Do you want the address of a band of lunatics?

Do you want the address of a band of lunatics?

Do you want the address of a band of lunatics?

I hesitated a bit before communicating it, and then I thought I was just following their recommendations, so they should not blame or attack me, especially since it is well known, the worst in advertising is when no one does even critic…

So here’s what they recommend:

Do you want the address of a band of lunatics?

« Only a detrimental, subversive, antisocial, atheist, erotic and immoral antidote to the spectacular infection that neutralizes spirits and distills death, is a valid art »

You’ll find that stroke of genius at a place called Bal. This is near Place de Clichy, 6, Impasse (blind alley) of the Defence, Paris 18th.

The address is well chosen because with such a philosophy, Defence is indeed in a dead end… No chance!

And the genius who laid this tomfoolery is called Antoine d’Agata (he won the Niepce prize in 2001) and his exhibition is entitled Antibodies, but this title is for eroticism, I guess… Because antibodies are neither subversive nor harmful, on the contrary they are supposed to protect and heal us. So they are not antisocial or immoral any more. It’s about their atheism maybe, which is not proven either, because they are caused by nature itself.

He would do well to beware that he is not himself « the dramatic infection that neutralizes the minds and distills death », although his spectacular side is hardly enough to bluff the morons of the Bal exhibition center, however the neutralization of his mind is obvious… and it’s not the best time to speak of death: at most one can say is that their discourse appears to be an incentive … to raise the issue of freedom of expression…!

In other words, Bal and Agata have just all wrong! Definitely we’ve got a good year ahead! What is unfortunate is that life has resumed its purring with the disappearance of special editions so comical, and it is probable that this world surge of patriotism will dissolve quickly enough, like the surge in sales of Charlie: they are not going to increase their circulation a hundredfold for very long. And with the help of this week’s sales: two years of their regular releases, I wonder if they really need that boost from the government we don’t hear much more about…

Correspondingly Agata should not expect a job as a journalist on TV: he is far too smart for his fellow competitors … and he already dug his hole to the Ball (pitiful French pun referring to an asshole – trou-de-Bal)…

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