The direct democracy of the “Up All Night” did not bother to please Lord Finkielkraut!

The direct democracy of the “Up All Night” did not bother to please Lord Finkielkraut!

The direct democracy of the “Up All Night” did not bother to please Lord Finkielkraut!

The little people of “Up All Night” (Nuit Debout) strangely welcomed Alain Finkielkraut when he came to snatch a little publicity stunt on the Republic Square in Paris last Saturday night. And what a publicity, he got: The TVs broadcasted his retirement under the sputum of the crowd, whereas the same little people had let Yanis Varoufakis, an obscure former Greek finance minister, speak for 5 minutes…

In my case, I am more sensitive to the practical results of our Coluche clown and his “restaurants of the Heart” than to the idle chatter of modern intellectual philosophers.

I had heard of the inescapable Finkielkraut and I took good care not to read anything from him, so I would not have been among the eaters the other night because I did not know him.

But after attending his release, vomiting his contempt at his reception service, if I were to meet him, he would not escape the streams of saliva and mucus from my mouth…

What idea has this “philosopher” of democracy, or rather, what idea has he of “pluralism”? Does it have to  be a choice from a predefined list of opinions, uttered by a troop of self-elected philosophers to establish it? If the people should express themselves, they should be free to do so, including by using the default (unlisted) option popularized by Sarkozy: “Fuck off poor ass!”, but conspicuously omitted by Lord Finkielkraut who experienced being its target. Contempt is the spit of the philosopher…

But there is worse ! Talking of “pluralist democracy” is already castrating the very notion of democracy, which so stellar a philosopher should know. Democracy should not be limited by any adjective except perhaps to call it direct, which only accentuates its character. For imposing a choice turns democracy into fascism, and do not be fooled, fascisms are quite plural! You can put Mao in the bag where Mussolini and Hitler are already lying!

Plato had foreseen it by announcing that democracy was the last stage before tyranny. And the modern version of “representative democracy” seems to have taken the plunge: under the pretext of being elected, modern presidents believe anything is permitted and clearly act as tyrants or dictators, Hollande, Valls and their team are the spectacular illustration of this… Finkielkraut and his contempt for the people of the Republic (the square with that name) is only the image of Hollande´s gang for that of the whole country.

Would Hollande be the model for Finkielkraut?

Did you see Hollande’s performance in the Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon? It gives the same incitation to vomit as the stage’s exit of our Auguste Finkielkraut! Besides the Lebanese press has not been fooled! In fact it seems that it’s only in France that we do not realize the intellectual state of disrepair of our “normal president”.

Could we suggest that politicians should apply to themselves their own famous precautionary principle using really democratic processes. It would go as follows: when a politician has done too many blunders to let us fear the inevitability of his further damage, Internet networks would be used for spontaneous referenda, and if a majority of online decided so, the blundering hero would simply be fired without severance pay and the loss of his retirement rights! Already we would gain that much less chitterlings would embark on a political career, and those who would insist would be a little more careful, before making blunders…

Politicians and philosophers alike speak of democracy and are unable to really give it to us as a gift, so it should be taken care of by ourselves and it would complete the usefulness of social networks that are yet already growing a parallel economy based on exchanges or cars or rental of washing machines and other trinkets that are only used every 5 years or so…

For a referendum to be really democratic it must be initialized by the people themselves, which Internet allows! Look at how the one for the airport of Notre Dame des Landes is peppered by our flock of scammers! We only have some software to develop…

But there is a third thief in the club of the people who do not care about the people!

The “poor” Pope Francis can only take 12 migrants in his humble and cheap papal plane!

I would not write about it if I had not seen the tiny popular enthusiasm generated by this new swank! It is far from having caused the ecstasy of catholic, and his hypocritical humility begins to be perceived. Besides the thousands of Muslims in Lesbos who have not earned their ticket to the Vatican, must have their dead hopes slightly brackish. Is he something of a player our Francis? Football is no longer enough, he is organizing the lottery now! When will we get a Vaticanese games organization?

One thing leading to another, (French TV) TF1’s endless ad for the “euro 2016” made me understand why we inherited the divine Hollande! Because I know better now the 66 million French and their interests. Though I suspected it a little.

Not long ago, some were concerned about the vulgarity drift of political discourse inaugurated by the quote from Sarkosy I recalled just above. And it’s true we did not hear the satiric singers of my youth insulting a French president. On the other hand, is not the fact that a guy of the level of Hollande daring to stand for the election to the presidency an insult to the intelligence of the people of France?

It might have been so, if he had not been elected! But then, he was, so the intelligence of the people was not insulted!

And having worked hard 5 long years, spent accumulating gags and U-turns, he is going to win a million dollar retirement, compared to what you’ll get after having toiled intelligently and efficiently for 40 years! Why have you made him such a gift?

To loop back over the starting point of this post, do you know what is the common feature between Hollande and Finkielkraut?


Holland does not realize his flops, and Finkielkraut, as a normal modern philosopher, does not notice  his oxymoron…

And see how his pride took a blow when he got repudiated by those he believed to be his fans….

And he is not the only one with a defective vision! For some time “philosophers” are defining their doctrines according to each other, either by approving or by fighting. As they all start from the same lousy base, they only come up with variations of this foggy base.

And this dark history does not only go back to Descartes, or Occam, I’ll refer as far as Aristotle, to which any serious and true philosopher would do well to take care of his nonsense to decide to start from something else. It was little noticed, but his mania of categories is the basis of racism… and we have it beautiful to focus on tolerance today, like: can we tolerate anything other than what is considered an error of the hypothetical “other” », the one who does not agree with us.

Even extrapolating the Aristotle’s “binary logic” to more “logical values” as with the logical “ternary” version where something can be “True” or “False” but also “Both true and false” that some attribute to Buddhism !!! The “Logic of the Universe” is continuous: even the absolute temperature of 0 K is unattainable. Everything is more or less warm or more or less cold, and trails on digital scales are similar to the markings on lengths, which can always be subdivided indefinitely, thus offering no choice to base a purely logical thinking with an indisputable starting point.

So we arbitrarily invent our starting points, as with the precautionary or democracy or secularism principles.

In conclusion: we may despise what we tolerated through our great indulgence, but without spitting!

Even though it galls me to allude to it because it was later picked up by Charlie, “The Year 01”, a Gébé’s comic published in 70, still seems topical! Remember it: “We stop EVERYTHING, we think it over , and that’s not sad.” The important word is EVERYTHING because if we do not stop ALL that brought us into this shit, ALL will stop by itself…

My personal version would be: “We stop EVERYTHING, we examine, and it’s not sad.” Because the small people dies under the reflections of its mentors and it’s time to take care of the real world rather than the worlds of the minds of intellectuals!

For now the “Up All Night” are rather sympathetic to me because they are still seeking their doctrine. But I think that when they have found it, they will just make one more fascism… because it’s all what this civilization is able to imagine and produce!

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