Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (N° 34 Possibility)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (N° 34 Possibility)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (N° 34 Possibility)

Beware: danger!

Good! The careful reader will notice that I already talked about this around episode N° 20. So I felt the need to explain why… Basically it is to approach the subject from a different angle. As I know it is generally accepted that pedagogy is a matter of repetition, I will repeat that I copy, shamefully, Little Theresa and I assure you that “I write nothing to convince a potential reader, but because I can and I have to do it”, and therefore that the concern to be a rehashing teacher does not concern me.

As I imagine you are polite, you do not grumble because of my repetitions, you’ll be happy to skip rambling episodes. But it costs me nothing to tell you that you would be very wrong to do so.

I think I noticed that the main concern of my contemporaries is to avoid boredom, and all means are good. Boredom is a deadly emotion because it allows you to see the time pass without anything happening, just like if you were dead. One of the spectacular practices to avoid boredom, is those “extreme” sports, which consist in fidgeting a few dozen kilos of human bodies in adrenaline generating conditions, but without too much risk of injury or death, and if possible without the risk of changing anything to the overall survival of the planet. Although this is far less exotic, the time spent to enjoy a partner requires much less accessories and can be done on almost any terrain without preparation by construction equipment. Risks are also limited, and even just a simple piece of rubber will do. Meanwhile, at least it puts into play someone else and it’s much less selfish. At the other end of the methods to avoid boredom, we will find reading! The cancer of a character in a novel when it is well told is much more exciting than the one of your next door neighbor dying alone in his little room. And it gives the feeling of being concerned about the misery of the world, even if it is at the expense of making the effort to turn the pages… Or controversies narrated by a review will reassure you that someone one is dealing with these difficult problems and denounces them, and that you do not need to get involved: it is already “under control”! Anyway there are plenty of people everywhere to volunteer that we need not bore them by interfering with their good works.

This is because I found that reading thousands of pages left very few souvenirs related to the ideas expressed (when available), but a lot of anecdotal aspects instead, so that I beg you to take seriously the few experiences I talk about and move on to their practice, rather than swallowing sequences of words, which, for once, directly concern you, and only you can do, to be awaken to something really new: The discovery of what you missed since your arrival in this body and this universe, even if you always had them “under your nose”.

Danger is gone: relax!!!

Well, the time has come to talk seriously about Quantum therapy and I intend to go over what I deduced from a series of lectures by an anonymous author, released by “The Association for Health and Anti-Aging” as PDF files on one hand, and as audio CDs on the other. I rely on the 5th Conference from the files. The first conference, is indeed, a verbose and not very useful introduction to the following ones, and the numbers 2, 3 and 4 are not too bad a recapitulation of dietetics and of the use of dietary complements or supplements, but they do not bring anything really new. In the fifth and last conference, however he comes to visualization techniques which are said to have been successfully tested in American hospitals, which made me want to try to extract their “substantifique moelle” even if only to take care of my own health who insists on being refractory to all practices whether orthodox, or not, like alchemical processes.

But before I bother you with my quantum interpretation of their methods, I think that I should make you understand what I consider to be a quantum therapy after all the criticism I made of Anthony and his John T.

Need for a paradigm shift!

Is “paradigm” a bad word? Not that much! It is only a “world view” as I indicate at the base of my blog.

So there are two aspects to consider: where do we see this world from, and what kind of world are we talking about?

As the prefix “para” suggests, this world and its vision must be COMPLETE! And we will move in search of what is usually missing…

Usually we see the world as the image our eyes give us. And this is totally inadequate. If you close those eyes, nothing prevents you from reviewing your memories, I do speak of “re-seeing” while your eyes are closed! WHAT is seeing in this case? So we have to change the point from which you see the world, especially as you have at least three visions of it: one for each eye, and one for the mixing of the two perceptions after their alleged groping by your “brain” so that WHAT sees your memories, can also see the interpretation in perspective of WHAT is received from your peepers.

If your usual point of view comes from what your eyes tell you, it is also likely that your world is limited to what you see, which is another catastrophic limit of your paradigm!

So we have to address these two areas…

Let’s start with what’s out there to be “seen”!

The distinction between a possibility and a manifestation!

I do not intend to give you a definition of what is “possible” or what is “manifested”. If you are addicted to dictionaries, do not deprive yourself: delve for synonyms and etymology, but it’s a safe bet that you will not get much out of it. Because these terms are too close to the core operations of our consciousnesses, and it is better to consider giving examples that differentiate them.

