The denycratie? But indeed, you know it… Nexus #104!

The denycratie? But indeed, you know it… Nexus #104!

The denycratie? But indeed, you know it… Nexus #104!

Nexus 104Like every two months it took me to get the Nexus issue at the end of the world, but once again, I want to tell you about it.

Wikipedia does not know the word denycratie, neither does the web. So even if it’s nothing new, it’s Nexus who speaks of it first. With a tantalizing subtitle: « Is the power changing hands?” I would add: “Or tomorrow?” because it is true that it is urgent!

This is not the first time that Nexus has doubts about the variety of “democracy” that we suffer from, but the neologism suits me perfectly.

Some sort of incentive to hope? Nexus talks much about the “Nuits Debout” demonstrators and seems to find it a good idea not to vote for the 2017 presidential election!

I let you discover the details of their investigation to remind you of my personal impressions instead…

Denial (or contempt?), it all starts with elections in 2 rounds. Guaranteeing that even someone who has no majority from the people can be “elected”! Especially as the assessment of the majority despises a tad blank or spoiled votes, but especially abstentions! And Nexus tells there is an abstainer’s movement for 2017’s presidential. Hope? We’ve been so harassed about doing our “civic duty” to vote for guys who will not do their elect duty… I’m not as optimistic.

But OK ! Denial (contempt?) continues, in the case of the presidential election, the elected one who chooses alone the 50 slobs of his government without asking our opinion (anyway, that goes for the duration of the “mandate”) to see if we agree with his choice of broken arms.

Of course, we also elected our “representatives” with the same elections in two rounds! And what do they represent? 90% of the French population does not want this sad waste (Hollande) any more, but our “representatives” are not even able to pass a vote of trust (or distrust).

Once they screwed it all, it is those who have the courage to express their fed-up that pass for naggers, although they do it at the costs of their wages while the government’s assholes still get their massive fortune paid, as notorious incompetents who would have long been fired since from ordinary jobs.

With our Francis, the French pass for idiots abroad, which he does not realize any more than the rest, going to lug his Down syndrome smile at G7 meetings, probably to represent European spins like Greece that are not the “Club”.

The article 49.3 does not date from Valls since it is in the constitution of ‘58! Valls explained that this is just an opportunity to “submit to the judgment of parliamentarians”. To the extent that other band of morons could represent us, actually we could talk about democracy. But we saw what we should think of it. Anyway, this denial, or contempt of the people begins to be really unbearable.

No, despite your dreams, Hollande, Valls and Macron and your Moroccan muse El Khomri, it is NOT the CGT (our communist union) holding France in hostage, that’s YOUR DISGUSTING GANG OF PIRATES! Do not exhaust yourself any more, and exhaust US any more as well, nobody believes or trusts you anymore!

I would be remiss still not reporting a jewel highlighted by Nexus: “It is important to first decolonize our imaginary abstract concepts to be able to ask the right questions!”. Signed Paul Aries, a famous (in France) leftist! And it is true that this quote shows how much he is an expert in how to “decolonize our imaginary”…

When will we end up with those brainy verbiage that only complicate things and plunge us deeper into the mud of our cultural swamp?

The “lobby of consciences”!

Nexus also speaks of Nicolas Hulot who requests a “lobby of consciences”. Since I’m just putting the last bit to a post entitled: “Awareness, its manual”, I will dedicate it to Nicolas. Some have criticized him for not wanting to be a candidate in 2017 but at least he has not the arrogance to believe to be eligible given his insufficient popularity (in politics). Nevertheless, even if the Greens think (rightly?) to have an intellectual horizon a little wider than the average zombie out of the National School of Administration, their methods of operation are no less the same, those on which we’ve launched 25 centuries ago and nothing gives hope that we are drawing to find a solution. But is it necessary to hope to undertake?

So I will continue my job of… a platypus, and paradigm obstetrician!

Stop plowing! Even boars don’t do that!

Another Nexus illuminating dossier on “Agrochemicals” about the puzzling “Ecologically Intensive Agriculture” of which the most promising elements are found from page 71 on.

After agriculture without chemicals, without pesticides or insecticides, it is agriculture without plowing!

They finally managed to realize that forests grow very well on their own without armies of boars making trenches…

But the most fun is that their “plowing by humus” implements mainly weeds such as nettle, which branding starts to restore from users of supplements… It is not because they are considered bad by us that nature and the soil view weeds as such, and we should begin to understand that our prodigious intellect is very limited compared to what we can see of the native state of the universe before the questionable actions of Man?

Another indication I liked is the mention of the bio-luminescence (not of hypothetical “bio-photons”) in the contribution of these herbs to feed humus.

Remember, it was discovered some time ago, that reactions involving living molecules emit a faint light, and that light could influence other reactions. And even involve a new kind of contagion. This light passes through quartz but is stopped by glass. But healthy cells in view of cancerous cells become cancerous after some twenty hours! It’s a seemingly superficial action, but more or less so… Close your eyes and you will know whether you get light or not. So light passes through biological tissues… This bio luminescence used in agriculture is only briefly mentioned by Nexus but it would be interesting to dig further.

From ground up or from RoundUp Down?

Less “interesting” but also very informative, it is the story of glyphosate! Tell me you did not know?

Liar you!

It is the active ingredient of Roundup! Ah, now you’re in gear! But since Monsanto’s patent has “fallen” in the public domain, glyphosate is hiding among a lot of competitors. There is so much loot in the game that it’s hard to know what is due to propaganda among supporters or detractors, or even if anything is due to anything else.

The information from Nexus is not too reassuring: it seems that EIA farmers, even those on pages 71 and following, are struggling to manage it without glyphosate!

Anyway, the inevitable Wikipedia, for once, knows about that glyphosate: “In France, a ban on the free sale of the particular product is being studied.” Yet the same source says: “It’s toxic, irritant and ecotoxic, and a probable carcinogen.”!

Don’t hurry, O you, responsible for our health! RoundUp has only been traded since 1975, so all its victims have had time to die. Continue to “study” as Monsanto is paying (you), yes! They’re giving you the opportunity to “study” that long. !

Which makes me think about something that came to me when I found a doctor to whom I had been recommended who’s not “taking over new customers!”. It is not very new, 20 years ago in Florida and California posters announcing this good news invaded the streets… Except that at the time it did not hit me that if they do not take up new clients, it is that they do not cure anyone! Otherwise it would make room for new ones. However, they do not kill much either, but sick people are so solid and “patient”, fortunately for their alleged « repairers »!

End of moody temper!

Well, this post ends and I have not had the opportunity to talk about the rest of #104. But at least go find them on the Web and as Google has just dropped its Nexus smartphones, you should fall directly on the review. And if you’re not living in a forgotten country like me, the bookseller at the end of your street has it in stock…

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