Sheikh Imran Hosein and Fatima: what relationship?

Sheikh Imran Hosein and Fatima: what relationship?

Sheikh Imran Hosein and Fatima: what relationship?

I finally found an opportunity to talk about my favorite still alive (favorite is the word for the elderly, the American rockers talk about heroes and other rockers about idols…), because Sheikh Imran Hosein sends a message to Muslims of France: take a look at the following video:

Well, he is bilingual English/Arabic…

This time Sheikh Imran Hosein suggests Muslims native to France and lost there to return to their Africa (or the one of their ancestors), and leave this country of fools.

And he takes the opportunity to point out that Orthodox Christians from Russia, are according to him, in fairly good condition, Putin first.

This page tends to prove it. I know the media enslaved to our political geniuses do their best to make us think Putin is a monster, but if you bother to listen to his interviews, you might find another Vladimir…

Anyway, the good opinion of Sheikh Imran Hosein impressed me because, although a Muslim, he seems to very well know the state of Christianity. At a time when the “catholic” Pope signs his belonging to the Illuminati making the sign of cornuto with a wicked smile with a cardinal aside and doing the same, one might think that the French orthodox escape this decline. But it’s a dream. Of all those I met, only one appeared to me to be concerned with the Doctrine of his Lord and others, especially those who commit religious programming on Sunday mornings on France 2 are only brainwashed intellectuals to the image of their Catholic stooges. Another exception however, a young monk of the Celtic Orthodox Church I met a couple of times in Britain, who also seems to remember the One of Which he is the spokesman.

For the « religiously correct », I remind, or report, that the Celtic Church was the first to be founded by Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury (England) and to be botched by catholic on the tenth century. Crafty angels have reseeded it with the help of the Syriac church in recent decades and it develops slowly in France and Switzerland…

What is the relationship between this arabic Hosein and the Portuguese of Fatima?

Well, at Fatima, Our Lady asked for the conversion of Russia to her Immaculate heart to avoid unpleasant tribulations such as a third world war. The catholic have been waiting for their Pope to do it, which has never been done since 1917 or so very discreetly. Orthodox not benefiting from an unique « Holy Father », nothing prevented the Russian president to show his membership in Orthodox Christianity, even if he once took care of the KGB. And when the US are making messes with almost all their shenanigans (one cannot indefinitely managed successfully a September 11), our beloved Sheikh is counting on Russia (and China) to defeat the plans! Anyway it’s not with stellar allies like Hollande or his dancer Valls that the US is well equipped.

The funniest is that some catholics have thought that the appearance of the Virgin proved they had the Sole True Religion, but it gave them instead the opportunity to prove, once again, that the Catholic Church is anathema by not obeying to what it sees as the Theotokos, the Mother of God. Mary did reiterate her indication later appearing multiple times in the Copts churches of Egypt! But Fatima is a very sour souvenir for the catholic church (intentional lowercase) as its procrastination and falsifications have shown clearly that Truth was not the least of its worries. I remind that Truth is still the name of their Christ!

I would humbly recommend you to follow our Sheikh, whether or not Muslim because he gives us clues about the planet, and not the silliest ones…

He is lucky not to be in France as his words could be interpreted as homophobic because of his incitation not to encourage marriages between guys. But I do not feel homophobic by saying that homosexuals may live their love life without marriage, an institution dedicated to the construction of families where kids have real parents, and I feel instead inclined to complain those gays who are sentenced to infertility and adoption of kids dropped by irresponsible fuckers (for once the pope Francis said no affectations, about rabbits manufacturers …).

As for incitement to dis-immigration, again Sheikh Imran Hosein is lucky not to be French as he cannot be accused of being racist or belonging to the National Front!

Of course there is nowhere a formal statement of the consecration of Russia to the heart of Mary by Putin, and that’s a shame for officials who react only on this kind of stuff, but Vladimir seems to be rather better followed by his people than our French François who can only rely on massacres to feel like to gather the French at the bedside of a dying paper, of which cartoonists did die faster than their work! And Vatican bureaucrats are still awaiting the publication of the act of consecration of Russia, which is not likely to come from the backstage of St. Peter…

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