This is so basic that you will believe that I take you for a fool. Up to you to prove me wrong by making the effort to be interested in something so elementary, but about which no one told you so far, as if it was despicable… If by chance, you had already heard of that, let me know about it at jean-poncet.com!

This is very important because if we cannot agree on these two notions it means that I am talking of colors to a blind. So your current teacher of discernment, I mean this writer, has not even discerned he was addressing a blind! Which makes our understanding difficulties are entirely my fault because one cannot blame a blind for not seeing! But that is, if I cannot make a clear difference between something “possible” and something “manifested,” you might as well stop reading me. However, as long as you continue to understand me, do not be discouraged: I have already succeeded to make people understand things, you know…

We talked to review through examples. So let’s take the instance of the screen on which you’re reading this. Can we agree on the fact that it exists? And that it indicates there are two possibilities? First, the possibility that the screen itself exists, and second, the possibility that it is located where you see it?

Forget the term “exist” for some time because it is only a particular way of talking about something manifested, as we shall see, and say that this screen and its position are manifested, on one side, and on the other, they are manifestations of the two corresponding possibilities.

Still in gear?

Then pull the screen forward by an inch, if you can, if not change its place one way or another. Its new position manifests a new possibility of localization, and as far as it is concerned, the screen still shows its own possibility. But what happened to the possibility that manifested its position before the displacement? Well it has not changed, the proof: you can replace the screen there! In other words, regardless of what happens on the side of the manifestation, nothing changes on the side of the possibilities. Another notice, if only the manifestations are visible, invisible possibilities have nevertheless a certain degree of reality and a surprising degree indeed even as they survive everything that occurs on the side of manifestations. And they do not depend on the location since they represent it, or the date/time since they never change.

Consider now all the things around you, and the possibilities they represent, those of the things themselves, and the possibilities they are located where they are. And can you imagine all the possible locations where they could be?

There are many more options of possibilities that are not manifested as compared to possibilities that are manifested. Aren’t they?

Then move to the whole Universe and imagine the possibilities that would have things that are there to be elsewhere… and think again that all these possibilities are immutable and actually correspond to locations where the objects in the universe could be. These are obviously much more than the objects in the universe themselves: maybe we should take them into account in your paradigm because they are just as “real” as the possibilities of the objects themselves?

But while possibilities are immutable, changing, and in this case the change of location, movement, is also possible, since you have experienced it when moving the screen. So add to our bulk the possibilities of movement, and there, we are not out of the woods.

You might think that if two things are solid, they must be in different locations? And that it limits the possibilities of location of each of the things in question. So you do not remember having planted a nail into a piece of wood? Check with your family and your neighbors! But when the nail and the stick are in the same place, the penetration of the nail has distorted the stick and the latter therefore has also “changed,” this time: changed of shape. So take into account, if you can, all the possibilities of all possible changes in the material world, and continue to observe how your materialistic paradigm was shriveled!

This does not mean that your paradigm is already complete, so do not shout victory… but it is already “infinitely” broader than that which only took into account the objects themselves and their location, that is to say, basically, the materialist paradigm.

This package of possibilities is an outline of what we want to design: the Universal Possibility. Here are some synonyms for the word opportunity: potentiality, state of a thing “in power”, principle. And some synonyms of manifestation: actual thing, state of a thing “in act”, production. Perhaps you noticed that I did not mention “reality” as you might have been expecting about manifested things. Because “possibilities” are just as “real” as actual stuff, but on another level. And the fact that they are not “visible” is not a criterion of “reality”: we’ll see other things invisible and very real, and many things visible and without material existence. So the possibilities are as real as possibilities, and manifested things are real as manifested things.

If you revisit the movement of your screen, a movement means to return a manifestation to its potential state, for the starting point and turn a mere possibility of locating into its manifestation at the end point.

Of course you can imagine all the intermediate points you want on the way and we’ll see later why this operation is perfectly legitimate…

Simply, notice now at the level of the room where you are, that luckily all the possibilities for location or change are not manifest in the same time or you would rather be crowded and rushed. In fact, to have a universe that works, it is imperative to CHOOSE what possibilities we want to manifest, and we will have occasions to return to this obligation of choice about surprising things.

Okay, well, we just took care of a first extension of the scope of your paradigm, now let’s get to improve your point of view…

But it will be for the next episode … Patience is also a possibility, therefore, manifest it!


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