The Valls’ paradigm: freedom of expression, user’s guide! WHO is the real Charlie?

The Valls’ paradigm: freedom of expression, user’s guide! WHO is the real Charlie?

« Let us not confuse freedom of opinion with anti-Semitism, racism, Holocaust denial, » Prime Minister Manuel Valls Explains. And Continues: « Racism, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, apology for terrorism are not opinions, they are misdemeanors. »

Then let’s not confuse them! Valls redefines for us our freedom of opinion, not of expression. Thanks to his police of thought, we are not even anymore free to think what we want! That is, if I think Manuel Valls is a paranoid sick and frustrated, I should not tell you. But Big Brother omniscient Valls will know that I’ve thought it so he can act!!!

The problem is that the provisions prohibiting incitement to various forms of violence in the press dates back to 1881 in France, when they did not yet know that there would be this Internet that allows anyone to vomit on whom he so whishes. That leaves us with two choices: prohibit the web, because you never know who you’re going to offend, or chase all the moaners who feel targeted. In the current atmosphere of hysterical cop invasions, it seems that the second solution is the favorite, provided that all countries agree, as their people have demonstrated on this beautiful January 11!

On the other hand Valls is right to distinguish between racism and antisemitism. The first targets an ethnic group and the second, despite its name only targets a religion in fact. Because since the happy time of the conversion of the Khazars in the late 8th century, most Jews today, even if they contest it, have no Semitic character, and are descendants of this little known Turkish people . You will have the detailed story in « Seduced!  » by Gordon Ginn, but I’ll summarize it. The Kahzar king of that time was concerned by the softening of his army and sought to restore its rigor by choosing a religion for her. His choice between the three Western religions fell on Judaism, according to him, the only that would allow to conquer the planet. And the Khazar people converted as a whole. A few decades later, the decision was made to spin off and invade the planet to reign behind the scenes, and the people miraculously evaporated, infesting the countries they visited there by becoming judges (especially to serve in supreme courts or equivalent), but especially lawyers, because their king had reported that: « A lawyer does not care about justice, he is there to save his client… ». In other words the actual anti-Semitism, as we dare not say anti-Jew, concerns rather the Arabs than the Jews! As for its « modern version » called anti-Zionism, it targets neither an ethnic group or a religion, but an ideology and a political strategy whose objective is the installation of the Jews in Palestine under the pretext that it was the country of origin (sic) of this nomadic people, and they have achieved it with the blessing of the countries they had infiltrated. This is probably why Valls forgot to mention this detail. As an incitement to hatred against the Zionists has some too embarrassing aspects, except if we can convince Palestinians that initially they did not have their country mowed by criminal terrorists, especially Ariel Sharon, who as it seems was proud of being a war criminal… Unless Valls has family ties which make him judge and jury?

At the exit of these wonderful demonstrations, we no longer know if they were dedicated to the memory (I dare not say in tribute …) of the victims of the massacre of January 7 or a reaction to the threat of having discovered the danger encountered by people who believe themselves to be free to express everything. So it was useful that Valls point out the limits of this freedom, to reassure the people and remind them to moderate their enthusiasm.

Charb (Charlies chief editor’s nickname) was not silly to the point of not being conscious of playing with fire, evidenced by the fact he had asked to be protected. And successive governments knew that Charlie was playing the ass, as they provided bodyguards! Why have they not used a law dating back more than a century to censor the magazine? The demonstrations that followed the murders today, show well whom the crime benefits. The members of the Charlie team were only useful idiots that governments can make toy of, and this time they have gathered all the planet having caused only some twenty dead, which deserves the Guiness as the cheapest and most efficient scam ever.

