Valls will ruin the Socialists if he wants to finance their racism!

Valls will ruin the Socialists if he wants to finance their racism!

Valls will ruin the Socialists if he wants to finance their racism!

There was a kind of outcry to denounce the anti-white racism evoked by the divine immigrant (Valls was born a Spanish). But he forgot socialist specialties: French anti-racism (more specific), anti-Christian Racism (indisputable), anti-FN racism (extra-national preference). How can he believe that his three pennies will be able to fund his 40 anti-racist measures? No, don’t answer, you are becoming anti-Valls!

The Socialists in a conquered country: despotism is moving…

Take a look at And you will see that the dictator Bartolone too no longer feels he urinates…

The government plan is not intended only against racism, it is of course also attacking anti-Semitism because the Jews are truly a breed apart and must be protected, they must not be mixed with other hysterical behavior. Given that anti-Semitism is much more about the Arab than the Jews who are for the great majority descendants of the Khazars, a Caucasian race which took over the Hebrew several centuries ago, and whose leaders have urged them to invade the courts with their lawyers and judges across the globe to ensure real power.

But racism’s main feature is more about a crime of having an unpleasant face that about the identification of a “race” itself.

It seems also that Taubira is a race by herself, since Valls and Hollande are jumping like devils out of the box to defend the poor creature, who probably served them as a pretext for their government plan!

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, can breathe after suggesting that the FN attracted only idiots…

I have not heard much about it but I saw on FR3 our babbling minister tell a representative of the FN that his party attracted only morons, before recovering to clarify that she referred only to candidates who went to the elections. An anti-racist sinister cannot possibly say 40% of the French are silly, although the current government seems to have some expertise in the area of stupidity!

This time it is the sick in the hospital who mock charity. Nevertheless Belkacem gave an unnoticed example: Education cannot be accused of anti-pedophiles racism! This is quite a strong signal!

Chloe died in Calais: Wauquiez criticizes Taubira, Valls denounced the remarks as “despicable”

Ah, Valls speaks so well! It’s not him or his government who could be despicable?

Anyway, it is his privilege to announce that we must boycott the FN candidates, without him being abject or despotic in any way in the treatment of his constituents!

Besides is Valls really pro-French or simply anti-Spanish, which would of course would not be racist?

Could they stop bullshitting us with their categories to which we would be allergic? As for me, the race to be exterminated would be the one of the “racist giving lessons” which seems to be limited to our dear leaders…

The anti-racism plan of Manuel Valls protects everyone except Christians…

That is to be read on Media-Press-Info! Wake up: We are right in a war of religions! The secular religion is running full speed: you have to indoctrinate babies as early as possible and extol the “values of the republic?” So that dissidents know they are manipulated by their priests and imams.

The Catechism of the new church will be taught in the coming year probably to teach tolerance!

Especially as its racism did not begin yesterday: remember the 14 million French who died as a result of 1789!

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