Out of stock of 49.3: Touraine softens the democratic dictatorship passing the exam on the fast track!

Out of stock of 49.3: Touraine softens the democratic dictatorship passing the exam on the fast track!

Out of stock of 49.3: Touraine softens the democratic dictatorship passing the exam on the fast track!

In recent years stocks of 49.3 are not inexhaustible any more and Valls and Hollande have many projects that could benefit from this kind of boost before the end of the five years. It is time to discover another undemocratic method available to our dictators to force us to accept their crap.

A little humor to abuse freedom of expression

Since our dictators guarantee our freedom of expression, Let’s use it to ridicule them and have some fun without waiting for Canteloup (daily TV program on TF1).

But basically, it’s not funny at all!

The Hollande’s troupe continues its professional studies, they just came out of kindergarten.

I pointed out in another page that Hollande had finally learned that finance could also be useful while he had promised to get rid of it when he wanted to get elected.

But we must believe that his courses in finance were accelerated and even sloppy. As he never had the opportunity himself to provide anything of value to anyone, he does not know that money is a medium of exchange used to buy and sell stuff or services helpful or nice, all that he has understood is that he could use the result of the work of his citizens to mow their part.

He started strong by giving Putin a few billion in exchange for the cancellation of deliveries of his 2 kayaks carriers for helicopters.

He continued with little more discrete amounts providing only € 1 million to a dying newspaper, to which the French offered 3 million spontaneously, and of which 7 million fans of the 10th hour bought the #1178 issue, so that the gift from the “lord of the teethlesss” appeared ridiculous. Then it was the Million and a half in Manila, as if such an amount, which he never practiced, could help them significantly to resist their next tsunami. It’s barely twice what Jean-Michel Jarre invested for his concert in Houston in 86!

Yet we found the small glimpse of frustrated socialists scandalized by the misfortunes of the poor to rob the rich, encouraging them to move to take their responsibilities in connection with an equally grotesque “pact”.

When I said that Holland had never sold anything, I was a little quick. He knows how to sell himself, whether in its collections of damsels (and for some, a vandal) or his voters and people disappointed by Sarko. And as he knows he is worth nothing, he sells himself on credit: there is nothing to pay cash at the start, it’s just costly in the future…

Apparently all he has learned from his courses, is enough to distribute the money that we’ve been stupid enough to give him and that it would dispense him to take care to produce and deliver something new and useful. At the country level, finance brings only debts, it is the producers who make the wealth. But as it is not he who will pay the interest, or even repay the principal, why not staying in his bubble. I just saw that he told a newspaper he does not need to change its policy! The interview may be exclusive, but it has nothing of a scoop. My grandma knew that fools can be spotted because they never change their minds. Psychologists have more technical word for this kind of disease, but in view of his successive governments, we can now wonder whether it would not be contagious! I don’t think so, but rather, I would put it on the account of affinity, a much older and general law according to which like attract like.

In short, week by week we are increasingly screwed! It is likely that there is not an indefinite number of ways to disguise the holy democracy into a dictatorship, but as long as he is there, he still has time to use some of them and do quite a lot of damage. The unconscious that have moved him up in the polls have decidedly not much to be proud of, and I know it is not by telling morons that they are morons that I may become popular, but for now I Just take care to promote my « Let’s be logical!… in God’s name!” imagining that people could be inspired to stop the catastrophe…

Another 100,000 foreign investors and we save unemployment!

The good news whispered by TVs is that foreign investors continue to invest in France.

TF1 has even cracked a story to illustrate the surprise, showing us a German investor that will create as many as 30 jobs! But hilarious Holland who received foreign investors at breakfast apparently did not doubt that another 100,000 will follow: it is his unexpected solution to the loss of 3 million, and some unemployed.

Although no one was to see under what ruinous condition for us, these strangers become lovers of our beautiful hexagon… And speaking of the conditions on the international market, do we really know those that have allowed the ruined Egypt to order our 24 Rafale planes? (See details on challenges.fr)


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