called “atoms”, stuff they constantly blow up while the word means “indivisible”! Initially, for Kaneda (in India), they were mere “points” that are inherently indivisible as they have no volume. But Democritus, a Greek who was forced to misunderstand the concept to prepare it for modern physics, made it “the ultimate element” of matter. Cartesian analysis eventually helped discover them, together with the fact that they were neither basic nor final!

Vibrate oh, sister!”: with dildos, science becomes erotic!

They continued with their “elementary” “particles”, not any more elementary, but even not particles, and they took good care of hiding it in the media that they were only “pseudo-particles”, they only told that it was a combination of a particle and a wave. Because the “waves” are also in the top 10 of science. Waves are characterized by diffraction phenomena, but they mostly require an elastic medium to propagate.

Vacuum is not such an medium, but scientists do not want to hear about alchemists’, Hindus’, Chineses’ and others’ ether. Yet it would account for this wave, which as it seems, follows the particles for the media!

« Let’s be logical! … in God’s name! »

That is the title of the book where I say more, not just about false flags of science, but also on those of religion, for those who might be tempted…

Because our planetary hero Albert Einstein also dropped ether to invent the photon, which everyone forgot that it was only his hypothesis! Obviously if the particles have a wave, waves have particles! Let that be our demonstration!

And the famous “black holes” come more or less directly from ideas of that indisputable “genius”, or at least rarely questioned. Except by Hundert Autoren, Laurent Seksik and a bunch of other unknown… such as his classmates who testified that he was ignoramus in math!

His idolaters, like Lorenz and De Broglie, were not more lucky, but it is enough to know that his ONLY contribution to the restricted Relativity, of which he plagiarized all the rest (deducted from Encyclopedia Britannica), is his assumption of the constancy of the speed of light and its limit, two assumptions largely experimentally invalidated since!

In conclusion, the universe is not expanding, black holes should not give you ideas of the same color and the darling big bang of Hawking relates only to the media!

If scientists told you as much nonsense, imagine what philosophers and politicians have been able to do!

You are surrounded and flooded with scams. Not necessarily difficult to detect and recover. The book cited above is just one element to help you…

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