I have not said that this gathering was « spontaneous » as our media want us to think. The inventor of the manipulation based on a switch labeled « Freedom » is Amschel Bauer, the Khazar founder of the House of Rothschild, who promoted the famous motto « Liberty, Equality, Fraternity », at his home in Jüdenstraße in Frankfurt some time before the French Revolution. He had it mentioned first in a Masonic magazine to be sure that the Masons would be taking it on board and offer it to the French revolutionaries. Amschel explained that the intellectuals of his time did not even notice the manipulation caused by the mustering of these three contradictory words. He also stated that « At the mere mention of equality, children will kill their fathers! » What the Chinese were able to check during their “cultural revolution” and their tens of millions of deaths, of course a number disputed today. But as sung by Mireille Mathieu, threatening to touch freedom makes everyone angry. After 1789, it took to kill half of French population (about 14 million during the Terror period and the wars of the Corsican) for the survivors to accept the Republican game. Liberty was still in its infancy and drafting. So it’s been almost 3 centuries that we are being sold the Freedom/Liberty word, being careful never to define it properly or accurately, which is the mark of the manipulation by Pavlovian conditioning. EVERYTHING you have LEARNED without REALLY UNDERSTANDING it, is usable and is indeed used as a hypnotic suggestion and the worldwide population flood of January 11 is the proof that Pavlovian conditioning on Freedom is complete. In other words, your “freedom of thinking” is almost that of a dachshund! If you want to make a list of words that you cannot really or easily define, start with the word « one », and we’ll meet again at your leisure…

So had the government done its job by censoring Charlie because of any incitement to hatred, the supposed « jihadists » would not have had a reason for their killing. Ah! Those donors of lessons…

But did Charb himself warn his employees and visitors that they were risking their lives by coming to the office of his magazine? Because we can think Cabu and Wolinski (two major contributors also killed) were also foolish enough to find funny to tickle Muslims (not Jews or Christians of course) but there still were nine anonymous dead not counting the stars. That the three morons wanted to commit suicide them is their business, but then, what is the level of unconsciousness and responsibility of our new global heroes, risking the lives of their employees, and KNOWINGLY?

In other words, all the extras are dead and the real culprits are now celebrating their master stroke by getting drunk or having sex with whores and laughing at the stupidities they watch on TV… sure of their impunity, as usual.

Have a thought for the young cop Ahmed Merabet. Youtube has erased the video where he was seen being shot by a « jihadist » that missed him. But we now know that Ahmed is dead, leaving his blood on the pavement. And so his real killer is still at large. Try to watch more TV series to get an idea of the twisted montages that the writers are able to imagine, and wonder why the crafty would not do much the same in « real life »? It’s not because you lack imagination that others do, or because you consider that something is incredible that others cannot conceptualize it.

Let us return to the board of our indescribable Manual: « Freedom of opinion should not be confused with anti Semitism, racism, Holocaust denial ». All these words that are buttons used by the manipulators. Proof? The phrase from Dieudonné who so winces Manuel is it anti-Semitic, racist or a denial? « I feel I am Charlie Coulibaly. » Charlie is a group of kids playing to distrust to bullshit « Chiche! » or « No dare! » Without noticing that they are no longer in the yard of their primary school, and they are not Muslims as Coulibaly. None of them is Jewish it seems, and there is no question of making a comparison with the Holocaust. So what makes Valls as hysterical? The fact that he also knows that successive governments (including his own) of its new darling country (he was born Spanish) have not done their job, just stupidly laughing on the covers of the magazine?

The stupid guys are not an ethnic characteristic, they believe in no particular God (besides sex and money maybe) and they do not mind the number of victims of the Nazis.

So the law is silent about anti-bullshit! But this is not a call to hatred, but to help. We will not get rid of the idiots killing them with Round-Up®, they keep pushing anyway, but by making them smart, that no government has any interest in doing such as they have proved it.

Which may break the heart is that we must start by helping politicians, and it will not be easy… But taking into account the extent of the demonstration of the 11, the de-bullshitting of peoples would need Superman or Hercules! Because my contemporaries have convinced me of one thing: you (I mean the others…) ARE Charlie!

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